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The World’s First 3D Printed Building To Be Built In Dubai


Fast-growing Dubai, where something new is always being added to the skyline, may have found a way to make construction move even faster. In a bid to become a global hub of innovation, Dubai announced plans to build an office that will be “the most


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Barclays Takes On Apple Launching Three New Contactless Wearables

Welcome to the contactless world of bPay - giving you choice of how you pay and making buying fun, fast and secure. At the heart of it is a pre-paid account that links to most major credit or debit cards and can be used with any bPay device.

Apple Pay is due to launch in the UK this week and all of the major banks are due to support the new payment system, except one: Barclays. While the company tweeted that in was in “constructive talks” with Apple, it seemed odd that all


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Apple Watch The Complete Guide: Part I – Why Apple Watch?

Apple Watch press conference revealing apple watch to the world in September 2014

There have been countless new devices that have been hotly awaited, many of them from Apple, but none has been quite like this. The Apple Watch is the company’s first entirely new device since the iPad and since famous founder Steve Jobs’s death. It’s also


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Divergent Microfactories Reveals Blade, The First 3D-Printed Supercar

Divergent Microfactories Reveals Blade, The First 3D-Printed Supercar

With 3D-Printing, manufacturers can create lighter, stronger components at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional production methods. The newest example of 3D-printing revolution is Blade – developed by Divergent Microfactories – the first supercar created with this technology. Divergent Microfactories CEO Kevin


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Google X Is Developing A Smart Wristband For Medical Research

google x band

Google (Google X) has developed a smart wristband that can track your pulse, activity level, heart rate and skin temperature.  Unlike the Apple Watch or other wearables, the smart wristband is not meant to be a consumer device, is designed to be a clinical-grade sensor for health research. The