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Everything Androgynous Fashion : Definition, Style Tips, & Top Designers

Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion is in vogue right now as a preferred way to express non-binary gender identity.

However, most people and even celebrities are getting the style wrong, often with embarrassing consequences.

As an androgyne that has worked in fashion all my life, I’m here to help.

First, I’ll define androgynous fashion and the origin of the term.

Then, I’ll give you 4 key androgynous style tips for all body types, looks, and curves.

Finally, I’ll share with you 6 popular androgynous designers and where you can buy them from.

What is Androgynous Fashion?

The term Androgynous originates from the Latin word ‘androgyne’, which describes a mix of male and female physical characteristics.

‘Androgynous fashion’ means clothing and accessories designed to avoid creating a distinction between masculine and feminine physical characteristics and to express non-binary gender identity.

Androgynous fashion styles are NEITHER feminine NOR masculine but gender-inclusive and sexually neutral.

How To Look Androgynous

The following tips apply to all body types, looks, and curves.

I’ve split the tips into four categories to make it easier to follow: Clothing, Accessories, Makeup, and Hairstyle.

1. Clothing

First, the color choice.

The classic androgynous look is built on neutral tones: black, white, and subtle shades of grey.

Yes, the occasional splash of color can amp up your look.

However, regardless of your body type, you should always stick with neutral tones.

Second, the style.

If you have a FEMALE body type, wear loose bottoms.

Tight pants will show off your curves and feminine figure, which is the opposite of what the androgynous look is about.

Male jeans (boyfriend) are a great option without spending a penny.

Moreover, oversized jeans look great paired with a jacket or a cardigan.

Speaking of which, make sure you always pick an oversized top.

A loose top will hide your figure better than something super-fitted.

For a more office look, wear button-up shirts for men.

Wear the shirts under a cardigan and pair them with ‘boyfriend jeans’ and canvas sneakers.

The canvas sneaker will cool down a bit your office look and keep the casual vibe.

If you have a MALE body type, wear feminine fabrics.

Choose garments made from soft fabrics, such as lace, silk, satin, and velvet.

Also, choose tailored tops.

Cardigans or oversized jackets over t-shirts, paired with jeans and sneakers, create an excellent everyday androgynous look.

For a more powerful statement, you can wear a semi-transparent blouse.

Just make sure you pair it with vaporous trousers from the same material, of similar color, and short heel shoes.

2. Accessories

As most hats and scarves are already perceived as gender-neutral, these are the best accessories to amplify the androgynous look.

You can go for a fedora, newsboy cap, trapper, or even a baseball hat.

Regardless of your choice for a hat or scarf, make sure you wear them when you need to break down an overpowering, unified style.

3. Makeup

As an androgyne, your makeup has to be a blend of subtle and bold elements.

For example, you can use matte powder to create a natural look.

Then, go for a bold brow by accentuating length and thickness, but not too much.

Finally, to achieve that bold statement, go for intense red lipstick.

The red of your lips will create a beautiful contrast with your neutral apparel choices, turning people’s heads in admiration.

4. Hairstyle

Last but not least is the androgynous hairstyle.

Short hair is recommended, especially for those with female features.

Some of the most suitable hairstyles are the pixie and the buzz cut.

You can also go for a side mohawk.

The side mohawk hairstyle adds an extra level of edginess to your overall look.

Obviously, for those with more masculine features, a longer hairstyle would be preferred.

However, you do not really have to have short or long hair to have an androgynous look.

It much more depends on the clothes you’re choosing, and where you get them from.

To ensure you’re not making any style mistakes, I’m sharing my top 6 androgynous designers right now.

Top 6 Androgynous Fashion Designers

The following 6 androgynous fashion designers are in vogue right now, in 2020.

Below I share with you their stories and why I like them so much.

1. Toogood

Toogood is a British androgynous label launched by two sisters, Faye and Erica.

The duo’s creations are not only gender-neutral but also sustainably made.

Designed and made in Britain, Toogood’s collections emphasized sustainability while leaving conformity and convention behind.

According to its founders:

“Toogood embraces individuality, peace, and love for others as a modern and conscious gender-fluid fashion apparel.”

I highly recommend Togood for its broad lines and that practical/functional look.

2. Wildfang

Described by its founders – Emma Mcilroy, Taralyn Thuot, and Julia Parsley – as a “tomboy-chic brand with a feminist ethos”, Wildfang aims to end all gender stereotypes through fashion.

“Fashion is playing catch up with the society,” said McIlroy.

I love Wildfang Portland for its wide range of androgynous clothing and workwear.

Every single piece is structurally made to look like it was designed for the men’s section.

3. Telfar

The brand was launched in 2005 under the motto: “Not for You, for Everyone”.

Nowadays a globally recognized androgynous label, Telfar’s latest collection was a success at New York Fashion Week in 2019.

While the brand’s exceptional collections still include some animal leather belts and hats, the brand is shifting fast towards cruelty-free.

I personally love this New York-based label for its cozy hoodies and vegan leather shopping bags.

4. Uma Oath

Uma Oath is a French androgynous fashion label, born from its founder’s passion for dance, design, and sustainable couture.

The label rejects both the concepts of ‘fast fashion’ and ‘gender styles’, as outdated and detrimental constructs for contemporary fashion.

Uma Oath’s ‘Made-in France’ designs advocate for superb androgynous apparel of timelessness and value.

I love Uma Oath for its accessible and minimalistic designs and exclusive use of sustainable fabrics.

5. One DNA

Hailing from New York, a city that supports the gender-fluid movement, ‘One DNA’ has become the front house of androgynous and gender-neutral fashion.

With an early focus on unisex clothing, One DNA came to the rescue of androgynes thanks to its gender barrier-breaking fashion styles.

In simple terms, the label fosters the idea that there’s an androgynous side to each one of us.

Personally, I love One DNA for its gorgeous androgynous apparel, suitable for all types of body sizes and shapes.

6. Chelsea Bravo

Chelsea Bravo is an androgynous fashion designer based in London, UK.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Chelsea’s androgynous designs put the focus on the body’s motions and its fluidity within the clothing.

Moreover, by making use of natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp, Chelsea Bravo creates elegant garments that blend style with sustainability for a more mindful fashion.

Whenever I need androgynous creations that are very elegant and from sustainable materials, I go to Chelea Bravo.

I hope you got a lot of value out of my article on androgynous fashion.

Yes, there’s still a lot to cover, so I want to ask:

  • Which androgynous style have you tried and liked the most?
  • Which brands from this guide do you want to try first?
  • What are your favorite androgynous celebrities, and why?