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DietSensor SCiO – Check Your Meal Calories


DietSensor SCiO – Check your meal calories with a click of a button.
If you are mad about your fitness, I am sure you would love to know how many carbs and calories are on your plate. You might say that this sounds like Sci-Fi but you would be wrong. This time, I have some good news for you. Come on, let’s be honest. I always bring you good news.

I’ve just found this new device that can reveal the nutritional value of your meal. It can tell you a lot about your food. And you know what? The way it does it is even better. It gets the caloric content by scanning the chemical makeup of your food. How nice is that?

The French startup DietSensor launched at CES 2016 a pocket-sized, Bluetooth-connected molecular sensor called SCiO.

DietSensor SCiO – How Does It Work?

DietSensor SCiO how does it work
You don’t have to cut out your food to get the results. The DietSensor SCiO device uses spectrometry for chemical analysis. In this case, the device is analysing how the unique molecules of food affect the light.

Just hold it at about 2 cm distance from your food. Once there, the sensor starts comparing the near-infrared signature with all the patterns stored in the cloud. When found, it then sends the info to your phone via Bluetooth and creates a food log in your DietSensor app. Yes, there is an app too.

DietSensor SCiO – What Does It Read?

The DietSensor SCiO can recognise almost anything. Calories, proteins, fat, carbs and even alcohol. However, we found out that every once in a while, you might have to store a meal or two yourself. Nothing unusual. It just happens that there are some foods that the sensor does not recognize.

When that is the case, the DietSensor’s app comes to your rescue. Just scan the barcode, or enter it yourself. The DietSensor app holds more than 700.000 different type of foods from 50 countries.

On top of that, the app can also motivate you to achieve your nutrition goals with smart notifications and rewards. Pretty cool huh?

DietSensor SCiO – The Downside.

DietSensor SCiO price and release date
You cannot deny that the concept is impressive. However, there is much work and polishing needed. At this stage, the device is far from perfect. There are a few downsides I am going to detail below.

At this time, the scanner can only read from the uniform foods, such as bread, chicken, crackers, cheese or cereals. As an example, the DietSensor SciO is unable to determine the nutrition of a Bounty bar. At least for the time being. Expect things to change fast and soon.

Another negative is the price. At this point, the DietSensor SCiO is quite expensive. The little food scanner is going to cost you $249. More than that, the DietSensor app includes a monthly subscription of $20. Thus, to gain full benefit from this device, in the end, the total cost for a year would be close to $500.

If you are happy with the price, you can order your DietSensor SCiO, starting September 2016 from here. And hey, enjoy your food.

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