Top 51 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Can Trust In 2021

Mandy Meyer
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These are the top 51 sustainable clothing brands of 2021.

I have carefully selected these brands for doing good for people and the environment but also for being extremely stylish.

To begin with, I’ll remind you how we’ve got here, and the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion.

At the end of the article I’ll share with you:

  • The difference between fast-fashion and slow fashion brands.
  • The five main issues addressed by the sustainable clothing brands.
  • Is (should) sustainable fashion be affordable?

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Sustainable Clothing Brands – Intro

There’s no secret that we, fashion buyers, are becoming increasingly conscious about our choices.

The awakening began on the 24th of April 2013, when over 1,100 garment workers from Bangladesh were killed in the Rana Plaza tragedy.

The incident got fashion buyers from all over the world asking:

“Who makes the clothes we wear, and in what conditions?”

Follow-up documentaries such as’ The True Cost’ revealed how fast fashion depletes the Earth’s resources and employs slave labor to deliver “cheap” garments to the end consumer.

Eventually, we’ve started to channel our disapproval by seeking sustainable clothing brands that make a positive difference for the environment, animals, and the people involved in making our clothes.

Fashion After Rana Plaza

Now, in 2021, and over seven years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, the question “who makes the clothing we wear and in what conditions?” is more relevant than ever.

Thankfully, hundreds of slow fashion brands have emerged, dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices.

The following 51 sustainable clothing brands listed below are our favorite ethical alternatives to fast fashion companies.

These brands have made it a central part of their mission to approach fashion in an ethical and transparent way that considers people, animals, and the planet.

If you’re shifting to an entirely ethical wardrobe, check out our guides to what is sustainable fashion, vegan leather, mushroom leather, and slow fashion brands.

Also, if you are looking for secondhand clothing brands and vintage fabrics instead, check out our guide to the best online marketplaces to shop secondhand clothing!

Without further ado, these are the best 51 sustainable clothing brands in 2021 – in no particular order.


$ | under $50
$$ | $50–$100
$$$ | $100–$150
$$$$ | $150 or more


EILEEN FISHER ethical clothing

From | New York, USA
Values | Fair Trade Certified collections, sustainable materials and practices, inclusive sizes
Products | Women’s apparel, accessories, shoes
Sizes | From XXS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Relaxed and vaporous, thanks to their organic linen clothing
Price | $$$$


EILEEN FISHER is an industry leader for all sustainable brands and ethical fashion labels.

The company believes social and environmental injustices are a reason to do business entirely differently.

For that, the label carefully oversees its supply chain to ensure fair working wages.

By 2025, the brand’s vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created during garment production.

Equally, the company wants to reduce the CO2 created during shipping by 25 percent.

If you’re looking for sustainable clothing of inclusive sizes, this is the brand for you – the offering ranges from XXS through 3X and includes several petite selections.

2. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney sustainable clothing

From | London, UK
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Womenswear, Menswear, kids, accessories
Sizes | From XXS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | British tailored ready-to-wear
Price | $$–$$$$


There is no sustainable clothing brand like Stella McCartney.

Delightful in her stylistic duality, Stella McCartney’s creations resemble titanic collisions of natural with artificial forces.

Imagine juxtaposed clashes of spirit and matter, light and dark, high and low, priceless and worthless.

And, since we talk about sustainable fashion, imagine combinations of wasteful and saving, and of haute-couture vs fast fashion.

If you want a sustainable brand that’s globally recognized, then go for Stella McCartney.

Her eponymous and timeless compositions will not disappoint you.

3. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman slow fashion

From | Los Angeles, USA
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive clothing sizes
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$$$


Exuding a playful, bright and colorful aesthetic, Mara Hoffman’s label focuses on creating rich, textured, and understated pieces highlighting the feminine form’s power.

Inspired by personal reflections on mythology and travels, the designer injects whimsy and unexpected details into her sustainable collections.

Moreover, the brand’s pieces are crafted from sustainable and eco-friendly materials by close-knit expert artisans in New York City.

If you are looking for tribal patterns, abstract art, and punchy prints, Mara Hoffman’s extensive collection is a must.

Check out her dresses, color-blocked skirts, and high-waisted bikinis to create that style icon image every woman aspires to become.

4. Pact

Pact sustainable clothing

From | Colorado, USA
Values | Fair Trade Certified, organic cotton, B Corp
Products | Women’s, men’s, and children’s basics and general activewear
Sizes | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Fitness-first basics
Price | $


Pact is a clothing brand obsessed with making sustainable clothes that make the world a better place.

The Certified B Corp goes to great lengths to ensure the transparency of its entire supply chain.

From growing and harvesting organic cotton to the final sewing and all processes in between, Pact is as clean and responsible as possible.

The super-soft tees, dresses, and underwear are 100 percent cotton.

Moreover, the brand’s non-GMO cotton is excellent for you and the farmers growing it.

5. Catalina J

Catalina J Sustainable clothing brand

From | Brussels, Belgium
Values | Sustainable fabrics, responsible design practices, ethically sourced and locally produced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Minimalist; timeless apparel
Price | $$$–$$$$


Catalina J is a Belgian sustainable clothing brand.

With a strong visual brand identity infused with contemporary conscious values, Catalina J seeks to redefine the classic feminine silhouette.

Dedicated to intelligent, active, and stylish women, Catalina J’s creations reveal elaborated lines of craft and unparalleled artistic details.

Catalina J’s flattering and comfortable sustainable clothes are inspired by a symbiotic mix of geometric cuts and pure abstract lines.

If interested in urban style fashion mixed with timeless artisanal crafts, this is the brand for you.

6. Sanah Sharma

Sanah sharma sustainable clothing brands

From | Antwerp, Belgium
Values | Natural fabrics, locally made by artisans, ethically sourced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Multi-dimensional designs that are the epitome of perfect human kinetics
Price | $$$–$$$$


Sanah Sharma is another Belgium-based ethical clothing label focused on making garments with sustainability in mind, for today’s and tomorrow’s fashion-lovers.

Passionate about creating a better future, the designer shares a close connection with the environment while showing a keen interest in innovative technologies.

Check out this sustainable fashion brand if you’re interested in remarkable stylistic pieces made with zero fabric waste.

7. Sanikai

sustainable clothing brands Sanikai

From | Zürich, Switzerland
Values | Natural fabrics, recycled materials, locally sourced and produced by young artisans
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Timeless and nostalgic swiss-made ready-to-wear apparel
Price | $$$–$$$$


The Swiss-based sustainable clothing label SANIKAI brings a blend of timeless fashion design, exceptional quality, and ethics.

The brand was founded in 2015 with the desire of nurturing the planet, people, and animals.

Famous for using natural fabrics and recycled materials fused with Swiss perfectionism, SANIKAI design philosophy has sustainability at heart.

The approach is reflected in the label’s choice of fabric and an attitude towards conscious fashion.

If you are interested in hand-sewn sustainable clothing, you must check out SANIKAI’s creations made in collaboration with young and talented dressmakers.

8. Ailanto

sustainable clothing brands Ailanto

From | London, UK
Values | Natural fabrics, sustainable practices, ethically sourced and locally produced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Nature-inspired couture with bold prints
Price | $$$–$$$$


Ailanto is a sustainable fashion brand created by the twin brothers Iñaki and Aitor.

The label is recognized for its superbly handcrafted pieces in unique prints, rare designs, and use of noble materials.

Ailanto is the name of an ornamental tree known as the ‘tree of heaven.’

The founder’s passion for fashion, art, and nature is reflected in their sustainable clothing creations.

If you are looking for a conscious fashion brand inspired by the worlds’ most famous painters, sculptors, and landscape artists, this is the one for you.

9. Anita Vitek

sustainable clothing brands Anita Vitek

From | Munich, Germany
Values | Conscious design, natural fabrics, eco-friendly production practices, fairtrade
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Sophisticated multifunctional design that fits traveler’s lifestyle
Price | $$$–$$$$


Anita Vitek is a contemporary European womenswear label of highly innovative designs.

The brand’s creations stand out through their effortless style fused beautifully with conscious functionality in unique pieces that are sophisticated and sustainable.

Always with the feminine form in mind, the designer draws inspiration from her worldly travels.

Vitek’s unique blends of natural textiles with classic silhouettes, asymmetric lines, and distinctive chic styles translate into original luxe combinations by absorbing and exhibiting many cultural influences.

Anita Vitek’s novel approaches to design show a strong accent on versatility, fluidity, and connectivity, nourished by the idea of a minimalist lifestyle.

All Anita Vitek creations are developed almost like a continuous wardrobe, where interchangeability and individual creativity play a vital role in the overall creative vision.

10. Fanm Mon

sustainable clothing brands Fanm Mon

From | New Jersey, US
Values | Natural fabrics, organic cotton, handmade by local artisans, ethically sourced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Feminine, bohemian designs
Price | $$$–$$$$


A modern symbol of consciousness, femininity, and freedom, Fanm Mon is a sustainable luxury fashion label of Haitian heritage.

The brand is adored by stars such as Lauryn Hill, Morgan Stewart, and the twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder.

Fanm Mon is a direct reference to the designer’s Haitian roots, and it means ‘peasant women’ in Creole.

As a young woman in Haiti, Sophia was directly in contact with ‘fanm mon’ women in the markets near her grandmother’s village.

No longer living in Haiti, the designer’s choice for the ‘Fanm Mon’ name is in homage to Haitian women’s’ extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs, fashion, and traditional cuisine.

In this light, the designer offers her brand as a natural and sustainable gift to the world.

11. Helder Antwerp

sustainable clothing brands Helder Antwerp

From | Antwerp, Belgium
| Natural fabrics, eco-friendly manufacturing, fairtrade, ethically sourced
| Women’s apparel
| From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
| Minimalist; timeless apparel for any occasion
 | $$$–$$$$


A creation of Ramona Stoica, Helder Antwerp is a Belgium-based high-end ethical designer fashion label of Romanian heritage.

The label is known for its excellent compositions and plays of contemporary feminine sensuality beautifully built on one’s desire to showcase its strength and independence.

Ramona’s unique prototyping skills are showcased through hand-designed prints, unmatched styles, and color palettes.

With rare collections of sensual silhouettes, Helder Antwerp is tapping into one’s need to state its independence but with a subtle, romantic undertone.

If you are interested in a sustainable clothing brand that’s responsible for manufacturing techniques, sustainable materials, innovative and future-proof fabrics, this is the brand for you.

We simply adore the brand’s unique tailoring, thanks to the Romanian master artisans’ skills.

12. Julia Allert

sustainable clothing brands Julia Allert

From | Chișinău, Moldova
Values | Sustainable fabrics, vegan materials, locally produced by artisans, ethically sourced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Minimalist; timeless apparel for any occasion
Price | $$$–$$$$


Julia Allert is a high-end designer label hailing from Moldova, as a cry of rebellion against the wasteful fast-fashion agenda.

Free from animal products, this label is driven by a ‘break the rules’ slogan and with a ‘slow fashion’ ethos.

Julia Allert’s unique creations are pure interpretations of a tumultuous and fascinating past.

The spirit of Julia Allert’s fashion design mirrors the concept of controlled explosions.

Creative chaos is born, shattering typical fashion patterns, standing out, and bequeathing a strong positive impression.

With unprecedented combinations of styles, prints, and textures, Julia Allert concludes classic fashion patterns, aiming to symbolize the strong woman who plays by her own rules.

13. Lungomare

sustainable clothing Lungomare

From | Rimini, Italy
Values | Natural fabrics, eco-friendly practices, locally sourced and produced
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Timeless, nostalgic, and gender-neutral apparel for any occasion
Price | $$$$


This is a sustainable fashion label born on the beaches of the Riviera Romagnola.

Romagnola is a place where summer, ancient culture, and good food combine to perfection.

That’s why, Lungomare creations recall memories of yellow sands and colorful seaside explosion, beautifully blended with fascinating winter melancholy, scents of maritime pines, and tumultuous wave sounds.

Lungomare is more than a fashion label but a vision between contemporaneity and nostalgia.

Driven by an ethos of creating garments beyond seasonal concept, each piece of clothing can be worn again and again; now, tomorrow, and forever.

Lungomare’s ‘made in Italy’ rare creations are gender-fluid, relaxed, and comfortable, designed to be worn by on different occasions and moments in life.

14. Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar sustainable clothing

From | United Kingdom
Values | Sustainable and natural fabrics, eco-friendly manufacturing, ethically sourced materials
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Minimalist and timeless womenswear
Price | $$$$


Edward Mongzar is a UK-based ready-to-wear womenswear label specialized in handcrafted and ethically conscious luxury apparel.

Each Edward Mongzar’s piece possesses a serene feel of perpetual luxurious elegance and encompassing uniqueness.

With gentle swirls of the marbling juxtaposed with the unpredictability of the dyes, Edward creates a new artistic medium in the realm of fashion.

Driven by a profound belief that womenswear should be soft and gentle and freeing and liberating, the designer uses marbling as an ultimate expression of the ‘live and let live’ idea.

Driven by the designer’s aim of being ethically conscious with a sustainable approach to apparel, the label brings back to life long-lost artisanal traditions of marbling in exceptional combinations of colors and hand-dyed fabrics.

15. Boden

Boden ethical clothing brand

From | London, UK
Values | Fairtrade apparel, sustainable cotton, eco-friendly practices, ethical supply chain, gives back
Products | Women’s, men’s, & children’s apparel, accessories
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Dresses and apparel for any occasion
Price | $$–$$$


Boden has been taking the UK by storm for the last 30 years or so.

Now, this sustainable clothing brand from the UK has finally gone worldwide.

The company is committed to responsible sourcing, fair trade, and ethical practices across the 16 countries it has factories.

Moreover, the company has placed eco-friendly alternatives at every part of its supply chain.

The brand has a wide range of apparel, from men’s chinos to children’s winter clothing.

However, we’re most excited about the women’s dresses for work, the beach, and everything in between.

With flattering silhouettes and whimsical patterns, Boden has the responsibly-made dresses for all your dreams.

16. Patagonia

Patagonia sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Fair Trade Certified collections, organic cotton, environmental sustainability, B Corp
Products | Women’s and men’s outdoor apparel, swimwear, activewear
Style | Outdoor clothes for any occasion
Sizes | From XXS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Price | $$-$$$


This outdoor brand is recognized as one of the best ethical clothing brands in the world right now.

Patagonia was one of the speediest defenders of environmental ethics in the activewear fashion industry.

Also, Patagonia was one of the first adopters of using recycled materials and switching to organic cotton.

While using sustainable materials when it can, the brand will help you repair your clothes and gear to make them last longer.

The company has Fair Trade Certified, and Bluesign approved collections with supply chain closely monitored to ensure they are safe for the environment, workers, and consumers.

Patagonia also buys and resells its creations, so you can get credit for bringing in your old Patagonia clothing or buy something pre-owned for a lower cost.

17. Sézane

Sézane sustainable clothing

From | Paris, France
Values | Gives back, fair labor standards, natural and sustainable materials
Products | Women’s apparel, denim articles
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 42 / US 10 / UK 14)
Style | Delicate dresses and blouses
Price | $$$


Produced in Paris, France, Sézane believes in sustainable production that benefits people and the planet.

The brand started online to cut out the middleman, focusing on achieving responsible production, as close to zero waste as possible.

In 2017, Sézane created a philanthropic initiative, DEMAIN, to help disadvantaged children access education and equal opportunities.

We love the brand’s delicate blouses and dresses, built to last and worn every season.

With leather goods, knitwear, denim, shoes, swimwear, and jewelry, the collection has something for every responsible shopper who values beauty and quality.

18. ABLE

ABLE ethical clothing

From | Tennessee, USA
Values | Female artisan-made in Peru, fair labor practices, B Corp
Products | Women’s apparel, shoes, accessories
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Feminist cuts from a brand supporting women
Price | $–$$


ABLE understands that to end generational poverty, one must create economic opportunities for people.

In this case, ABLE puts the focus on women, aiming to help them provide for themselves.

The beautiful bags and wardrobe staples like denim are made worldwide by fairly paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances.

If you don’t pick the right size or color the first time, ABLE offers free US shipping until you find the perfect fit on your apparel, denim, or shoes.

19. Tradlands

Tradlands sustainable clothing

From| California, USA
Values | Ethical production, natural & sustainable materials, recycle remnants
Products | Women’s apparel
Sizes | From XXS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style| Ethical blouses
Price | $$–$$$


Tradlands was born from a simple idea: to make high-quality essentials for women, inspired by classic menswear.

The brand’s customers are women who always drifts towards the men’s section and think: “I wish these were made for women as well.”

Tradlands creates staples with a relentless emphasis on fit, details, and quality.

Its rigorous standards ensure that each shirt is of top-notch quality and sustainably made.

Tradlands also produces in small batches with ethical facilities and independent artisans to produce less waste.

From the button-downs to the linen tees, Tradlands’ shirts are a staple in any capsule wardrobe.

20. Outerknown

Outerknown sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Fair Labor Association & Bluesign certified manufacturing, some Fair Trade Certified products, sustainable practices
Products | Women’s & men’s apparel
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Women’s and men’s denim
Price | $$–$$$


Are you looking for durable classics that transcend seasons? Outerknown and their pieces of clothing have you covered.

This sustainability-forward brand knows that a genuinely conscious company needs to consider both people and the planet before, during, and after production.

Outerknown works with global partners who offer fair wages and practice sustainable production.

Also, the company carefully analyzes and ensures every partner it collaborates with is ethical and sustainable.

The California-cool aesthetic for both men and women, matched with the brand’s ethics, has us excited to come back for more!

21. Tentree

Tentree sustainable clothing brand

From | Vancouver, Canada
Values | B Corp, sustainable & eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing, gives back
Products | Adult tops, bottoms, & outerwear, accessories, kids apparel
Size | From XXS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Cozy, casual essentials
Price | $$


By using only sustainable and comfortable materials, Tentree makes Earth-first essentials for the whole family.

As part of its commitment to give back, ten trees are planted for every item purchased.

According to the founder, that’s 50 million to date, intending to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.

Designed in Canada and ethically manufactured globally, Tentree offers lifestyle and loungewear.

The brad also offers cozy sweat sets, t-shirts, cardigans, dresses, and jackets made from sustainable fabrics like Tencel, hemp, and organic cotton.

With a minimal footprint and maximum comfort, a Tentree has something for everyone looking to impact one step at a time.

22. Kotn


From | Toronto, Canada
Values | B Corp, organic, safe, and fair labor standards, gives back
Products | Women’s and men’s staples
Size | From XS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Egyptian cotton wardrobe basics
Price | $


If you’re looking to add some luxury to your daily wardrobe, look no further than Kotn’s ultra-soft basics made from Egyptian cotton.

From its farms to its factories, Kotn creates all of its garments in a fair and safe environment and helps suppliers switch to organic within the next five years.

The Kotn team is dedicated to quality manufacturing, so you know its cotton tees will last you 30 wears and beyond—and they’ll be soft and cozy every time.

23. Reformation

Reformation sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Made in the USA, sustainable fabrics, carbon emissions offset, living wages, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s apparel, outerwear, bridal
Size | From XXS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | On-trend eco-friendly clothing
Price | $$$


Reformation offers on-trend pieces that will still be stylish long after the season is over for the sustainable fashionista.

This Los Angeles-based brand creates products only from sustainable and upcycled materials in a fair wage environment.

Moreover, each Reformation garment comes with a description of its environmental footprint.

We particularly love that Reformation has added extended sizing to its permanent collection.

24. Levi’s

Levi's sustainable collection

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically produced, sustainable practices, give back
Products | Women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel
Style | Children’s denim
Size | XXS–XXL; up to US 26
Price | $–$$


A global leader in not just denim but in apparel at large, Levi’s is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Donned by cowboys, presidents, and customers from all over the world, Levi’s is known for being the face of denim.

The company uses nature-friendly and plant-based and eco-friendly dyes on every pair of jeans, protecting the water supply and conserving water in the production process.

According to the founders, the team has always been at the forefront of change and progress:

“Touting eco-friendly and sustainable practices such as recyclable denim, ethically sourced cotton, and innovations to reduce water use, in addition to giving back to its workers and community organizations alike.”

25. Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing ethical fashion

From | London, UK
Values | Organic cotton, sustainable, and biodegradable fabrics
Products | Women’s & men’s apparel, accessories
Sizes | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Affordable organic clothing
Price | $–$$


Thought clothing is an all-natural sustainable clothing company with a simple philosophy: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for people and the environment.

The brand has developed long-lasting relationships with ethical factories and suppliers to ensure that every worker is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions.

We love the commitment to using organic cotton and natural materials, helping us clean up our wardrobe one piece at a time.

26. United By Blue

United By Blue sustainable apparel

From | Pennsylvania, USA
Values | Environmental preservation, B Corp, recycled and organic materials
Products | Men’s, women’s, & children’s apparel, accessories, outdoor gear
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Eco-friendly outdoor clothing
Price | $$


United By Blue is more than just an outdoor and everyday apparel brand.

With each product sold, the brand removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through clean-up initiatives.

As a B Corp, United By Blue is dedicated to doing what’s best for people and the planet.

United By Blue durable, sustainable and travel-friendly apparel will let your whole family explore the world with a happy heart, knowing you’ve invested in a business that’s preserving the planet.

27. Vetta

Vetta fairtrade clothing

From | USA
Values | Made in the USA, sustainable materials, ethical production practices, recycled packaging
Products | Women’s apparel
Size | From XS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Capsule wardrobe pieces
Price | $$$


Leader of sustainable brands, Vetta is on a mission to help customers build a more thoughtful wardrobe with its innovative shopping model: you can buy a long-lasting five-piece capsule collection that translates into 30+ outfits.

Or, you can shop pieces individually and build a timeless custom wardrobe that you’ll be wearing for years to come.

Vetta chooses sustainable, recycled, and deadstock fabrics, and its LA-based partner factory gets 70 percent of its energy from solar power.

Most of the buttons and elastic are made in the USA, too.

28. Hackwith Design House

Hackwith Design House sustainable fashion

From | Minnesota, USA
Values | Made in the USA, made to order, inclusive sizes
Products | Women’s apparel, swimwear, accessories
Size | From XS to 4XL (up to EU 50 / US 18 / UK 22)
Style | Classic investment pieces
Price | $$$–$$$$


Minnesota-based Hackwith Design House is designing pieces with one goal in mind: for that piece to be your favorite.

The apparel is made in the USA and features clean and straightforward basics for every season.

Plus, the company offers swimwear and inclusive size options.

Many of the products are made-to-order, reducing the brand’s waste and ensuring that your piece is thoughtfully one-of-a-kind.

Hackwith Design House’s soothing, the always-in-style color palette makes it perfect for the minimalist looking to invest in clothing that will last a lifetime.

29. Fair Trade Winds

Fair Trade Winds organic clothing

From | USA
Values | Fair Trade Federation member
Style | Wide range of fair trade brands
Product | Women’s, men’s, & children’s apparel, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Price | $–$$


Fair Trade Winds carries some of the best fair trade fashion brands committed to ethically creating clothing.

Each piece of the collection represents the hard work of the talented artisans working in cooperatives, becoming empowered, and improving their families and communities’ livelihood.

Fair Trade Winds is a family-owned business with brick and mortar locations around the country in addition to an online shop.

30. Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo fairtrade clothing

From | Wisconsin, USA, and Chiclayo, Peru
Values | Organic cotton, earth-friendly dyes, fair living wages for artisans, give back programs
Products | Men & women’s apparel, loungewear, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Organic basics
Price | $-$$


One thing often overlooked when shopping for sustainable apparel is the quality and longevity of an item.

Fair Indigo is committed to creating clothes that will last upwards of five years—like the Forever Organic Tees (available in various styles and earth-friendly dyes).

The brand’s garments are made with organic Peruvian Pima cotton, grown on a family farm and harvested by hand.

With an emphasis on quality apparel, sustainable and ethical practices, and free shipping options, it’s one of our go-to shops for affordable organic basics and artisan-made accessories.

31. ADAY

ADAY sustainable fashion

From | New York, USA
Values | Designed for longevity, OEKO TEX & Bluesign certifications, recycled materials, and solar power
Products | Women’s workwear, basics, loungewear, knitwear, swim
Size | From XS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Comfortable elevated workwear
Price | $$–$$$


For polished workwear that feels more like breathable loungewear, ADAY has you covered.

The brand’s minimalist aesthetic is matched with eco-friendly fabrics like LENZING™ Modal and regenerated REPREVE® polyester.

We love that many of their factories are solar-powered, use recycled materials, and recycle the water used in the production process.

Designed to be seasonless and with a focus on ease-of-wear (hello, wrinkle-free fabrics), ADAY’s pieces are sure to live a long life in your closet.

32. Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. ethical fashion

From | California, USA
Values | Made in CA, ethical production, sustainably made with GOTS Certified organic cotton, 100 percent recycled packaging
Products | Women’s tops, dresses, pants, sweaters, jumpsuits
Size | From XS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Tencel & hemp apparel
Price | $$–$$$


Back Beat Co. is a one-of-a-kind brand that aims for the effortless Cali skater or surfer vibe.

Using fabrics such as dead stock fabrics, recycled cotton, hemp, and Tencel, it crafts fashion basics that are a staple to any closet.

Based in Los Angeles, the apparel is made with small family-owned businesses while also keeping a low environmental footprint.

Plus, it uses recycled paper mailers and compostable bags when shipping.

You’ll be so glad you add this affordable brand to your rotation.

33. Cuyana

Cuyana sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Slow fashion brand, supports craftspeople, give-back program
Products | Women’s apparel, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Chic minimalist wardrobe essentials
Price | $$$–$$$$


Cuyana is an essential brand for the modern woman seeking to build her wardrobe on the “fewer, better” principle—so if you’re looking for elegant and long-lasting capsule pieces, Cuyana has what you’re looking for.

The concept behind the brand is “fewer, better things.”

Simply put, it means that if you buy good stuff that’ll last and not go out of style, you won’t need to buy as much.

The brand is mostly known for its accessories and versatile tote bags, and timeless clothing.

And while it’s not cheap, there’s excellent value for the amount of use you’ll get from its garments.

The brand also manufactures mindfully, choosing factories near the raw materials, so there’s less traveling involved.

This global fashion brand creates each piece with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials in Europe, South America, and the United States.

We love the Lean Closet initiative, where Cuyana makes it easy for you to donate clothing to women in need in exchange for credit towards your next Cuyana purchase.

34. Petite Studio

Petite Studio sustainable clothing

From | New York, USA
Values | Ethical & small batch production, sustainable fabrics
Products | Women’s apparel
Size | From XXS to L (up to EU 42 / US 10 / UK 14)
Style | Petite garments
Price | $$$


At Petite Studio, it takes an average of 20 hours to produce a single garment.

That’s because the NYC-based brand is passionate about creating capsule wardrobe items and small-batch staples.

The petite-focused clothing collection is crafted in an ethical factory located in Jiangshan, China (the founder’s hometown).

Employees work 40 hours per week (with hour-long lunch breaks), receive health care and vacation time, and are even obligated to take a 30-minute nap break every shift.

35. Encircled

Encircled ethical clothing

From | Toronto, Canada
Values | Ethical production, eco-conscious fabrics, upcycling, small-batch production
Products | Women’s & men’s apparel, multiway garments
Size | From XS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Convertible clothing for travel
Price | $$


Encircled is on a mission to help you pack lighter and do more with less.

It creates versatile clothing in design with fabrics that are as comfortable and travel-friendly as they are good for the Earth.

Encircled takes a mindful and slow approach to design, producing only what is needed.

It incorporates sustainable practices into everything it does, from upcycling leftover fabric to using recyclable packaging.

We love Encircled’s video tutorials on how to wear its pieces multiple ways.


LACAUSA sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Ethical manufacturing, partners with charities, gives back
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, swim, & loungewear
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Flowy dresses & jumpsuits
Price | $$–$$$


LACAUSA doesn’t just have a standout clothing collection; this brand is equally as creative with its name.

La Causa is Spanish for “The Cause,” and the name also represents its Los Angeles location. (LA, CA, USA, get it?)

Whether you’re shopping for a flowy dress reminiscent of warm, breezy weather or you’d prefer a silk jumpsuit to pair with your favorite mules, this ethical and sustainable brand is where classic meets comfort.

Most garments are made in LA, and for the apparel crafted overseas, the brand ensures fair factories, living wages, and healthy working conditions for its team members.

37. DÔEN

DÔEN fairtrade clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Standards that support and promote gender equality, natural fabrics, gives back
Products | Women’s apparel, denim, accessories, children’s clothing
Size | From XXS to XXL (up to EU 46 / US 14 / UK 18)
Style | Dreamy floral dresses
Price | $$$$


Puff sleeves, Victorian floral, poetic details, each piece from DÔEN is a sustainable fashion piece to be treasured for generations.

The garments are made in socially compliant factories worldwide and choose collaborators that specifically help reduce the gender wage gap and support workers who identify as women.

DÔEN also supports their garments’ resale to create a circular and closed-loop system and uses 100 percent recyclable packaging.

For heirloom-quality pieces that will never go out of style, DÔEN is the place to go.

38. Indigenous

Indigenous ethical clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Artisan-made clothing, organic & natural materials, B Corp
Products | Women’s & men’s apparel, outerwear, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Organic capsule wardrobe pieces
Price | $$


Indigenous makes and sells organic and fair trade clothing for both women and men.

The brand uses natural fabrics, and have a no-new plastic pledge.

Moreover, the brand uses recycled plastic bottles and engage in carbon-neutral initiatives.

The ethically made eco-fashion supports talented artisans around the world.

With high-end techniques and attention to detail, each artisan uses their skills to create beautiful clothing.

The company uses organic cotton, free range alpaca, and low-impact dyes to ensure its clothing positively impacts the planet and the wearer.

39. People Tree

People Tree eco friendly clothing

From | London, UK
Values | Fair Trade Certified collections, organic cotton collections, biodegradable materials
Products | Women’s apparel, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Affordable, fair trade clothing
Price | $–$$


People Tree is seen by consumers and the fashion industry alike as a pioneer of the fair trade and sustainable fashion movement.

People Tree has long been one of our favorite go-to shops for responsibly made fashion.

For over 20 years, the brand has partnered with fair trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce a comprehensive collection of ethical and eco-wear.

The collection ranges from the perfect lightweight organic cotton sundresses to workwear, jumpsuits, relaxed yoga wear, and more.

40. Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row sustainable fashion

From | California, USA
Values | Made in the USA, deadstock materials, fair labor standards, limited-run batches
Products | Women’s apparel, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Unique tops & dresses
Price | $$–$$$


Whimsy + Row creates high-quality garments for the modern, creative woman—elevating our daily wardrobes with a sense of ease and elegance.

From flirty dresses to practical classics like cropped wide-leg pants in all your favorite seasonal colors, these pieces will be your most well-loved staples for years to come.

All of Whimsy + Row’s pieces are made responsibly in Los Angeles from deadstock fabric, which means it’s making the most out of would-be waste material.

41. Amour Vert

Amour Vert ethical fasihon

From | San Francisco, CA
Values| Sustainable & raw materials, small-batch production, made in the USA, gives back
Products | Tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories
Size | From XXXS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Classic and contemporary pieces
Price | $–$$$$


French for “green love,” Amour Vert is all about embracing (and caring for) the environment.

The company starts with renewable fibers and materials like hemp, ethical wool, certified organic cotton and partners directly with mills to develop sustainable fabrics like Tencel Modal and Tencel Lyocell.

Ninety-seven percent of Amour Vert’s pieces are made in small batch quantities within a few miles of its San Francisco office. And for every tee you buy, the company plants a tree!

42. MATE The Label

MATE The Label sustainable clothing

From | Los Angeles, CA
Values | Natural materials made in the USA
Products | Tops, bottoms, dresses, sets, sleepwear
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Casual essentials
Price | $–$$$


MATE The Label wants you to “dress clean.”

And the company makes it easy to do just that by only using natural and nature-friendly materials when crafting its clothes, such as 100 percent linen and organic cotton, including low impact dyes.

Whether you’re looking for a sweat set or maxi dress, all the pieces are cut, sewn, dyed, and shipped (in eco-friendly packaging) from downtown Los Angeles.

Plus, MATE’s factories are less than 10 miles from its headquarters, so the company keeps its carbon footprint low.

43. Vege Threads

Vege Threads sustainable swimwear

From | Australia
Values | Eco-friendly materials & dyes, limited batches
Products | Women’s & men’s apparel, denim, activewear, swimwear
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Everyday basics
Price | $$–$$$


Whether you’re opting for the socks and long sleeves made of Merino wool or the crop tops and wide-leg pants created from a blend of hemp and organic cotton, Vege Threads’ collections are manufactured 100 percent in Australia.

Moreover, intimates are from deadstock fabrics, yoga wear is colored with chemical-free and plant-based dyes, and swimsuits are from recycled nylon.

By working with local knitting mills and producing in limited numbers, you can rely on Vege Threads for sustainability and style.

44. Tonlé

Tonlé sustainable clothing brand

From | Cambodia & California, USA
Values | Zero waste practices, fair trade, handcrafted, natural dyes
Products | Women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories
Size | From XS to XL (up to EU 44 / US 12 / UK 16)
Style | Unique statement tops & sweaters
Price | $$


As a zero-waste fashion trailblazer, Tonlé is changing the way we look at how our garments are made.

It uses reclaimed fabric to create stunning handwoven clothing and even uses tiny scraps to make handmade paper for the tags.

The Tonlé team in Phnom Penh is paid well, goes on retreats, and works in a supportive environment where the members are trained and have the opportunity to rise into management positions.

Plus, Tonlé uses natural dyes, which are safer for the team and those who wear these stunning garments.

45. Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically made, living wages, gives back, working towards sustainability
Products | Women’s apparel, outerwear, sleepwear, underwear
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Timeless, feminine classics
Price | $$$–$$$$


For the quintessential California-inspired style, we choose Jenni Kayne.

This apparel and lifestyle giant works stunning silhouettes, timeless classics, and cozy layers for a sustainable wardrobe.

Ethically made (and locally sourced whenever possible), the Jenni Kayne team is also working towards becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly over the next two years.

Plus, it gives back to organizations like Baby2Baby and the NRDC – so you’re investing in both high-quality and positive social impact.

We love its take on merino wool, cotton, linen, and cashmere for the luxury fashionista.

46. Monsoon

Monsoon sustainable clothing

From | London, UK
Values | Fairtrade apparel, ethical practices, eco-friendly & energy-efficient, cruelty-free, give back
Products | Women’s & children’s apparel, wedding collections
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Fairtrade occasionwear
Price | $–$$$


If, like us, you’re always scrambling to find ethical pieces for celebrating occasions in your life, look no further than Monsoon.

Based on the UK (but shipping worldwide), the company sells all kinds of made sustainably and ethically.

The modern bride offers everything from wedding dresses to shoes, and for friends and family, it has affordable bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring bearer options, too.

Getting your loved ones invested in ethical and fair trade clothing can be a family occasion.

47. Sotela

Sotela plus size sustainable clothing

From | California, USA
Values| Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Size | 0–30 From XS to 4XL (up to EU 50 / US 18 / UK 22)
Style | Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$–$$$$


As women, our bodies change and fluctuate every day; whether from bloating, losing weight, or pregnancy, the list goes on.

The team behind Sotela wants you to celebrate your body in any form.

Its line of body-positive women’s apparel uses flexible sizing so that your body can look relaxed and confident in any outfit, any day.

All of the apparel is made in-house in Sotela’s Los Angeles studio, utilizing eco-friendly fabrics whenever possible, and shipped to you in recycled packaging.

Made by women, for women, you’ll feel your best no matter the day.

48. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel ethical clothing

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style| Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$–$$$$


For casual closet staples like T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and more, Alternative Apparel focuses on using organic cotton and recycled materials.

The pieces have a worn-in, vintage look that’s timeless so they won’t go in and out of style.

Compared to other sustainable clothing brands this label uses sustainable packaging and low impact dyes, and it follows strict ethical standards for the factories it sources from.

And it’s not just for women: there are also styles for men and kids.

49. thredUP

thredUP second hand fashion

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$–$$$$


It’s not a clothing brand itself, but the website buys and sells women’s and kids used clothing that’s in like-new condition with lots of life left in it.

The budget-friendly retailer closely inspects secondhand garments before selling them, so you know you’re getting garments that are in great shape.

Buying used clothing is more sustainable than anything new, and on top of that, you’re getting top fashion brands for a fraction of the cost.

You can also send your unwanted clothing and the brand will either buy it or consign it for you.

Anything that it doesn’t accept gets repurposed or recycled.

50. H&M Conscious

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$–$$$$


Each item in the Conscious collection has an aspect that lessens its environmental impact, like organic cotton or recycled polyester.

The best part is that the styles start at just $10 so you don’t have to spend a fortune on sustainable fashion.

You can also recycle your unwanted clothing at H&M stores for a discount to buy something new.

Even if it’s torn up and can’t be re-worn, the brand makes sure the clothes are used for something else and won’t end up in a landfill.

The H&M Group parent company says overall it uses 57% recycled or sustainably sourced fibers, with a goal to reach 100% by 2030.

51. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway renting luxury fashion

From | California, USA
Values | Ethically made, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled packaging, inclusive sizing
Products | Women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear
Size | From XS to 3XL (up to EU 48 / US 16 / UK 20)
Style | Flexible & fitting apparel
Price | $$–$$$$


Not a sustainable clothing brand, and yet, this is a business worth mentioning.

From all sustainable clothing brands above, Rent the Runway has a unique status.

This brand lets you borrow clothing so you can save money (not to mention, you get to wear garments that may otherwise be unaffordable!).

But there’s also a big sustainability component to this closet sharing platform: renting clothing allows each garment to get the most possible use during its lifecycle, and it helps you buy less as a consumer.

There are several options for renting, including one-time rentals for special occasions or monthly memberships where you can constantly swap out items in your wardrobe.

If you are interested in sustainable evening gowns, work clothes, or ethical athleisure wear, check out their membership and rent from any category.

Fast-Fashion Vs Slow Fashion

While “fast fashion” describes clothing cheaply made and intended for short-term use, “sustainable” (or “ethical”) fashion is the opposite and is sometimes even referred to as “slow fashion.”

Slow fashion brands take into account the entire lifecycle of the product, from the design, sourcing, production, and even shopping processes.

Moreover, slow fashion brands look at everyone and everything affected: from the environment to the workers and communities where garments are produced, to the consumers who buy them.

It is a complex issue and there isn’t one brand capable of tackling everything.

Yet, right now there are five main issues being addressed by the sustainable clothing brands engaged in slow fashion:

1. Water usage

The demands for freshwater for drinking and agriculture is far surpassing what’s available.

Yes, the Earth is covered in water, but most of it is unusable saltwater or polluted.

As a result, some brands are now looking at the supply chains to see how they can cut back on how much water they’re using.

2. Hazardous chemicals

Dyes and finishes from the production processes are dangerous for the workers, plus they get into the community water sources.

These chemicals may not affect consumers, but they’re a problem for the people making clothes and those who live in those areas.

Fashion and outdoor brands are coming up with new ways to address dyes and finishes for wrinkle-resistance and water-repellency features.

3. Short lifecycle

Stores are constantly launching new designs, and consumers are regularly updating their wardrobes.

The biggest goal in sustainable fashion is to buy less and use things longer.

Aiming to make clothes last longer, closet-sharing platforms and brands promoting used clothing are booming fast.

4. Waste

On top of having a short lifecycle, there needs to be a way to create less trash by making products useful again once they’ve run their course.

One way is to repair garments (i.e., mending holes in jeans and replacing worn soles of shoes), while another opportunity comes from using upcycled materials.

5. Agriculture

Natural fibers like cotton are often grown using pesticides and treatments harmful to the farmers, workers, and wildlife in the area.

However, nowadays, brands can use organic cotton, linen, and other sustainable fibers, using less water than conventional growing methods.

Plus, brands are looking at being organic throughout the production process – not just the crop growing, which is only the first step.

What are the most sustainable fabrics?

Most sustainable clothing brands we’ve asked stated that the most sustainable fabric is the one that is already made and used.

Anything new – regardless of how sustainable is the material – hurts and depletes the environment.

Second next, as most sustainable are the fabrics made with recycled material.

Most commonly, you’ll find polyester made from recycled water bottles.

Just make sure you’re looking for specific details, like “100% recycled polyester” (some brands might market it as “made with partially recycled materials” when it’s only a small portion).

Lastly, fabrics made with sustainable fibers are better than conventional ones, like organic fibers that use fewer chemicals and water, or Tencel that’s safer for workers and has less waste.

Is sustainable fashion affordable?

Yes! Buying something used is more sustainable than anything new, so it’s automatically going to cost you less.

Shopping second hand is becoming a trend described by the fashion industry as ‘re-commerce.’

Sites like eBay, thredUP, and Poshmark make it easy to swap out your clothes, and sustainable clothing brands like Eileen Fisher and Patagonia are even selling pre-worn garments from their own labels.

Just be cautious that you don’t use the cost-savings as an excuse to buy more since that’ll take away from it being a sustainable purchase.

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