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See How These Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Accessories Are Changing The World


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Cruelty-Free accessories by Green Banana Paper. A new generation of beautiful, cruelty-free and fully sustainable creations is emerging. Not only animal-free and sustainable, but these products also create and support eco-systems which provide local farmers with extra income and new jobs for communities that need them.

Welcome to ‘Green Banana Paper’, a start-up that has created lots of social buzz on social media, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Cruelty-free accessories by Green Banana Paper

‘Green Banana Paper’ founder, Matt Simpson, explains the operations of the company and its global success:

“Our island has over 20,000 banana trees, and local farmers trim them down after every harvesting to boost further production. These cut-downs have a considerable amount of fibre which in the past would go to waste, or would be left to decompose.”

I envisioned the potential of using these fibres for making products, and after in-depth research and many trial and errors, we’ve built a small scale eco-factory on non-agricultural land, employing local artisans. Shortly after, we’ve got 75 farmers involved in sourcing the material and created 21 new jobs for the locals.” He added.

The idea started after Matt watched a documentary of people in Thailand, making paper from banana trees.

Banana fibre is one of the most eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable, and widespread resources on the island.

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While called banana paper, the material has excellent water and tear-resistant properties. So this could be the perfect option for those who wanted fashionable, cruelty-free accessories that are non-leather and earth-friendly.

After testing and redesigning the products for strength, functionality, and elegance, the first wallet prototype was launched in May of 2015 with great success.

The sustainable fashion designer Joshua Katcher attributes the start-up’s success to:

“the handsomeness of the product is beautifully matching the story of how, and from what it is made. There is poetic grace and heightened pleasure in the making of conscious fashions.”

‘Green Banana Paper’ epitomizes the entire construct of social enterprise, and how research and development of new products can develop solutions to fashion’s global issues, while also creating a positive economic impact for third world countries like Micronesia.

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