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7 Ethical Clothing Brands That Won’t Break Your Bank (Affordable 2020)

Looking for ethical clothing brands that are of high quality and yet, affordable? Look no more!

Most ethical fashion brands will deliver quality apparel, however, at a higher price tag.

But, I am here to help so I’ve put together 7 of the most ethical clothing brands might now.

These brands will give you that super ethical look and style, but, without breaking the bank.

So, to all ethical fashionistas out there keen on melding style and social justice, here are 7 of the most affordable ethical clothing brands of 20202.

And, to make your choice a bit easier, I’ve added some insights about these brands, and mention some of their noteworthy ethical clothes.

1. Pact

Pact creates ethical clothing for women, men, children, and babies.

In fact, Pact is covering a significant portion of the ethical fashion market.

The brand’s offerings range from hoodies and sweatshirts to socks and sleepwear, all made from organic cotton grown.

Moreover, the brand’s ethical clothes are made in factories with fair working conditions and wages.

Noteworthy items from Pact include super-soft wrap dresses and underwear.

So if you’re looking for an ethical clothing label for the entire family, this is the one for you.

Affordable prices and high-quality ethical clothing makes any PACT buy a steal.

2. Everlane

I love Everlane for its ethically made clothes, designed with a quirky twist.

Whether it is an unexpected flare in an A-line silhouette or box cut tees in stunning colors, Everlane will always impress.

The brand caters to both women and men, but my favorite products are their footwear for women.

For example, I find the brand’s iconic day-heels as the most comfortable pumps.

Denim and corduroys are also among Everlane’s most fashionable wears.

And, there’s plenty more from this ethical clothing brand, such as tees made of organic cotton, dresses from ethical silk, and jackets from recycled polyester.

And if you like your denim ethically made, Everlane might have some of the best skinny cuts, ideal for all leg sizes.

3. ThredUP

This ethical clothing brand is in fact an online thrift store.

Thrifting is considered the most ethical way of shopping right now.

So, if you are looking to toss everything out of your closet and refill it with the latest styles, this is the most affordable and ethical way.

The company features well-known ethical clothing brands so you know you’ll purchase authentic organic apparel.

Shop ThredUp and you’ll find amazing outerwear, handbags, and dresses, at up to 90% markdown.

4. Able

Able is an ethical clothing brand built on the philosophy that to end poverty, economic opportunities must be granted to people.

In particular to women, to make them more independent.

I love this ethical clothing brand for its stylish and quality apparel designed to make dressing easier for people with a disability, restricted movement, or limited finger dexterity.

Their awesome bags and the wardrobe essentials such as basics and denim are manufactured at various locations across the globe by women, working in safe and comfortable conditions, paid fair wages.

5. Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo is dislodging fast fashion, one pajama or sweater at a time.

The brand’s organic cardigans are extra soft and neatly designed, dyed in earth-friendly solutions, and can be hand washed.

Fair Indigo dresses and sweaters are also excellent choices if you’re looking for ethical clothes made from sustainable materials.

My favorite from Fair Indigo is their collection of T-shirts.

I also recommend their long sleeve V-neck shirt and sweatshirt tunic with reassuring pouch pockets to ethical fashion lovers from all over the world.

6. Eileen Fisher

New York-based Eileen Fisher spins all of its ethical clothing from organic cotton and sustainably produced linen.

So much so, that each creation is a feast of sublime textures, found in the brand’s broad range of tops, tunics, and pieces of denim.

If you’re still not convinced that Eileen Fisher is the best ethical clothing brand for you, give it a try.

You’ll be amazed to find a substantial tangible difference between this brand, and any others you have at home.

In particular, check the feel of the brand’s velvet A-line skirt, made of viscose silk.

Oh, let’s not forget its high collar jacket, made of pure cotton, also out of this world.

7. Cuyana

Cuyana is one of a few ethical clothing brands that use skilled craftsmen from the United States, South America, Europe, and the Far East.

Most of Cuyana’s products are made from ethical silk but some of their products really stand out.

Try their collar shirts with lace-detailed cuffs or wrap blouses suitable for work and informal outings.

I also recommend their sweaters, and cardigans from recycled cashmere, you’ll wear them comfort and pride.

Finally, the brand’s ‘Lean Closet Initiative’ encourages customers to donate used clothes, to be upcycled or donated to people in need.

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Final Words

2020 was not an easy year, with incomes shrinking and people trying to save rather than splurge.

That’s why, ethical clothing brands, equally fashionable and affordable are key right now.

Also, by choosing to buy from an ethical clothing brand you invest in the future of the planet as well!