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Rihanna’s Vegan Capsule Collection Is Finally Here!

Rihanna vegan capsule collection is finally here!

The American singer has just launched an ultra-chic ‘vegan leather’ collection for her FENTY line.

The first to wear pieces of Rihanna’s vegan leather fashion was Bella Hadid, this past March, during Paris Fashion Week.

Rihanna’s vegan capsule collection includes jackets, trousers, skirts and much more.

Part of the FENTY label, this limited edition collection proves that, finally, vegan fashion is getting celebrity attention.

Rihanna’s vegan capsule collection is released a year after the official launch of her ‘ready-to-wear’ FENTY brand.

Inspired by tradespeople in work uniforms, Rihanna vegan capsule collection contains a hoodie, skirt, and a signature corset dress.

“Utility wear is seen as a proud and powerful marker of identity,” reads on the official website.

Rihanna Vegan Army-style

In this light, the entire capsule collection follows a monochromatic colour theme, often seen in army-style outfits.

Moreover, according to the official website, the design team has intentionally chosen army-style designs in combination with innovative materials, as a smart way to say: ‘here’s what’s next for sustainable fashion’.

“The powerful and protective ‘connotations’ of leather are mixed with striking uniforms silhouettes, to finally give a relaxed but unique FENTY feel.”


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Rihanna vegan capsule collection comprises lots of beige and black.


According to the designer, the colours were chosen to showcase the brand’s image of power, strength, and individualism.

Moreover, the clever blend of vegan leather with army symbols highlights once again the brand’s unique DNA.

Since its launch, FENTY has been a label displaying and elevating unique contrasts of rebelliousness with smart, conscious luxury.

Rihanna Vegan?

But, above anything else, this ‘Rihanna vegan capsule collection‘ uncovers an amazing truth.

The American pop star is more than just a fantastic singer but a responsible businesswoman as well.

With this vegan capsule collection, Rihanna shows a rare ability to adapt to consumers’ growing demands for eco-conscious and cruelty-free fashion.

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