Fashion Face Shields – The Adoption Of An Unwanted Necessity

Bruce Knox

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Face shields are entering the realm of fashion following the spread of COVID-19.

The pandemic has already affected our day to day activities dramatically.

From working at home to virtual schooling, COVID-19 has left its marks on the way we interact socially.

fashion face shield Joe Douce

There is still a long way to mass immunisation.

Officials repeatedly claim that vaccination will not be available before 12 to 18 months.

Therefore, the adoption of new forms of social distancing and personal protection is paramount.

Face Shield Vs Face Masks

Despite the boom of surgical style face masks, recent research by WHO suggests that face shields or visors can be much more efficient in protecting from the virus.

fashion face shield Joe Douce

However, the adoption of visors (face shields) sees a huge aesthetic barrier.

Face shields are bulky, uncomfortable and ugly. At least until now.

COVID-19 Fashion Face Shield

How to encourage mass adoption of an unwanted necessity?

Joe Doucet obsession with this question has led him to design a highly fashionable face shield.

fashion face shield Joe Douce

While recognising the essential role personal protective equipment has amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the designer insists it should not feel alien or awkward on the wearer either.

As such, his proposal for a face shield with integrated sunglass lenses is aesthetically appealing.

His ‘fashion face shield’ looks outstanding and it feels more comfortable than the industrial face shields available right now.

Less alien and intrusive on the wearer than a typical face shield would,” says the designer.

Moreover, the protection comes with an anti-fog coating to ensure it won’t get covered by steam while in use.

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New Normal

Now, regardless of how appealing the new solution might seem, the question remains. Are we going to experience, post COV ID-19, a new normal?

A normal where people no longer shake hands?

Where you’ll be allowed to go shopping, on business meetings, access public transportation only if you wear a – fashionable or not – face shield?

And, if this is going to be the new normal, are we going to see glasses companies shifting production to face-glasses shields?

Imagine the hype of buying yourself the latest ‘RayBan Wayfarer Face Shield.’

The times we’re living in…

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