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Best Vegan Bags Made From Sustainable Materials You Can Buy Right Now


Top 10 vegan bags made from innovative materials. Every day is an adventure in life, and our growing passion for fashion is only making this adventure more exciting!

The vibrant colours, trends, and styles always have us latched to shopping sprees. From girls cardigans, overalls, boots, belts, clutches etc., there are so many more styles and accessories to experiment around with.

But we also hold responsibility towards the environment to promote and consumer goods that do not cause harm to our mother earth.

As a fashionista leather is a nod but as nature and animal lover it might be a sustainable choice. And that is when the innovation and creativity of so many pro-vegan brands out there come to play.

The top 10 bags made from sustainable vegan materials shared here are so you can try loading your closet with cruelty-free fabrics.

1. Alexandra K

Alexandra K Vegan Bag

Introducing Freedom Leather into the market, Alexandra K is creating innovative leather-like fabric made from coated textile and does not contain any plastic or petroleum derivatives as an ingredient.

The bags are made of 100% silicone fabric to create enchanting designs which are also recyclable.

Alexandra K Vegan Bag Alexandra K Vegan Bag

The fabrics also have amazing properties such as durability and abrasion resistance and extreme temperature endurance and make fine alternatives to leather.

2. LaBante London

LaBante London vegan bags

A socially conscious brand, LaBante London has always promised to give back to society.

And one such amazing initiative is changing to vegan handbag designers who use a blend of natural and eco-friendly materials to design bags that feel fine and elite as leather.

LaBante London vegan bags

They use recycled plastic to create this finish and have amazing designs priced affordably to reach out to more vegan lovers.


MATT and NAT vegan bags

MATT & NAT, standing for Mat[t]erials and Nature, aims to create fabulous designs to flaunt that are completely cruelty-free.

Their designer bags, shoes as well as accessories are created with the vision to embrace the positivity in us all.

MATT and NAT vegan bags

Their chic designs get embedded in natural, plant-based recycled fabrics that stand for their eco-friendly principles.

4. MeDusa

MeDusa vegan bags

Designed with the essence of seaside colours in their creations MeDusa stands true to its name that means “jellyfish” in Hebrew.

MeDusa is the name of a Greek Deity, and the brand offers durable handbags weaved to beauty.

MeDusa vegan bags MeDusa vegan bags

The brand not only stands as a fashion statement but also a moral statement towards preserving the environment and against animal cruelty.

They bring out the chic urban look by blending vintage and modern styles and textures.

5. Paguro

Paguro vegan bags

Rubber is yet another material that can provide durability and strength that can match the leathery texture you might be looking for in your bags.

This is among the primary reasons why it acts as a healthy vegan substitute for making glamorous handbags and sassy cuffs.

Paguro vegan bags

Paguro Upcycle brings a range of unisex handbags created to perfection using recycled rubber that is finely made with a matte leather look.

6. Malai Design & Materials

Malai Design & Materials vegan bags

A glass of coconut water can not only be a refreshing summer drink but can also contribute to some vibrant fashion statements.

A new brand Made from Malai took innovation to the next level by creating a leather-like material derived from coconut water using bacterial cellulose.

Malai Design & Materials vegan bags

The process of making the fabric is environmentally friendly, and the leather is a vegan product which is cruelty-free.

And the beautiful tone of earthy colours is a refreshing style to add to your closet.

7. Canopy Verde Vegan Bags

Canopy Verde Vegan Bags

A brand that stands to justify the importance of quality over quantity, Canopy Verde focuses on minimising waste through their processes.

While the designs carry the elegance of Danish designs, there is a splash of Brooklyn`s energy that is obvious in the overall look.

Canopy Verde Vegan Bags Canopy Verde Vegan Bags

The fabric used is PU vegan leather that leaves a light carbon footprint and is also eco-friendly.

The dyes used are environmentally friendly and chemical free, and the practice of reducing wastage reflects through every step of their making.

8. Jeane and Jax

Jeane and Jax vegan bags

Jeane and Jax is a PETA approved brand that focuses on creating cruelty-free fashion at affordable price points.

The range is quite vast, and the designs are unique and created brilliantly in fabulous fabrics.

Jeane and Jax vegan bags

They use vegan leather material that gives the same elegance and style as that of leather.

These fabulous substitutes to leather are vegan and hence cruelty-free and will help you shop guilt-free at affordable price ranges.

  1. James324

    16th May 2019

    Yes, processed apple skins, cork or tree bark (from sustainable timber), among others, like these, and they’re beautiful, but are out of my price range.