Sona Connected Bracelet – Train Your Brain To Deal With Stress

Caeden is a maker of connected jewellery, and Sona Connected Bracelet is their latest release.

It seems that there is no limit to what the wearable tech can bring. Mix tech with fashion and you’ll find a new wave of consumers ready to give it a try. We might be wrong but here is everything you need to know.

Not Another Tracker From Misfit Or Jawbone

Sona Connected Bracelet bracelet aims to help you relax and improve your overall wellness. Don’t compare Sona Connected Bracelet with a tracker from Misfit or Jawbone.

The idea here is to assist you to obtain overall mind and body wellbeing rather than counting steps to improve your fitness.

Conform to Caeden, Sona Connected Bracelet can monitor subtle changes in your heart rate and let you know when you are stressed or tired. Nothing new here, Microsoft Band 2 does this too.

Still, there is a difference. Microsoft band will only report on your mood.

Sona Connected Bracelet – Design And Features

The bracelet is meant to add to your lifestyle and not push you to reach new limits at the gym.

In the making of the bracelet, Caeden went for a mix of leather and metal. The bracelet sports a simple design and it has no screen.

The bracelet will offer you a few style options that you can pick from. You can go for either black or white leather, and combine that with the rose gold, gold, or gunmetal finish of the body.

The power behind Sona Connected bracelet is the companion app. The app will walk you through a set of breathing exercises as part of a meditation program.

The program is called Resonance, and it is compatible with the HealthKit from Apple.

Sona Connected Bracelet – Battery Life

sona connected bracelet what's in the box

Inside the body of the bracelet is hiding a small 80mAh battery that will last for about four days if the HR sensor is kept on. If you disable the HR sensor, you can increase the battery life.

Sona can sync with your phone using Bluetooth. At the moment, the app is only for iOS with Apple HealthKit integration.

The company advised that an Android version with Google Fit will be available in the store before Xmas.

Sona Connected Bracelet – Price And Availability

sona connected gunmetal

The Sona bracelet will go on sale for just about $200. But, if you cannot wait until it hits the shelves, even better.

Caeden has a pre-order deal for you. Order now from their website a Sona of your choice, plus an extra silicone band and, a nightstand dock. All for just $129.

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