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My Top 9 Vegan Handbag Brands For This Autumn


Here’s my top 9 vegan handbag brands for this Autumn, and the reason why. The season of pumpkin spice and shades of browns and reds is upon us. With leaves falling off the trees, everyone is busting out their favourite fall fashion styles.

 Unfortunately, the cooling season sparks trends around leather and fur, also seen in the choice for handbags.

Finding vegan handbags for the autumn season, bags able to keep up with the style of the season but still maintain one’s ethical belief is somewhat tricky.

 For that, the team here at WTVOX has decided to save your time and prepare a list of the best vegan handbag brands that’ll help you look fabulous this season.

1. Gunas Tote Bag

Gunas vegan tote bag

A tote bag is a staple in any busy lady’s closet, especially in the autumn. Also, it is the perfect handbag for work and errands because it is designed to be a carryall.

However, finding a tote vegan bag might be difficult, but Gunas is my number one choice for totes, and I feel it has an excellent selection for you all.

Gunas vegan tote bag

Prices range from $145- $275

From sweet pink totes with adorable bows to some of the brightest yellow totes, Gunas brand has the style and colours to match even the most exigent taste.

Moreover, the brand is a self-proclaimed ‘independent high fashion label with a cause’ and aims to remain a 100% vegan brand. Give it a try, you’ll love it.

 2. Stella McCartney Fallabela Shoulder Bag

Stella McCartney vegan bag

Price: From $800

Stella is one of the most recognised cruelty-free fashion labels and every girl wants a high-end designer bag. Either to add that extra touch of glam to a simple outfit or to show the world the ethical values she stands for.

Unfortunately, the majority of high-end designer bags are not vegan or even cruelty-free, still stuck in the old animal leather manufacturing loop.

However, thanks to the British designer Stella McCartney, who has created the perfect, cruelty-free, classic bag called the Falabella Shoulder Bag, it looks that things are changing fast.

The bag is great to pair with anything, from jeans to smart work outfits. A massive bonus is that the bag comes in a variety of sizes and colours to match all styles and tastes.

However, I must warn you, cruelty-free perfection comes at a cost, and this bag has a hefty price tag.

 3. Veggani Georgia Vegan Bag

Veggani georgia vegan bag

Price: $150

Structured bags are still a massive fashion statement. For a vegan-friendly option, Veggani, a vegan handbag brand, has created a super gorgeous Georgia in Midnight Blue bag.

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The sleek handbag is made from premium vegan microfiber material and lined with a silk-looking like material made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Trust me; this elegant handbag adds that ‘extra touch’ to a perfect everyday outfit.

4. Angela Roi Mini Crossbody

Angela-Roi-grace vegan handbag

Angela Roi is an NYC–based vegan luxury handbag brand. The brand focuses heavily on sourcing only high-quality vegan materials, entirely by ethical means.

Price: $195.00

Angela Roi’s handbags are incredibly detailed, and to date, the brand’s most distinguished and versatile pieces remain the Grace mini crossbody bag.

5. Jill Milan Evening Clutch

Jill Milan Vegan designer bag

On an evening out, one of the essential fashion accessories a woman must carry is a distinguished clutch.

When well-chosen, a clutch bag can be the ultimate fashion statement or the piece that completes one’s outfit for a refined look.

Jill Milan Georgia Clutch

Price: $550

Jill Milan is a fashion label that has a wide selection of clutches you’ll love to wear. From sleek to shiny bags, and some of the trendiest on the market – as it is the case of the Pacific Heights Clutch – this brand has a clutch for anyone.

6. LaBante London Hobo Bag

Labante London Hobo vegan handbag

Price: $130

A hobo bag gives one the perfect casual silhouette for everyday looks. Moreover, if matching, it adds an extra touch of style. 

LaBante London is, as the name suggests, a London-based vegan handbag brand that has created the Abelia hobo bag which perfects the autumn silhouette of the current fashion style.

The bag also features a bow on the front with secure zip closure. The best part? This bag is 100% vegan, made from sustainable materials.

7. Matt and Nat Diaper Bag

Mat and Nat Diaper vegan bag

Price: $195

This one is for all the moms who do not want to ditch style for function. Matt and Nat have created the perfect vegan-friendly diaper bag.

The bag has an adjustable and removable strap, two front pockets with magnetic snap closure and large pockets. It even includes a changing pad and is lined with a 100% recycled nylon.

8. Cult Gaia Glamorous Statement

Cult Gaia vegan bags

Price: Around $400

Every girl wants a little glamour, and Cult Gaia has the perfect answer to the dream.

The brand has recently released a new range of textured and sculptural handbags that are stylish, eye-catching, and vegan. Get your Cult Gaia bag now, and rock this autumn in style.

9. ModaLuxe Classic Vegan Backpack

ModaLuxe classic vegan backpack

Price: $78.00

In the autumn season, every busy girl needs must have a giant backpack. ModaLuxe has created a stunning textured vegan leather backpack with a foldover top, and paisley patterned lining. 

The bag is perfect for carrying everything one needs for the day and even more.

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