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What Occidental Men Can Learn From Indian Fashion (3 Tips)

With unparalleled styles, striking colours, and artisanal cuts, Indian men fashion is a unique world, waiting to be discovered.

In recent years, the number of Indian designers gaining image and recognition on the global stage is on the rise.

One reason for such surge in popularity is that, in the U.S. alone, the Indian population has grown by more than 50% in the last ten years.

The increase means opportunities to share, not just rich cultural traditions, but also novel fashion styles, such as those by Nihal Fashions.

In this article, I’ll share three trends booming right now, and how Indian fashion can help.

Bold Colours

Bold colours are becoming ‘all the rage’ in western fashion for men right now.

However, in India, the bold colours trend (for men) has been the norm for millennia now.

The choice for bold colour outfits makes sense right now (in this social, political, and pandemic context) as bright colours will make you look inviting and warm.

Now, if you’re unsure what colours to wear or how to mix them, always look to Indian fashion for inspiration.

With thousands of years in the ‘bold colours’ business for men, you know you can trust their taste.

Intricate Patterns

Another trend that’s booming right now in men’s fashion is the intricate, layered pattern style.

We see the trend copying from the Indian culture, known for its detailed and ornate patterns, present on all items, apparel including.

When you choose the patterns, make sure you choose them in conjunction with colours that pack a punch.

Choose colours, patterns, textiles, and ideally, share your vision with an Indian designer.

Most Indian designers are great at blending cultures and the Indo-Western outfits are a perfect example of that.

Sherwani Style

For further inspiration, you can always check out Sherwanis and their coin-shaped adornments, diamonds, and dots, along with masculine floral designs.

Sherwanis are the long jackets made from high-quality materials such as jacquard and silk.

While in the Indian culture Sherwanis are associated with formal events, you can always wear them in casual settings such as dinner gatherings or first dates.

Most Sherwanis are made in one solid colour and have simple accents on the cuffs, for a more casual look.

However, the more stylish Sherwanis include blends of colours, ornaments, and brocade patterns.

There you have it, three tips from Indian fashion for all modern men out there.

Now, you can create and enjoy a quality wardrobe that shows off your personality and maybe, the love you have for Indian culture.