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Cruelty Free Lipstick – 5 Types You Can Trust

Many experts can tell you which lipstick colors are trending, the latest shades, and the best assortments for the season.

However, the color of the lipstick is not the only thing that matters, but also its type.

The type of ingredients matter, be that oil, wax, or coloring, to animals and your skin and health.

In this article, I’ll present five cruelty-free types of lipsticks you can trust to wear.

1. Sheer Lipstick

Sheer lipstick has a high oil content, making it very good at staying wet on your lips.

Use it during winter when you need extra protection in the face of hot, dry air indoors.

Unfortunately, the oily formula is not long-lasting, so you must reapply it often.

But it has a beautifully rich translucent color with a slight shine.

Depending on the shade, you can use this lipstick for day and evening party looks.

2. Cream Lipstick

Cream lipstick is close to clear but with more beeswax than oil.

Therefore, it’s better at moisturizing and lasting on your lips.

It looks fabulous, so everyone needs to have at least a couple of cream lipsticks in their makeup collection.

Use it when you need to make an impression.

If you have dry lips or issues with chapping, use a nourishing variation of this lipstick type.

These products are often enriched with vitamin E or other natural moisturizers.

3. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is in trend now, especially if you get it in nude shades.

It looks stunning and will work perfectly with the subtle ‘no makeup’ makeup, which is another major trend in 2019.

Use matte lipstick for official meetings and formal events where you need to look professional yet elegant.

The color this type of lipstick produces must match your skin tone perfectly.

Matte is all about texture, so scrub your lips with a mild exfoliant before applying it.

Remember that red matte is daring and needs a well-put-together look and a non-shiny foundation.

4. Stain Lipstick

Stain lipstick is matte’s not-so-distant cousin. It also has very little shine and rich color.

However, unlike matte’s rich, velvety texture, stain lipstick is more of a natural look.

Even when the color you choose is unnatural, it will appear rather subdued on your lips.

You’ll need to layer this product to make it bold.

Be careful when doing this as it’s very easy to go overboard.

However, these lipsticks are long-lasting, so getting them out to reapply in a better way will not be easy.

This lipstick works very well with gloss, so it’s the most flexible.

5. Gloss Lipstick

Lip gloss is timeless, so you must have it.

Whether you go for transparent shine or rich wine-colored tones popular, this year doesn’t matter.

You need to make your lips plump and shining on a romantic date or anytime you want to create a more sensual look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our top 5 vegan lipstick types – occasions you need them and how to match them best.

Just don’t forget animal care comes first.