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Naked Cosmetics To Cut Down Plastic Waste From Our Lives

Naked cosmetics to cut down plastic waste from our lives. Let’s think for a second about how much plastic we use in a month. The weekend takeaways, the morning coffees ☕ , and all the plastic cutleries we use at concerts, festivals and so on. Cumulative, this amount of plastic is no longer negligible as our plastic consumption is changing the environment, forever, and not for good! 😐

According to The Guardian, from 280m tonnes of plastic that we produce every year, 8m tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans. And if this trend continues, by 2050, we’ll have more plastic in the oceans than fish. Let that thought sink in for a second!

Another area less discussed but known to cause irreparable damage to the environment is the amount of plastic we throw away in form of cosmetic packaging.

While a shade of lipstick💄 and a set of freshly painted nails 💅will make you feel confident and beautiful, we often tend to ignore the ugly side of our obsession with beauty.

However, what if we could cut back on, even just a little, the cosmetics packaging we use every day? 🤔😍

The innovative idea of ‘naked’ cosmetics was born to answer the very same question.’Naked’ cosmetics is an initiative launched by eco-friendly beauty brands such as Lush, hoping to free the oceans from plastics, once again. 🌊

“Packaging is rubbish and often far to excessive for what its needed. But as the environmental costs are becoming evident, customers are challenging manufacturers and retailers to ‘cut the wrap’.” says Mark Constantine , the co-founder of Lush.

Following the brand’s ‘plastic-free’ campaign, Lush released a new collection of ‘naked’ cosmetics last month. The collection comprises a range of 40 package-free, refillable, vegan lipsticks. 🌿💄
We, here at WTVOX, we applaud such world-changing initiatives. As such we’ll continue to push for educating the end buyers in these matters, opening your eyes to see that only together, we can make a difference, and make this world into a better place. 💪

By supporting sustainable alternatives, we have the power to finance more innovative ideas that could lead us to happier, healthier, and better lives for us, and for the generations to come. ❤