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Top 5 Things No One Told You About Your Luxury Smartwatch


Top 5 Things No One Told You About Your Luxury Smartwatch – As the influence of technology on the luxury market continues to grow, it has become impossible to dismiss the potential of wearable technology and pretend that wearables are nothing but a gimmick. As wearable technology is gaining more adopters amongst established luxury brands, the latest luxury smartwatches merge powerful functionalities with fascinating interfaces.

Recent development in nanotechnology and micro smart sensors have pushed the development of the luxury smartwatch out of the bulky and ostentatious gizmos, to a realm of fashionable and elegant accessories.

The luxury smartwatch has become a brilliant timepiece of connected technology adorned with expensive jewellery and precious stones.

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But, if you still have to join the luxury smartwatch bandwagon, we’ve compiled a list of the ‘top 5 things no one told you about the luxury smartwatch’. It is a simple yet effective list that we believe is going to be of great help in your decision to purchase a luxury smartwatch.

So let’s proceed, with some of the things nobody has told you before about the luxury smartwatch.

1. Luxury SmartWatch – Not as expensive as you think

As with any other luxury goods, when you shop at the top tier of luxury watches, the price-tags can be eye-watering.

You can spend thousands of dollars to millions on luxury watches and yet, when it comes to the luxury smartwatch, it is not the technology or the features that pump up the prices but the brand, the uniqueness of the devices as in how many there are in that limited edition and the materials that the watch is made of.

Luxury SmartWatch - Alpina

That’s why, if you’re interested in a luxury smartwatch to keep track of your daily exercise and monitor your heart rate, you won’t have to remortgage your home.

2. Luxury SmartWatch – Different operating systems

If you’re looking for connectivity between your smartphone and your luxury smartwatch you may have to set up camp with a particular software developer and their operating system.

Although smartphone compatibility isn’t as problematic as it has been in the past, most luxury smartwatches are using Android OS, and thus, are all compatible with Android smartphones, as well as the latest iOS.

Luxury SmartWatch Brietling

However, if you still believe that Apple Watch is a luxury smartwatch, before you buy it, bear in mind that it is still compatible only with the iPhone.

3. Luxury SmartWatch – Promote healthier living

While most of us are aware that most wearables can keep track of our daily caloric intake and body movement to ensure that we’re not spending too much time on our backsides, very few know that a luxury smartwatch can also monitor all aspects of our fitness, and health as well.

If you’re in training or have put some serious effort into your New Year’s resolution of getting in better shape, you don’t have to compromise on your style as your luxury smartwatch can monitor your progress and even suggest areas in which you can improve.

In addition to tracking movement and monitoring your heart rate, most luxury smartwatches have custom-made branded apps designed to track and improve the quality of your sleep.

It may sound excessive, but watching your sleep can help you better understand your habits during the night and adjust your routine to get a better night’s rest.

Luxury SmartWatch LVMH

4. Luxury SmartWatch – Carry less stuff with you

As a society, we’re edging towards a convenient, minimalist approach to what we have to carry with us every day, or when we travel. For that, with a luxury smartwatch, you’ll be able to keep up with the latest news, social media, and reply to calls and messages, as their capabilities continue to expand.

Luxury SmartWatch Mont Blanc

Contactless payment can be set up, allowing you to make quick payments for essential items when you’re on the go. Besides, you can add reward cards, tickets for events, and even travel passes to your digital wallet.

5. Luxury SmartWatch – A Must-have fashion accessory

While originating as gadgetry developed by tech leaders such as Apple, Google, Samsung and so on, the luxury segment has taken wearable technology to their hearts.

The first smartwatch parts were oversized and, unattractive, but as the tech has downsized and luxury brads got involved, we’re starting to see far more contemporary interpretations of these devices.

A huge plus for the luxury smartwatch as a fashion accessory is its innate adaptability. You can use whatever material bands you want, in various styles and colours, while displays and backgrounds can be customised with one touch.

Such a high level of personalisation is only made possible by the advantages of wearable technology.

Luxury SmartWatch Tag Heuer

There’s at least one luxury smartwatch style on the market right now, able to match every consumer demographic, so it looks like luxury smartwatches have achieved the status of fashion statements are here to stay.

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Irrespective of why you’re interested in exchanging your traditional timepiece for a luxury smartwatch, rest assured that they’re no longer considered as being devices that extract money from the nerdy shoppers.

Modern luxury smartwatches have become fashion statements that compliment your life with convenience, practicality, and luxurious style.

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