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What’s Next For Emily Bode Label? Upcycled AI Fashion


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When you talk about the fashion designer Emily Bode, ‘technological innovation’ is one of the last things that comes to mind.

Bode’s creations are hand-made from upcycled antique textiles that often date back hundreds of years.

You can call them charming, refreshing, and even un-digital in their essence.

Emily Bode Label – Tech Innovator

Emily Bode Artificial Intelligence

However, Emily Adams Bode, winner of the 2019 CFDA Fashion Award for Emerging Designer of the Year, welcomes technological innovation as a requisite to business development and growth.

The brand’s latest digital partnership, named ‘Bode Vault’, sees the designer using Microsoft’s AI to optimise the entire business model.

Bode wants innovation in all aspects of her business, from stock management to design and sales.

A vast network of experts and historians in textiles helped Microsoft to custom-build the AI library.

Moreover, the software company consulted several American quilt dealers and the designer herself.

Emily Bode Label – Artificial Intelligence

Emily Bode FW 2020 collection

Microsoft’s ‘design-to-production’ AI-powered platform acts as a computerised library of patterns.

Bode is the world’s first to use it for fashion, in such a unique way as it allows Bode to attach facts, historical dates, to any materials.

Moreover, she can also see how much of a particular material is available.

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While innovative and Bode’s AI journey does not end here.

The American designer has further plans on how to best use AI for her business.

But, to see what’s next for Emily Bode and her upcycling luxury fashion label, see the link below:

Read the full article here…..

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  1. WaYs-2-rOcK

    20 March 2020

    I like Bode and her ideas but I think she should start looking at innovative materials rather than vintage leather. Better for her image and the future of the planet.

    Especially that she’s into using AI, at least look at innovating the entire business model.

  2. Avatar


    17 May 2020

    No issues with artificial intelligence. It can give us additional assets where specialists are hard to find which is normal around the world.