About Us

WTVOX is the digital home to a global audience of fashion consumers and influencers interested in innovative and sustainable fashion trends. We cover the intersection of fashion with technology and how such merger leads to a more sustainable fashion landscape and a better world.

As a pioneer and media leader of the sustainable and innovative fashion movement, WTVOX creates, curates, and delivers ground-breaking content to a fast-growing tribe of tech savvy-conscious readers, through its online media platform, media partners, and social media accounts.

To further support sustainable development in the fashion industry, WTVOX has launched a dedicated consumer-centric e-commerce platform, aiming to provide access to the world’s most innovative and sustainable fashion brands and designer goods.

Our mission:

To raise awareness and provide access to the world’s most innovative and sustainable fashion alternatives.

Our vision:

To become the world’s digital home for sustainability and innovation in fashion.

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