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Is The World Ready For Salient AI Designer Fashion?

A salient AI designer fashion? As futuristic as it might sound, this is happening as you read this.

Three years ago, when Amazon Echo’s algorithm was introduced to the market, with its ability to advise you on the outfits you wear, many envisioned a future of AI fashion styles.

The era of AI algorithms turned fashion stylists didn’t last long.

AI Fashion Designer – Stylist Turned Influencer

Well, AI fashion stylists didn’t go away but instead transformed into a more human-like form, such as Miquela, the virtual influencer.

As such, nowadays, it has become reasonable to expect not just advice from AI and other virtual entities, but new garments created by algorithms presented as AI designer fashion.

‘There nature of [AI] classes in active development and used at the moment is enormous. Sadly, it seems the fashion industry is the last one to adopt AI,’ says the Founder and CEO of ‘Save Your Wardrobe’, Hasna Kourda.

The industry is still doubtful about the role of ‘digital’ in fashion as a whole, not just the AI designer fashion,” continued Kourda.

The AI Designer Fashion – A Passing Trend Or Takeover?

However, if the trends we see keep going, in a not so far future, the only humans involved in the process of fashion making will be the software developers.

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AI designer fashion garments created by algorithms listening to commands from stylistic algorithms and carried by ‘autonomous’ drones, also driven by algorithms.

So, what’s left for humans?

WTVOX – ‘Voicing the Future of Fashion’

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