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An Alien Helmet Brain Controlled

3D Printed mask by Farahi

Would you wear an alien helmet? New brain-focused technologies, slick, streamlined and nano-chipped seems to be the wave of “the real future”. Wearables, Head gears, brainwave technologies, 3D printing are on the rise. While we are on the subject of the brainwave of the future, designer/architect Benhaz Farahi’s latest project is a “kinetic art” inspired


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The Connected Car Will Be Commonplace Before 2025

Cars communicating using connected IoT technologies

The Connected Car of the future, made of self-healing materials, social media connected and communicating, Wearable and IoT compatible is more or less already here. IBM released a study, “Automotive 2025: Industry without borders,” amassing interviews with 175 executives from automotive OEMs, suppliers, and other leaders in 21 countries and found that by 2025 cars will


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Experimental Wearables: Learning From Google Glass Mistakes

Sergey Brin launching Google glass

When it was discovered that Google was stopping sales of its experimental wearable, every single tech publication in the world had some sort of “Google Glass R.I.P.” column just sitting around, just waiting for the opportunity. From a consumer standpoint, Google Glass was a PR mess, from people who refused to remove them in restaurants and bars, using freedom of speech


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Top Fitness Trackers To Help You Lose Weight And Get Fitter In 2015

top fitness tracker wearables

The festive season is behind us and it is time to get moving to burn off the indulgence of the celebrations. Thankfully, technology is here to help and the top fitness trackers are better, cheaper and more abundant than ever. Here is our quick guide to the top fitness trackers you can buy right now. Jawbone