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Ten Reasons Why I’m Supporting Slow Fashion Designers

I am sharing this with you because I believe in the power of collective action.✊⁠

If we act alone, we are just droplets in the ocean.

United, we can make powerful statements and create positive change.

So, here are my ten reasons why I’m supporting slow fashion designers:

1. Women do much of the work in the fast fashion business

More than often, there are extra unpaid hours, forced labour, and children involved.

I choose slow fashion designers because…

I want to support fairer and safer working conditions.⁠

2. The workers in fast fashion are treated as slaves

They’re making 95% of all of the global garments but get paid only max 4% of the final retail cost of the clothing.

I choose slow fashion designers because I want to create a just and honest industry.

A fashion industry where every participant gets a fair share of the profits.⁠

3. I choose slow fashion designers because…I have a conscious lifestyle…

…I can distinguish right from wrong.

I am strong enough to ignore advertisements for greenwashing and discounts bombarding me every day.

I am confident enough to ignore paid celebrities and outdated fashion magazines brainwashing me with seasonal lines and passing trends.⁠

4. I choose slow fashion because I am aware…

…That the fashion industry produces over 8% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions.

I live a positive life and will buy according to my rules.⁠

Therefore, my choice for slow fashion designers is intentional, to reduce my carbon footprint.🌏⁠⁠

I choose slow fashion designers because…

5. Behind every slow fashion garment, there is a story, of art, craftsmanship, love and heritage

There’s a life cycle we often ignore or forget about.

I choose slow fashion designers because…

I want to feel an emotional connection with the designers of my clothes that will make me keep them much longer.

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6. Because I can’t stand buying fashion to throw it away

On average, form 2010 to 2018, consumers have purchased 60% more fast fashion goods.

Yet, during the same time, they’ve kept each purchased item only half as long.

I choose slow fashion designers because…

I know I’ll only buy the garments I need, and only If I truly cherish and love them.❤️⁠

7. ⁠I choose slow fashion designers because…I can cast a vote with my wallet.

All over the world, the number of companies, innovators and designers pushing for a sustainable industry is on the rise.

Thus, I buy to support a sustainable fashion world.

An industry based on eco-friendly textiles, cruelty-free materials, and circular methods.

A fashion landscape built on respect for people, animals, and the environment.⁠

8. I choose slow fashion designers because…I say no to pollution.

More than 85% of materials found on the shores of world oceans are plastic, microfibers, and other synthetic textiles.

These materials pollute not just marine wildlife but also potable water sources.

By choosing slow fashion designers and their creations, I support the nature and local ecosystems, rather than causing further harm.

9. I choose slow fashion designers because…there are enough clothes in the world.

I prefer slow fashion designers for their stories, uniqueness, versatility and amazing combinations.

Moreover, upcycled, second hand, and vintage is far more fashionable than the mass-made fast fashion clothes.

10. I care about future generations.

I choose slow fashion designers because…

I want to live in a world of inclusivity, equality, and respect, for people, animals and the planet.

And because I want future generations to enjoy beautiful animals, oceans, sightseeings, and everything that we already have.

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