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Build Your Sustainable Summer Look With These 5 Ethical Fashion Labels

Now that summer is here, you need a sustainable summer look to rock the post-lockdown stage.

But, “why sustainable”, I hear you ask?

The pollution resulting from the global production of textile is still a serious issue.

Fashion industry emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, more than maritime shipping combined with international flights.

Dealing with the negative impact the fashion industry has, not only on people but also on the planet, remains critical.

Finally, more cruelty-free and eco-friendly labels are taking centre stage.

At the same time, we’re witnessing the awakening of the conscious fashion consumer, demanding fashion that preserves the environment, protect people and animals.

And, as we’re always here to help, let’s achieve that flawless sustainable summer look with a collection of five ethical fashion labels.

Enjoy! 🤗

1. Marble Dress from Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar – Misty Marble Dress

Edward Mongzar is a fashion designer originally from Nagaland, north-east India, nowadays running the show from the UK.

Drawing inspiration from cultural diversity, Edward believes that womenswear should be freeing and liberating.

The soft and gentle approach is recognisable in the label’s exclusive creations.

Edward has revived the long-lost artisanal tradition of marbling, which, to him, is the ultimate expression of the ‘live and let live’ idea.

The designer has a profound eco-conscious approach to fashion; natural dyes, recycled water, and fair production practices.

The ready-to-wear designer creations are just as good as the limited edition ones, also handcrafted and eco-friendly.

My staple piece for your sustainable summer look comes from ‘Edward Mongzar’; the ‘Misty Marble Dress‘.

Hand-dyed and handcrafted in a unique ‘Misty’ design, the dress ‘shouts out’ to onlookers:

Babes, you’re the queen of happy summers!

2. Sustainable Summer Look with Balluta Shoes

As part of a complete sustainable summer look, you’ll need some shoes.

But, a sustainable summer look requires more than ‘any shoes’.

Confused or worried you don’t know what to wear?

There’s nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered with this amazing brand, that makes some of the best sustainable shoes out there.

Balluta – Pine Mules

Creatively led by Catarina Pedroso, a Portuguese artist and fashion designer, Balluta’s shoes are pure statements of design and conscious look.

Moreover, Balluta footwear label is entirely vegan. No animal skins or other body parts were used to make these amazing shoes.

In respect to the environment, Balluta blends sophisticated designs with eco and animal-friendly alternative materials.

For example, the vegan label has created its own PVC-free patent microfiber, better looking and longer-lasting than animal leather.

Finally, these vegan designer shoes are made by local craftsmen in ethical conditions.

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White on white ✨ @stylista_mg wearing our Pine mules #BallutaBabes #WorldOfBalluta #BallutaShoes #ConsciousAndStylish #ss18

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My shoe choice for a perfect sustainable outfit is Balluta’s Pine mules.

Set on comfortable block heels made from cork, and lined in wood-sheets.

Eye-catching, durable, and most importantly, sustainable, these are the best match for a conscious girl like you.

3. Reformation – Handbag

Reformation is a Los Angeles based cruelty-free fashion brand.

While the brand has been ethical since inception, it has taken five years to achieve the cult status, as a label loved by the conscious fashion consumers.

According to the brand’s official website, the company is “making killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.”

The ethical power of Reformation comes from how it sources and designs its apparel.

The creations and made in house from repurposed vintage clothing, salvaged deadstock, and other sustainable materials.

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Say hi to the Moccian Antonia Purse. She’s cute and little and just landed on site.

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We’ve intentionally chosen Reformation to help with a cool vegan handbag.

My choice goes to Reformation’s Moccian Antonia purse, inspired by the Latin American culture.

The ‘Moccian Antonia’ purse comes with a wristlet strap and drawstring closure that allows you a certain level of design modifications as well.

An excellent complement to your sustainable look this summer.

4. Sunglasses for a Sustainable Summer Look

‘Medicine Werx’ – what an interesting name, isn’t it?

The brand was founded around the idea that any new creations must revert the industry’s damage to the environment.

With excellent ‘freedom of expression’ style, Medicine Werx invites its customers to embrace and embark on a ‘flower-power’ lifestyle.

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The brand’s unique wooden eyewear is made from natural and environmentally responsible materials.

The choice for materials is intentional, as the brand seeks to connect the wearer with mother nature.

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Throw back to @bonnaroo Model: @blondyb 📷: @zach.hagy #medicinewerx

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Here’s the perfect pair of matching sunglasses for your sustainable fashion outfit – the Reallusion – Lacewood.

These are handcrafted sunglasses that combine sustainability with innovation.

The frames are made from Lacewood, sourced in ethical ways, paired with powerful CR39 polarized smoke lenses.

In addition, with each pair purchased, the brand pants 10 trees through ‘Trees for the Future’.

Suddenly, ‘looking good while doing good’ has become easier than ever before.

5. Sustainable Summer Style with SVNR Earrings

There’s no complete sustainable summer look without ethical jewels and accessories.

I don’t think I have enough good words to say about SVNR sustainable label and their upcycled pieces of jewellery.

Creations of Christina Tung’s, SVNR’s lead designer, every creation showcases a deep ethical mindset and love for fashion.

Not only that these earrings are considered mini pieces of art, but they’re also made only from raw materials obtained from discarded and recycled accessories.

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let #slimewatch 2k19 begin | @hannahbaxward in warmer days

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My choice for the perfect accessory to match your sustainable summer look is the Aksaray earring.

I’ve chosen the Aksaray not only for their sustainable value but also for their breathtaking design.

The earth-shaded gradients reflected by these earrings evoke the red hues of the arid Turkish landscape at sunset, and the translucent salt crystals extracted from the lake.

Aksaray name derives from an essential stopover on the Silk Road, and the leading salt supplier in the ancient Anatolia.

As all SVNR earrings are meant to be either worn alone or mixed and matched, all earrings are sold individually, unless otherwise stated.

With the hope you liked my sustainable outfit of the day, I’m looking fwd to your comments below.

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