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What Happened To HTC’s Elusive Smartwatch?


It could be a while yet before customers actually see HTC’s elusive smartwatch, which is still in the works. That’s the word from HTC CEO Peter Chou, who was reluctant to spill any details about the project. “We try to be very careful instead of just putting out whatever, so we keep working on it,” Chou


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Are Wearables The Future Of Banking?

apple pay app for apple watch

The ability to make payments via wearable devices using mobile wallets such as Apple Pay – and, potentially, Samsung’s own offering announced this week at Mobile World Congress – means banks can play a greater role in financial management and purchasing decisions. “Wearables are going to be part of the future of banking, and not


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Johnnie Walker Launches Smart Bottle At MWC 2015

Johnnie walker smart bottle launched at mcw 2015 in Barcelona

It’s the era of smart. Smart watches, smart light bulbs and smart cities. Connected devices and the whole Internet of Things (IoT) which is expected to reach $7.1 trillion in 2020 according to IDC. So, now we come to the smart bottle and what makes it smart. In this case, it’s printed sensors. According to a report from IDTechEX, printed sensors


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Concept Glasses From AVG Can Trick Any Facial Recognition Software

prototype eyeglasses from AVG make you invisible to facial recognition software Read more: Follow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook

Security firm AVG has developed a pair of “invisibility glasses” that protect wearers from security cameras and other facial recognition technology. Infrared light emitted from small LEDs on the glasses’ frames cause face detection software on cameras to be disrupted. The glasses also use specialist materials – known as retro-reflective materials – to reflect light back


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Withings Activite And Activite Pop Have Gained Android Support

withings activite and activite pop gained android support

Withings’ stylish fitness trackers, the Activite and the Activite Pop, can now sync with Android phones, the company announced at Mobile World Congress 2015. The two smartwatch and fitness tracker hybrids were only compatible with iOS at first, but now Android owners can use them, too. Not only will the Withings Health Mate Android app