Top 5 Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Australian Fashion Labels You Must Know About


Top 5 cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion labels everybody should know about. Over the last five years, Australia has shown unmatched growth and commitment towards the adoption of sustainability in fashion.

From a country known for its animal skins supplies for the fashion industry, Australia has become a haven of cruelty-free and sustainable fashion labels, committed to ethical practices.

As such, the number of cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion labels using eco-friendly materials is growing faster than in any other country in the world.

Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Australian Fashion Labels

On the one hand, the growth is attributed to the country’s access to a wide range of natural resources that emerging labels are now using in their fashion creations.

On the other hand, the shift to cruelty-free and sustainable fashion is a reflection of fashion consumer’s growing awareness of the impact we all have on the environment.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion labels we think you’ll adore.


Sans Beast sustainable fashion collection

SANS BEAST (Sans = without; Beast = animal) is a creation of Cathryn Wills, an Australian fashion retailer with nearly 30 years experience in the business of leather handbags.

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After adopting a vegetarian diet in mid-2015, Cathryn recognised a growing disconnect between her ethical stance on animal welfare and the environment, and her professional life, which led to the creation of Sans Beast.

Sans Beast vegan fashion collection

While the aesthetic and tactile elements are pivotal to Sans Beast, the technical effectiveness of their choice for animal-friendly materials is paramount. The brand’s luxurious vegan pouches are made with high-quality materials, and every detail, inside and out, is being considered.

We couldn’t be happier that Cathryn had this change of heart as Sans Beast has become one of our all-time favourite cruelty-free luxury fashion labels ever.


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A MAKERS VIEW // “I’ve always believed that the relationships forged with makers are pivotal to quality collections. Also, most importantly, good business outcomes that benefit all involved, come from respectful human interactions. Visiting the factory, walking the floor, discussing the collection with the patternmakers + merchandisers, seeing the working environment + the various steps that go into the making of our bags is essential to understanding the ecosystem of manufacturing. Here are a few of the people we deal with daily. From Tony (works between HK + mainland China) + his brothers running the factory (brothers not in pic), to Ryan in HK who (fastidiously) manages the production (seen here with Tony), to Yinshuiying + Luohui (DongGuan based) who take care of every little detail from sketch to pattern to sign off (we couldn’t live without WeChat translate btw) to Zhang Hai Ying (DongGuan), making our samples, to Yang Hongzheng (DongGuan) overseeing all production on the factory line…..and SO many more (some of whose faces you will see this @fashion_rev_ausnz @fash_rev week on our IG) – we absolutely could not do what we do without the support + dedication of this team.” Cathryn

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Their Series 03 / SENSORIOUS collection – inspired by Caravaggio’s paintings – is out of this world, in our opinion, already competing with consecrated luxury labels, making SANS BEAST a must-have label for all conscious fashion connaisseurs out there. 😍🤗

2. Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa vegan fashion collection

Ahimsa is a brand we love for so many reasons. One of them is their dedication, just like us here at WTVOX, to not only reduce the fashion industry’s footprint but even fight to reverse it.

Ahimsa sustainable fashion collection

Derived from the Sanskrit, Ahimsa means ‘not to injure’ and ‘compassion’ and is one of the cardinal virtues and an essential tenet of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Ahimsa states that all living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself.

The Australian sustainable fashion brand Ahimsa is a luxury accessories label, dedicated to products made from sustainable materials with no harm to other living beings and we recommend their products with great pleasure.


NAGNATA vegan fashion collection

Here’s another beautiful choice for a suggestive name. The choice for the name draws inspiration from the Sanskrit word ‘nagnatA’.

NAGNATA translates as nakedness, and it alludes to clean fashion; raw, exposed and in ones’ natural state.

NAGNATA sustainable fashion collection

This cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion brand combine high-end fashion design with modern athleisure constructions in a contemporary sportswear offering, almost unique to lovers of sports and fashion.

NAGNATA was founded by Laura May, an Australian fashion designer, stylist and creative director and her sister Hannah, a textile artist and photographer.

But behind the beautiful artisan collaborations and unique designs lines, the duo seeks to end the rampant consumerism of fast fashion through a constant focus on sustainability and cruelty-free practices.

4. No Saints

No Saints sustainable fashion collection

Around mid-2017, the founder of No Saints became increasingly more passionate about animal welfare, quickly followed by the decision to go vegan.

But soon after, Caroline realised that there is an issue with her decision. As a highly fashionable individual, she found it almost impossible to find and purchase appealing leather-free apparel and accessories.

No Saints vegan shoes

However, rather than sit and wait a few years until more cruelty-free sustainable fashion labels are launched, perhaps with exclusive designs in their offerings, she launched her own brand.

This is how in mid-2018 No Saints was born.

All No Saints’ products are from nature-friendly materials. Some of the most popular materials used are the Apple leather, a natural material made in Italy from discarded apple peels and Piñatex, a leather-like alternative made from pineapple leaf fibres.

5. Zhivago

Zhivago sustainable luxury Australian fashion

Meaning ‘daring’ in Russian, this West Australian sustainable fashion brand has built very fast a reputation for signature fusion creations. Tailored to perfection ready-to-wear creations, this avant-garde brand produces ‘show-stopping’ red carpet gowns.

Co-designed by longtime friends, Lara Kovacevich and Lydia Tsvetnenko, Zhivago was launched at the 2012 Perth Fashion Festival to widespread critical acclaim.

Zhivago cruelty-free luxury Australian fashion

Over the past 3 years, Zhivago became the choice of an enviable list of A-class celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Dannii Minogue, Giuliana Rancic, and many, many more.

Hope you liked our top 5 cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion labels.

It is a shame that sustainable and ethical fashion terms are often confused or interchangeably used to describes a lot of things.

While experts argue on their meanings, from working conditions to the impact of the products on the environment and local communities, some fashion brands use them to trick customers into buying their products. It is called greenwashing.

However, in Australia, cruelty-free, sustainable fashion is inseparable from ethical practices and customers know that.

Cruelty-free and sustainable Australian fashion labels pay attention to their chosen for materials, ensure perfect working conditions for their workers, and last but not least, put animal welfare at the core of everything the brands stand for.

Thank you, Australia for making cruelty-free sustainable fashion as part of your fashion design philosophy 🤗😘