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This Is How You Prepare For The Holiday Season In Lockdown + 8 Tips

Christmas, aka Festive, aka Holiday season is just around the corner.

But, in 2020, the year of COVID 19, preps are a bit different than usual.

Below, I have gathered ten tips on how to prepare best for an equally safe and enjoyable festive season this year.

So, let’s dig into it!

How Different Is The Holiday Season 2020?

The spread of COVID 19 and the wave of fear have bounded many.

As a result, most events this year were celebrated with social distancing in mind, or indoors.

If past years were all about shopping and celebrating with loved ones, 2020 is ‘how to spend time, at home, without going mental’ – read, without losing enthusiasm.

Moreover, the rise in cases has put everyone in a state of confusion about how to celebrate safely.

So, how do you prepare for the holiday season this year?

How To Prepare Yourself For This Festive Season

Don’t create unrealistic expectations.

Remind yourself of the global situation and plan accordingly.

1. Be Mentally Prepared

Teach your mind not to compare last years with this year’s celebrations.

You’re in a lockdown so think closer, think family rather than where to go and whom to meet.

2. Don’t Lose The Fun Factor

Yes, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, however, do not let that stop you from having fun.

Embark on DIY themes and decorations.

Wear trendy LED luminous status masks, animal-printed gloves, and anything that can excite you in this festive season.

Finally, set off fireworks on New Year’s eve or fill up the sky looks with self-burnt lanterns.

3. Dress To Impress

After all, it’s celebration time, so having a stunning dress is mandatory.

However, instead of buying a new dress, you could try to use old stuff and stitch a new outfit from it.

If that’s not an option, check online for a holiday season costume party.

Get dressed, take some great photos, post on social media, and let the world know how you rejoiced 2020 holiday season, at home, with your family.

4. Movies Seasons

How can we not talk about movies when celebrating events at home?

Seasons’ movies are a perfect entrainment source and thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions going down; it is time to get yourself one if you don’t have.

Then, make a list of best movies on these platforms, and divide them on days of the festive season for fun.

5. Decorate Indoor

No celebration is complete without decoration, not even during COVID 19.

So, spruce up your home for the festive season and add all the elements which you wanted to enjoy with friends.

Install fancy lights, Santa Claus, and of course, the Christmas Tree.

For once, relish the moments with your loved ones and second, it looks great on your zoom calls with your friends.

6. Prepare Home-Made Food

Christmas-time cooking should be the motto of 2020 celebrations.

Get your hands on different recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Practice recipe variations to make your kid’s holiday season memorable and delightful.

Preparing delicious food at home will make you and your loved ones forget the desire for restaurant-food.

7. Send Gifts To Friends

This is a rare chance to show your love for others and ignite some long-lost emotions.

Check online retailers that are selling seasonal items and become a Santa through the mail.

Set up a budget, buy heart-warming gifts and send them to your loved ones.

Add the present a little message such as: “No matter where you are, my love and feelings are with you.”

8. Donate

No matter what, don’t use social distancing as an excuse not to do your part, this year,

Donate! Donate money, food, or clothes to those that need them the most.

Make a list of things you want to donate, pack them up in individual wrappers, and gift them to charities or even people around you that might need them.

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