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Vegan Leather Market To Take Over Animal Leather By 2025


Vegan leather market is on the rise. A recent study from Grand View Research, a business consultancy firm, reports that the global ‘vegan leather market will be worth approximately 100 billion USD by the end of 2025. 

Material innovation for fashion purposes has led to the creation of a new market for cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials.

Vegan Leather – Animal-skin Alternatives

Made from organic raw materials such as discarded pineapple leaf fibres, apple skin, orange peels and mushrooms, vegan leather is a general term that describes leather-mimicking materials.

According to the above study, the bulk growth of the vegan leather market will be driven by the auto manufacturers, as a result of growing consumer demand for cruelty-free alternatives to leather

The next contributors major to the accelerated growth of the vegan leather market are footwear, accessories, and furniture industries. 

Vegan Furniture Companies

Vegan furniture

Iconic luxury furniture makers, such as Bentley, Fendi and Brabbu, are also adapting to the consumer demand for cruelty-free products, by increasingly using vegan leather on their new products.

“The number of enquiries asking for classic furniture creations and styles, but without animal-leather, astounds us. For that, we are seeking alternatives that would allow us to end the use of animal-based products, in either the glues or foam, by the end of 2020,” said Alfredo Alvares, sales director at Thomas Blakemore.

Vegan Leather Shoes

The study also shows that by 2025 the vegan leather shoes will make up to 73 per cent of all shoes on the market. The study concludes by pointing out to the emergence of a global vegan leather market, poised to take over several industries very fast.

Vegan Apparel and Accessories

Moreover, the vegan leather market with cause the end of the animal-based leather sector.

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