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Living A Conscious Lifestyle – It’s In Your Hands Now

Nowadays, everybody talks about living a conscious lifestyle. But, how many really do?

There are so many ways you can contribute to the well-being of this planet.

For example, you’ll spare carbon emissions if you commute on a bike.

Or, you can donate to charities that feed hungry children, such as ‘Food For Life‘ or ‘Share a Meal’.

Conscious Lifestyle – There’s More To It

But leading a conscious lifestyle involves not just doing good for the planet.

It involves the planet’s inhabitants as well, such as people and animals.

Yes, your yearly donations and being careful with the way you travel matters a lot.

But what matters more is what you choose to consume; food, fashion, house-related goods, anything you buy matters in leading a conscious lifestyle.

That is why supporting businesses that curate and provide ethical and sustainably produced goods, is more critical than ever.

In particular, supporting vegan brands, as the welfare of animals and the environment is embedded in everything they do.

Conscious Lifestyle Vs Veganism

However, despite a growing demand for vegan food, fashion, and lifestyle, also reflected on social media and Google searches alike, there are voices arguing the contrary.

To these people, leading a conscious lifestyle single out animals from the equations.

To them, vegan alternatives are more detrimental to both, health and the environment.

And, if that’s not always the case, then vegan products are of poor quality or have very bad taste.

If that would be true, it would not matter if your choice was to lead a conscious lifestyle. You take it and move on, like a stoic.

But that’s not the case. It is not true.

A Taste for Everyone

Taste and variety wise, the global market of vegan goods have grown to a point where it can offer everything for everyone.

Moreover, you can now embark on a conscious lifestyle without having to change your old ways of consumption.

The truth is that by avoiding mass farming and thus, protecting animals, vegan brands are preventing additional damage to the environment.

Also, by buying products from vegan brands you take part in a collective effort to better the planet.

Now, that’s what I call a conscious lifestyle!

To those arguing that vegan food is not healthy or as good as the ‘natural’ one…did you ever try a plant-based burger?

Did you ever try plant-based ice cream?

Or, a bar of plant-based chocolate?

You haven’t as if you would have, you’d know by now that you can’t tell the difference.

Give it a try; there’s nothing to lose, maybe some conscious lifestyle will rub onto you.

Beneficial To Your Health

Moreover, recent studies show that plant-based foods are far more beneficial to your health.

But, how about vegan beauty and organic skincare products?

How can you improve your conscious lifestyle by choosing them?

Well, I bet you did not know that there are many harmful chemicals in classic cosmetics.

And, when put on your skin these chemicals are absorbed into your bloodstream?

Now you know. This reason alone should make you more careful with the products you apply, daily, on your face.

Fortunately, vegan skincare products – which do not contain toxic ingredients – are here to help, once again.

Most vegan brands use natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients meant to nurture and protect your skin.

Cruelty-free Consciousness

Being cruelty-free is also the essence of any conscious lifestyle.

Take makeup for instance. By making the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics you’ll look better, become healthier, and more ethical towards the animals and the environment.

Sadly, over a billion farmed animals are still butchered every week, to satisfy the world’s cravings for leather and meat.

Likewise, the beauty industry relies on animal testing, so your choice will save millions of animals from suffering.

The more people support plant-based and cruelty-free products, the more animals we save from unnecessary pain and suffering.

For all conscious life-stylers out there, vegan brands that are making waves today.

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Some years ago, if you would have embarked on a conscious lifestyle you would have had limited resources.

Limited choices when it came to dining out, shopping for fashion, or for home.

Times Have Changed

But times have changed. New vegan businesses are opened every day, offering a more extensive choice of products, from beauty to fashion, shoes and accessories.

Your conscious lifestyle and buying choices impact the world now, and the world we’ll pass onto our children.

The tiniest change in your lifestyle will contribute to the creation of a better world—ethical, cruelty-free, sustainable.

Your conscious lifestyle and buying choices makes that difference, between saving the planet and destroying it.

Keep that in mind the next time you go shopping.

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