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Brits Lockdown Behaviour Shows Surge In Donations And Online Shopping

New research on Brits lockdown behaviour reveals what the British consumers have splashed on since the lockdown began.

Over one third (37%) of Brits head online more often, for retail therapy than before the COVID-19 crisis.

As such, grocery shopping takes the top spot with 40% of shoppers ordering online since lockdown began.

Vast Majority Of Brits Think Buying Non-Essential Items Online Is Acceptable

Source: YouGov, 20-21 April 2020

The study on Brits lockdown behaviour shows the DIY and home furniture items are ordered by more than a third with 34%, as the country takes the opportunity to give their homes a ‘glow-up’.

Other non-essential items are also seeing a rise in online sales as fashion and beauty items are ordered by 29%. That’s almost one in three shoppers.

Whilst staying at home is essential to help fight the virus and support the NHS, bored Brits are turning to computer games and reading as forms of entertainment.

Tech and gaming items are ordered by 25% – that’s one in four, and books and magazines are ordered by 20% – that’s one in five customers.

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Contrastingly a quarter of consumers (25%) are taking the lockdown as an opportunity to save, revealing they are spending less during the pandemic.

Regionally, 39% of Londoners have purchased non-essential products more frequently online during the lockdown.

Whereas less than one third (31%) of those in the Midlands have increased their spending online.

Joel Kempson, a personal finance expert at Money said:

As life under lockdown becomes the new normal for the majority of the UK, it’s interesting to see how shopping and spending habits have changed.

And that’s true. More practical shoppers are seeing COVID-19 as an opportunity to invest in their homes.

Others, buy new items to help fight the boredom of isolation.

Three In Ten Brits Have Bought Fashion And Beauty During The Lockdown

Source: YouGov, 20-21 April 2020

Three in ten Brits buying clothes or beauty products during COVID-19 lockdown.

The nation is splashing the cash online in a bid to keep busy despite the confines of coronavirus restrictions.

It’s also great to see that almost one in four of those surveyed are taking the opportunity to save money. Having cash in the bank or paying off existing debts can really help reduce money-related worries.

As the heroic frontline workers continue to inspire the nation in their fundraising efforts, data shows that charitable Brits have headed online to do their bit again.

Searches for NHS T-shirts – buy to donate – have been soaring by 3,750% in the last 30 days.


Brits Lockdown Behaviour – Quick Recap

  • 37% of consumers say they are shopping more frequently online than pre-lockdown.
  • Grocery shopping takes the top spot with 40% ordering food online.
  • Stay-at-home Brits give their homes a glow up as over a third (34%) spend on DIY and home furnishing.
  • Fashion and Beauty shopping rises with 29% of shoppers now ordering online and 27% have bought medicine and healthcare products online.
  • A quarter of bored Brits upgrade their tech and gaming kit, while fifth ordered books and magazines to get through the lockdown.
  • One in four say they are taking the opportunity to save during COVID-19 restrictions.

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