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Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring – Critical Checklist for Men


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Looking for the perfect engagement ring? Here’s a simple but critical checklist for you. So you’ve just taken the most crucial decision of your life. The time has come to ask the woman of your dreams to tie the knot with you.

You can’t imagine spending your life without her, and now you want to seal the deal with an engagement ring but don’t know which one is right.

Worry no more; we’ve put together a simple checklist you can follow to find and buy the best engagement ring, and show your extraordinary lady how much she means to you.

Perfect Engagement Ring – Talk to Her Parents

How to asking partner's parents for permission

If you are going to follow tradition, sit down and talk with your girlfriend’s parents before you plan the big moment. Not only that it is a courtesy to let them know what your intentions are, but this is also your chance to find more about what your future wife likes.

It’s a good idea to include them in this milestone in your life. Once you get married, her parents will be your family too. But, before you tell them your intentions, get them to swear secrecy. You don’t want anyone to ruin the surprise.

Perfect Engagement Ring You Can Afford

Affordable engagement rings

First and foremost, before you decide on the engagement ring, make sure you don’t put yourself in an unnecessary financial burden. If you have money set aside, make sure you set a maximum amount that will work for you.

If you plan on financing your choice in rings, make sure you get a monthly payment that will fit your budget. You don’t want to pay monthly rates on your engagement ring for the rest of your life. Pick a ring that complements her persona examine your girlfriend’s style.

Does she wear much jewellery? When she wears ornaments, does she like to go big or keep it simple? In some cases, less is more. If your girlfriend has made a point of telling you she would like a small engagement ring, respect her wishes.

On the other hand, start looking for something that will make a splash if she loves to make a statement with everything she wears. Pay attention to other pieces of jewellery that she wears.

Perfect Engagement Ring – Size does Matter

How to choose the right engagement ring

Don’t get caught up about the size of the stone that you forget about the size of the ring. If you have the chance, get a hold of one of her other rings. Take it with you to the jewellery store to get the size of it.

If that’s not possible, ask for her ring size the next time you are window shopping at a jewellery stand. Or, even better, ask one of her best friends to lend a hand if you are out of luck.

Don’t Pick the First One You See

Choose the right engagement ring

Once you know how much you are willing to spend, and you have an idea of the style she wants, the journey to pick the right one amongst an ocean of bridal engagement rings begins.

Don’t be hasty and take the first one that catches your eye. Browse through the store. Ask for the rings that might be her favourites to be taken out of the case so you can inspect, check the weight, and see how it feels on your hand.

Picture how the ring would look on her finger. Go to several jewellers and compare all possible options: price, size, colour, style, and so on. Word of advice: you’ll find that there is a wide variety of settings for an equally wide range of diamonds.

You also have many options when it comes to the shape and colour of the diamond itself. She might prefer a teardrop shape, a round stone, or a heart-shaped diamond. When it comes to colour, coloured diamonds are growing in popularity as she might not want to go with a traditional diamond in white.

Take Insurance on Your Investment

Perfect Engagement Ring

Once you have chosen the ring that matches your bride-to-be, make sure you buy insurance on it. You have just made a considerable investment for your future. It is not unusual when rings become lost or damaged, so you must be covered.

You can go for a company that deals explicitly with insurance for jewellery, or you can add that ring to your homeowner’s insurance.

You’ll need to keep copies of your receipt to present to your insurance broker.

You should ask for an appraisal of the ring when you purchase it in the event your insurance broker requests it.

Perfect Time & Place to Ask the Big Question

How to propose

If you’ve got this far, you’re doing great but bear in mind; this last step is as important as choosing the ring. Now, you need to plan how and where you are going to pop the big question. Think about what she loves to do most.

You could take her away on the weekend, or just out of town. If you still have money left, choose a place abroad, as a weekend city trip. Think of what could be your ideal opportunity to propose to her.

Don’t ruin it now at the end. You want her to remember the moment you asked her to be your partner to last for the rest of her life. Good luck!

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