About Us

For the last five years, WTVOX Magazine has been fostering and advancing fashion to the contemporary context we live in: ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free, conscious.

Since its inception, WTVOX Magazine stood apart thanks to three core principles: commitment to a better world, storytelling that puts gender-free at the centre of its culture, and a conscious, positive, multicultural-embracing editorial approach.

By uncovering, supporting, and promoting conscious fashion designers and their innovative, sustainable creations, WTVOX Magazine has become the premier source of conscious fashion for millions of readers from all over the world, each month.

Powerful and challenging, WTVOX Magazine is their inspiration to a new world of fashion; fashion that does good for them and for the world we live in.


To introduce the world to cruelty-free & eco-friendly fashion alternatives. Conscious fashion, with respect for the planet, animals, and people, for a cleaner industry and a better future


To become the premier destination for conscious fashion

To date, WTVOX Magazine fulfils its mission in several ways:

1) Through its online media platform and social media accounts.
2) As a principal founder of the ‘Future of Fashion Alliance, through its vast network of media partners.
3) As a key partner of the ‘Conscious Fashion Week’, the world’s premier global event dedicated to celebrating conscious fashion designers and their innovative creations.
4) As the founder of Wardrobe of Tomorrow, world’s first online marketplace dedicated exclusively to eco-conscious and cruelty-free luxury fashion.

Together, we can make this world a better place!

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