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Wearable Technologies is now WT VOX


Dear all, I am extremely pleased to announce that Wearable Technologies is now rebranded as WT VOX and part of Oxford Media. The decision to rebrand follows research conducted with our customers, media and business partners from around the world. We understand that an united brand strategy is the best way to communicate that we are a seamless organisation with unmatched


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Knee Meniscus Regenerated With 3D-Printed Implant


3D-printed prosthetic body parts certainly aren’t anything new at this point, but a team of medical researchers at Columbia University Medical Center has just taken the idea to a whole new level. Instead of replacing a damaged body part with an artificial insert, they’ve cooked up a way to use 3D printing in conjunction with stem


3D Printing, Cyborgs and Implantables, Wearables in Medical Industry

Researchers Have Used 3D Printing To Create An Entire Contact Lens With LEDs Embedded Into It


While the research may have only aimed to demonstrate what is possible for 3D printing of electronic devices, researchers at Princeton University have used 3D printing to create an entire contact lens with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded into it. For the contact lens to actually work, it would require an external energy source, making it impractical as a real-world


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First ‘4D’ Printed Dress Has Been Acquired By The Museum Of Modern Art

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Most 3D-printed garments are rigid affairs, but not the Kinematics dress created by Nervous System. Created by design studio Kinematics, the dress has fluidity and movement, adapted directly to the wearer’s body. The studio calls the process used “4D printing”, a term typically used to describe 3D printed objects that change over time in response


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The U.S. Navy Has A New Futuristic Weapon It Can Use To Take Out Drones


The U.S. Navy has a brand new futuristic weapon it can use to take out a variety of targets, including drones: A 30 kilowatt Laser Weapon System (LaWS) that’s already been designated as an “operational asset” in the Persian Gulf. The special laser cannon has been in development for several years, Business Insider reports, and this year


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A Team Of Researchers Has Developed A Pair Of Earphones To Detect Sleep Disorders


Soon you won’t need a smart wristband, sleeping app, special bedside light or one of many other devices built to help you track and improve your sleep each night. A team of researchers has developed a way to use a pair of earphones with an in-line microphone plugged into a smartphone to track breathing patterns