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Fashion Face Shield By Joe Doucet – Better Than Face Masks?

Following a successful prototype proposal earlier this April 2020, Joe Doucet has finally launched his fashion face shields.

During the early COVID-19 days and the mass rejection of face shields as too ugly to wear in public, Joe Doucet began to obsess over the question:

How do I encourage the mass adoption of an unwanted necessity?

The designer recognised the essential role personal protective equipment has amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Yet, to him, it was paramount that the wearer would not feel alien or awkward in the process.

With that in mind, he proposed a fashion face shield with integrated sunglasses.

Named ‘Vue Shield’ the line is aesthetically appealing and easy to wear, despite being fitted with lenses and arms.

The fashion face shield has a unique design that makes it practical, comfortable, and less intrusive on the wearer, when compared with industrial face shields.

My solution is less alien and intrusive on the wearer and the public than any typical face shield you can buy right now,” says the designer.

Moreover, Joe Doucet’s fashion face shield offers full face protection from droplets, sprays and splashes.

The designer’s face shield is available in men’s and women’s sunglass styles.

Also, there’s a unisex version available as well, with a clear-screen but at an affordable price of only 39 USD.

Part of this collection, the street fashion shields feature all-over UV protection and anti-fog coating.

The clear version is more office-ready and provides blue-light-blocking to protect your eyes from screen stress.

All fashion face shields are reusable and easy to clean and disinfect.

Moreover, each shield comes with its own carrying bag.

You can order Joe Doucet’s fashion face shield from his official website,

But, before you do, let’s see what science has to say:

Are face shields better than face masks?

Face Shield Vs Face Mask

While local UK and US authorities (NHS and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) advocate the use of cloth masks to stop the spread of COVID-19, laboratory testing suggests that:

“Cloth masks provide [ONLY] some filtration of virus-sized aerosol particles.

Similarly, the Journal of the American Medical Association led by Dr Eli Perencevich insists that face shields are critical.


Moreover, Perencevich insists that face shields help not just with slowing down the pandemic, but with waste reduction and social interaction problems.

“Face shields provide a better option in so many ways,”

Here are the advantages of face shields over face masks:

  • Endlessly reusable, no need to buy and discard after each use.
  • Easy cleaning with soap, water, and common disinfectants.
  • More comfortable and safer to wear than masks.
  • Form a barrier that keeps people from touching their faces.
  • Retain social distancing while allowing facial expressions visibility and lip movements for speech perception.

Back to Joe Doucet and his fashionable face shields: “I hope that by improving the industrial visor design I can foster a greater uptake of face shields uptake and help the world adjust to the ‘new normal’ that awaits us,” concluded the designer.


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Is this going to become the new normal?

A normal where people are allowed to go shopping, at the office, or access public transportation only if they wear – fashionable or not – face shields?

And, if this is going to be the new normal, are we going to see glasses companies shifting production to face-glasses shields?

Can stop thinking the soon we might queue up to buy the latest ‘RayBan – Supreme’ collaboration fashion face shield.’

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