Top 23 Brands For Vegan Handbags, Purses & Leather Free Backpacks In 2020

Katherine Saxon

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Here are the word’s best brands making stylish vegan handbags, for every budget, now in 2020.

Finally, vegan leather bags are getting the recognition they deserve in the world of fashion.

Compared to animal leather bags – which required the sacrifice on an animal to produce – vegan leather bags are cruelty-free alternatives that keep you looking good while doing good.

Moreover, thanks to recent material developments, there are more environmentally-friendly vegan leather alternatives, such as mushroom leather, now than ever before.

Lastly, according to a recent market study on 1000 vegan handbags, purses and backpacks by LARA Media Group, 77 per cent of them were cheaper than the ‘real things’.

This shows that vegan leather bags are better not only for the world but our wallets too.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 23 labels crafting amazing vegan handbags and purses, free from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material known to contain phthalates (cancer-causing chemicals).

All brands on this list are known for their vegan handbags, purses and totes made from cruelty-free, organic, PU leather and organic materials such as apple leather, pineapple leaves, mushroom and cork.

Without further ado…

1. Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa Collective Vegan bags

Country: Australia

As a perfect example that luxury, animal love and sustainability can co-exist, Ahimsa Collective is on a mission to end fast fashion.

The label is providing high-end sustainable alternatives to animal leather and ‘pleather’ goods.

Formed from the ‘a’ meaning ‘without’ and ‘himsa’ meaning ‘harm’, Ahimsa Collective signifies “respect for all living beings and avoidance of harm towards others”.

Ethical, social and environmental responsibility are upheld at every stage of the Ahimsa Collective.

Ahimsa is using some of the most innovative materials in its vegan handbags, combined with excellent design and artistic flair.

The label’s intention is to offer vegan leather bags that are not only environmentally friendly but environmentally beneficial as well.

To do this, Ahimsa Collective creates handbags out of existing resources, would-be-waste and innovative plant-based textiles.

Moreover, each Ahimsa bag component has an ‘End Of Life’ program.

This extends from the closed-loop system of recycled water bottles that line the bags, to the raw material of the FSC Certified washable paper and piñatex (pineapple leather) as the main material in the brand’s bags.

2. Gunas

Gunas vegan handbags

Country: USA

Located in Long Island City, NY, Gunas makes vegan handbags from cruelty-free and PVC-free materials.

The brand also uses recycled nylons, coated canvas, cork, rubber, upcycled polyester, and proprietary ultra-leather.

As one of the first fully vegan brands in the world, Gunas has been selling vegan shoes and handbags for the last ten years.

The brand started in a Manhattan studio apartment, under the guidance of Sugandh Agrawal, who wanted to create a fashion brand centred around activism.

Rather than using leather, Sugandh decided to use canvas, nylons, upcycled materials, and other sustainable materials.

Nowadays, Gunas offers a wide range of handbags, purses, clutches, totes, and shoulder bags, with dozens of five-star reviews.

3. Osier

Osier vegan leather backpack

Country: Holland

Osier is a vegan designer label with fascinating stories to tell.

Beyond the sharp and tailored expressions of modern hedonism instilled with ingredients of ethical flavours, there is an artistic soul hidden in each Osier creation.

Fuelled by long-lasting memories of cultural treasures, cinematic art galleries, romantic streets, free-spirit festivals, picturesque canal streets, antique boutiques, restaurants and patio cafes, each Osier bag conveys an imaginary exploration of Amsterdam.

From the vintage designer shops on Jordaan, the place of Rembrandt and Albert Cuyp Market, to the beating heart of De Pijp, the cultural home of legendary artists and the spirits of the 60s, each Osier piece summons places of inspiration, free-thinking, and casual-chic geeks.

4. Adelaide Carta

Adelaide C. vegan bags

Country: Italy

Adelaide Carta is an ethical Italian designer label that prides itself in making eco-friendly and animal-free vegan bags and accessories.

Defined by unique prints, bold colours, and exclusive artistry, Adelaide Carta amalgams the vibrant history of Sardinian land and its people with an enthralling present and a purposive future, in luxurious creations of respect and pride.

The designer’s choice for eco-friendly and cruelty-free leather showcase a bold vision of the future.

A future where aesthetic and style are not compromised by protecting the animals and nature but instead augmented and improved.

Discover the secret pathway to a long-lost world of Italian heritage and local craftsmanship, as truth be told, real luxury knows no sacrifice.

Hand-crafted in Sardinia, Italy by expert artisans, Adelaide C’s bags are made from a blend of organic and recyclable materials such as vegan leather alternatives, sustainable cork and organic cotton.

5. Kweder

Kweder vegan handbags

Country: Italy

Kweder is a contemporary high-end Italian designer label characterised by original and colourful vegan bags depicting the glamourous Sicilian lifestyle and culture.

The label draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the island and its mythological past.

As an expression of conscious identity, Kweder embodies distinctive temperaments and noble personalities.

Kweder’s unique pieces come alive under the spell of breathtaking scenes of mountains and sea-views, bursting volcano lava representing the strong feminine inner-energy, traditionally charmed by the crafts of local master artisans.

The label combines rare artisanal manufacturing in a fresh and modern style that’s so appealing to fashion lovers with respect for, people, animals and environment.

6. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Vegan leather handbag
Country: United Kingdom

Stella McCartney needs no introduction in the world of sustainable fashion.

The British fashion designer is known for her luxury lines of vegan, cruelty-free bags.

Stella uses vegetarian leather, ultra-suede, and recycled polyester.

Of all the brands on this list, Stella McCartney takes the cake when it comes to blending luxury with sustainability.

The brand’s mission statement puts ethics and sustainable practices at the centre, with the aim of creating a world that treats people, planet, and animals equally.

That’s why the company avoids fur and uses recycled materials, to reduce its environmental impact.

Stella McCartney’s vegan alternatives retain patterns that resemble rare animal leather or snakeskin still to give the products that ‘designer fee’.

7. Mashu

Mashu vegan handbags

Country: United Kingdom

Mashu is a designer label specialised in exclusive vegan accessories and handbags made from eco-friendly and animal-free high-quality materials.

Sketched in London, hand-made in Greece, the label is defined by exquisite Art Deco constructs and lines of ancient architecture.

Mashu introduces minimal contours and pleasant silhouettes to vegan fashion.

The brands’ vegan leather bags are balanced by playful patterns and textures, aiming to create a more nuanced and tasteful balance.

You can recognise the label’s vegan handbags thanks to its unique handles, a signature of the brand’s heritage, inspired by the Ancient Greek columns.

8. Angela Roi

Angela Roi vegan leather shoulder bag

Country: USA

Angela Roi is a vegan and cruelty-free label from New York that uses its own blend of polyurethane ‘leather’.

Creation of two co-founders (Angela and Roi, obviously) the brand wants to bring virtue to an otherwise competitive and wasteful industry: fashion.

The label’s vegan leather and artisanal staple piece purses are ethically made from premium vegan materials while remaining affordable.

If you’re looking for bucket bags, totes, pouches, saddlebags or any other staple pieces, Angela Roi has them in stunning colours and with superb design.

The company also gives back by supporting charities worldwide who fought against animal mistreatment and poaching.

9. Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat vegan handbags

Country: Canada

Matt & Nat is a sustainable label that makes vegan purses from cruelty-free leather alternatives and recycled materials, out of Montreal.

The brand’s bags are ethically made from recycled plastic, cork, rubber, recycled nylon.

As a longtime leader in the vegan goods industry, with handbags, shoes, and other vegan accessories, Matt & Nat has implemented cruelty-free and ethical practices that utilise sustainable materials whenever possible.

From wallets to yoga bags and men’s briefcases, Matt & Nat uses organic vegan leather to create that polished, high-end look.

10. JW PEI

JW PEI vegan leather bags

Country: USA

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, JW Pei has a minimalist style somehow similar to Matt & Nat.

However, uniquely to other vegan brands, JW Pei specialises in patina made vegan bags.

Made from high-grade polyurethane resin and ultra-fine microfiber bundles, patina mimics the structure of real leather.

The technology isn’t new but JW Pei it brings it to vegan bags, as it’s soft, beautiful and durable.

The lining of their bags is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Moreover, whilst over 50% of all their plastics are recycled now, the aim is to make this 100% in two years and replace all major materials with recycled materials over the next 5 years.

11. Alexandra K

Alexandra K vegan bags

Country: Poland

Alexandra K is one of the original leaders of the faux leather luxury vegan handbags movement.

Founded in 2014, Alexandra K specializes in vegan and environmentally-friendly bags and accessories.

Each Alexandra K bag is made in Poland, from innovative fabrics that are not only vegan but also their production is organic and safe for the planet.

The brand hand-makes each of its bags in Poland, with a focus on innovative leather-like fabrics made from coated textiles.

The brand’s handbags do not contain any plastic or petroleum derivatives as an ingredient, which allows for enchanting sustainable and recyclable designs.

The fabrics also have superb properties such as durability and abrasion resistance and extreme temperature endurance and make excellent alternatives to leather.

12. LaBante London

Lebante London vegan handbags

Country: United Kingdom

Based in London, LaBante is British designer label founded in 2009, known for its excellent vegan leather handbags.

The brand uses PETA-approved vegan leather, PVC-free and recycled materials, without any toxic chemicals.

LaBante London offering includes faux leather clutches, crossbodies, vegan backpacks and vegan leather tote bags in quilted textures and natural colours, making them easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

The inners are made from polyester rescued from discarded plastic bottles and the outers are made with over 50 per cent vegetable oil, a renewable natural source.

The brand’s design and production team is made up of 99 per cent women and the bags are manufactured in a SEDEX Certified factory.

Moreover, every year, LaBante London donates around 10 per cent of its profits to several charities.

13. Urban Originals

Urbag Original vegan leather backpack

Country: Australia

Urban Originals is an Australian company whose brand ethos and values centres around vegan fashion, aiming for a cleaner planet and a better world.

With a strict no-animal products policy, Urban Originals creates stylish vegan bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, wallets, and vegan leather totes.

The brand’s stylish bags are made from organic cotton, bio-based polyamides, and leather resulting from recycled PET bottles.

Urban Originals uses the finest quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible, with the lowest possible chemical requirements.

The label ensures that all of its bags are made in fair trade conditions and have passed Australia’s Department Store and Industry ethical standards.

Moreover, the label donates 10 per cent of its profits to causes related to human rights such as slavery and human trafficking.

Beyond its ethical values, Urban Originals’ stylish vegan leather backpacks are pure work of art.

14. Elvis Kresse

Elvis & Kresse vegan backpack

Country: United Kingdom

Based in Kent, UK, Elvis & Kresse has been rescuing raw materials since 2015, transforming them into vegan luxury accessories.

This British label upcycles reclaimed materials into sustainable luxury lifestyle accessories, ethically handmade, and donates 50 per cent of the profits to local charities.

In 2017, Elvis & Kresse partnered with the Burberry Foundation aiming to tackle the growing problem of global leather waste.

The five-year partnership will see at least 120 tonnes of leather off-cuts from Burberry re-crafted into new luxury items, designed and sold by Elvis & Kresse.

15. Sole Society

Sole Society vegan handbags

Country: USA

Located in Culver City, CA, Sole Society is an American label that specialises in slow fashion products and vegan leather bags.

More popular for its shoes, apparel, accessories, Sole Society is betting on the vegan handbag styles.

The brand’s gorgeous bags come in a wide range of natural colours such as slate, charcoal, and tan.

The label also holds brighter and bolder colours to match your mood.

Sole Society carries a mix of satchels, totes, weekenders, and vegan backpacks, all made from buttery soft but sturdy animal-free leather and similar materials.

As a one-stop-shop for all of your vegan leather needs, the brand has extremely affordable prices and free shipping on orders over $50.

16. HFS Collective

HSF Collective vegan leather bags

Country: USA

HFS Collective makes vegan leather bags out of Los Angeles, CA.

The brand’s bags are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically made from PVC-free materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled plastic bottles, and vegan ultra-suede.

HFS Collective prides itself on creating high-quality bags that remind the buyers to love animals, enjoy the world, and waste less.

The brand’s hands-free belt bags are perfect for travelling, a full day out, or just running errands.

And if belt bags aren’t your thing, there are wallets, cross bodies, and even wine and water bottle holders.

17. Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco vegan leather handbag

Country: USA

Hailing from Pico Rivera, CA, Melie Bianco is an ethical label that makes cruelty-free, bags from vegan leather and polyurethane leather alternatives.

Melie Bianco’s vegan leather handbags are a rare blend of fair trade practices, eco-friendly materials, and unique designs.

The brand’s vegan luxury handbags are praised by the likes of Eva Longoria, Marie Claire, O Magazine, and Good Morning America, showing that vegan leather can make luxury bags affordable.

With ranges including gorgeous natural colours, we love the brand’s business model, which encourages profit sharing amongst its entire team.

18. Hozen

Hozen vegan bags

Country: USA

Located in Los Angeles, CA Hozen is an American label known for its ethically made, cruelty-free and vegan leather bags.

Made ethically in LA from a variety of materials such as synthetic leather, faux suede, natural rubber, and organic cotton, Hozen bags are as bold as functional.

Hozen’s top bags are crafted from Italian manmade leather and comprise ruffle crossbodies, canteen round purses, drawstring bucket bags, and small duffels.

Moreover, 10 per cent of each purchase goes to ‘Mercy for Animals’, a nonprofit org. dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals.

19. Jeane Jax

Jean and Jax vegan leather bags

Country: Canada

Jeane & Jax is a Canadian label that’s using ethically sourced materials in their luxury but affordable vegan handbags and wallets.

All Jeane & Jax are PETA approved as the brand is fully committed to social responsibility.

The brand fights to ensure all of its employees have a safe, healthy and equitable work environment.

Moreover, this cruelty-free and ethical fashion brand is inspired by the multicultural and artistic vibe of Montreal, Quebec’s largest city.

20. Funky Kalakar

Funky Kalakar vegan leather bag

Country: India

Funky Kalakar is a Mumbai-based, PETA certified label known for its Asian-heritage vegan handbags made from natural fabrics.

The label uses recyclable fabrics, jute, organic cotton, canvas, viscose, and even rubber from rescued tyres and insoles.

Funky Kalakar vegan purses bring alive stories of ancient craftsmanship in the form of contemporary designs.

Moreover, the brand does not believe in “harming living creatures to construct fashion products, because all life is valuable, and fashion should not come at the cost of one’s life”.

21. De Vesi

De Vesi vegan handbags

Country: USA

Based in Florida, De-Vesi is a luxury vegan fashion label that’s making cruelty-free and vegan bags collections.

Designed for the modern woman and her active lifestyle, De-Vesi’s handbags are sophisticated, accessible, and devised to help busy women everywhere.

The house of De-Vesi gets inspiration from nature and animals, and it is driven by a desire to create multipurpose vegan handbags and accessories.

All De-Vesi bags are vegan and cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically-made by expert artisans.

22. Eve Cork

Eve Cork vegan handbags

Country: Portugal

Made in Portugal by skilled artisans, Eve Cork’s collections are entirely cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically made using only sustainably sourced materials.

From how materials are sourced, to how they practice business for the greater well-being of people and the planet, this label puts sustainability at the core of everything they do.

The label uses only the highest grade, sustainably sourced materials and does not cut any corners with workers or production.

23. Pinkstix

PINKSTIX vegan bags

Country: Canada

Based in Ontario, Canada, Pinkstix is a sustainable designer label that makes handbags from vegan leather.

Pinkstix is PETA-approved and according to the brand’s official website, they “don’t need to harm anyone or anything for products we love, and the same applies to its line of handbags.”

The label’s crossbodies, totes, and wallets come in vibrant colours and eclectic patterns that are sure to stand out from the rest.

Using PETA-approved vegan leather, the company isn’t just about being animal friendly and eco-conscious but it also supports women empowerment causes all over the world.

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