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Top 5 ‘Working From Home’ Fashion Tasks To Do Right Now

In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, everybody’s self-isolating and it’s the best time for some ‘Working From Home’ fashion tasks!

Some, like me, see this enforced lockdown as an excellent ‘me time’.

A rare opportunity to hone new styles, start curating existing outfits, and even engage in experimenting from the safety of their own home, without the fear of being judged by others.

To help you out, we’ve put together five simple ways to get the most out of this COVID-19 fashion lockdown time.

Working-From-Home – Be Yourself Again

Leggings are in fashion again, as you’ve probably seen at Chanel Cruise show.

High-waisted and completely opaque styles are Parisian’s chic way of wearing them.

In these times, when no ones’ watching, cosy leggings shall become the ultimate working-from-home uniform.

And, for a more enhanced effect, make sure you pair them with plenty of accessories and a cropped jeans jacket.

Experiment With New Colours

The Covid19 pandemic brings the perfect time to experiment with new colour combinations.

Never in love with yellow? That’s ok.

But now, you have the chance to give it a second try and see why it didn’t work for you in the past.

Actually, you might find that your old habits no longer apply.

Also, if you own an all-black wardrobe, this is the time to open up all-new sartorial avenues. It is the time to challenge yourself to try as many rainbow shades as you can, of course, in the comfort of your own home.

Working-From-Home – Shoe Tim

This applies very to me as well. I am sure that just like me, you also have so many unworn shoes at home.

That’s because we keep buying, but never have the time to go round breaking them in.

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So here’s what to do:

First, get a thick pair of socks and put your new shoes on.

Then, as you take short trips to the fridge and bathroom, or as you sit tapping away at your makeshift office desk, your shoes will soften up.

So what’s the benefit of doing this?

Well, when the time comes for you to return to the office, hopefully after three weeks – Boris, you hear me?!! – you can do it in your brand new, favourite, and finally very comfortable shoes.

Styling Tricks for Weeks

This time at home is excellent to start experimenting with fashion accessories you never dare wearing.

Have you always dreamed of wearing a trending bandana but never dared to do so?

Or, how about wearing a hairband all day or heavy, chandelier-like earrings?

There’s no better time than this to get used to the new, more courageous you.

Working-From-Home – Styling For A Cause

Get to the bottom of your wardrobe and pull out all those old outfits that have not seen the light for years. Upcycled fashion is trendy right now, so go for it.

Start by mixing and matching the old favourites in new, unusual combinations.

For example, you can team up your favourite casual gangsta’ hoodie with a fun skirt. Or, mix an old jumper with a pair of distressed jeans.

The possibilities are endless. But, most importantly, you save on your heating bill and your wallet and the planet. Especially now, when a change is so much needed.

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