Android Wear Complete Guide

Android Wear The Complete Guide: Part III – The Best Android Wear Faces

Android Wear The Complete Guide: Part II – The Best Android Wear Faces

Make the most of your Android Wear watch with this scintillating collection of faces. They don’t just look good, they are also highly functional. In this list, we pick our favourite and best looking Android Wear Faces.

Golden Beauty

golden beauty

Price: Free

If you think fondly of traditional mechanical watches, the Golden Beauty will be one of your first Android Wear choices. It displays moving gears, you can change the colour of the face and even the hour indicators are removable. A true masterpiece for the modern age.

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Pujie Black

pujie black

Price: £0.97/$ 1.48

The customisation options available in the Pujie Black face mean that you can make it work exactly as you want it to. Whether you prefer an analog or digital screen, or you want a quick update on the current weather, you can do it all here with ease. It also looks great.

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Retro Rocket

retro rocket

Price: £0.64/$0.97

Your watch face does not have to be functional and serious. You can also have some fun and add personality to your Android Wear device using a face such as Retro Rocket. It is hard not to love the cartoon-styled graphics from the past, which work very well indeed.

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Ranger Military

ranger military

Price: £0.99/$1.51
If you have an adventurous spirit and travel a lot, the Ranger Military watch face will be the perfect Android Wear addition for you. It offers the ability to customise many facets to deliver the exact information you need all the time and also has a clever night mode.

You can also check current weather conditions and the minimum and maximum temperatures using this subtle dial. It cleverly looks like a standard dial on a normal watch face.

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Price: Free
If design is more important to you than accuracy, Spotlight may be the ideal watch face for you. It only uses one hand inside an oversized face to give you an approximation of the time, but it looks lovely and could be just right for your needs. It’s also very different.

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70s watchface

70s watchface

Price: Free

The Seventies is not always looked upon positively when it comes to fashion, but watches from that time are very collectable and still look modern today. Maybe that’s why this watch face stands out for its superlative design. It really is gorgeous to look at.

The use of colours in this watch face is reminiscent of the Seventies, yet it still looks ultra-modern. Depending on your tastes, this is one of the best looking faces available. The day and date display fit the overall design perfectly and are a realistic addition, which is also extremely practical. What’s even better is that they will always be completely accurate.

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Scuba Diver


Price: Free
Dive watches have forever been popular and today they are still considered the pinnacle of watches for many people. This Android Wear face offers all of the readability of a traditional dive watch and is sure to make any watch look much more impressive throughout the day.

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Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant


Price: £0.59

Minimal & Elegant ensures that users are able to customise the watch as much as possible: AM/PM text, 24h mode, clock colour and periodic colour changing. This watch face is perfect for round watches – supports full shape and flat tire! Time, date and branding and background colours can be set to change depending on time of day. The background can be customised independent from rest of the colours.

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Skinny Love

skinny love

Price: £0.64/$0.98
There is something special about handwritten text and numbers on a digital interface and the Skinny Love watch face uses this method to great effect. You can choose from a couple of themes and also see the time and date easily at any time. It’s good fun and easy to use.

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Classic Watch Face for Wear

Classic Watch Face for Wear

Price: Free

Traditional watch faces are often only separated by tiny details that enthusiasts appreciate and the developer of this watch face understands that. It is classically beautiful and will look the part no matter where you take it. A case of less is definitely more here.

The second hand sweeps in real-time to add a classic touch to the display that only the wearer will probably notice. It highlights the care and attention put in to this face. Every part of the design is subtle; the only real customisations that can be made are to remove the wording from the face. This means it’ll always feel consistent.

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