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Become A Sustainable Fashion Expert – The Most Powerful 6 ‘R’s


How to become a sustainable fashion expert. So you’re increasingly aware of the problems we are all facing in fashion at the moment. More waste, more pollution, animal extinction, poverty, child labour, and we can go on like this for hours.

Finally, you said enough is enough and want to know how you can help and support the change for a cleaner industry and a better world. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place, at the right time, ready to learn about the powerful meaning behind the letter R, in the case of sustainable fashion.

What follows is our interpretations of the key 6 R’s of sustainable fashion and how mastering them, it will make you a force admired even by the most dedicated and conscious fashion lovers: Research, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, and Recycle.

Recycled denim fashion style

1. Research, find, wear, and promote sustainable fashion brands

Research. We all buy new fashion garments from time to time. But, next time you do it take your time to research and compare, not only how the clothes look on you, or when compared to others, but also the materials used and the brand’s standards of production.

While most brands share relevant pieces of information on their garments or websites, be careful not to be greenwashed. Even better, you can always email us and ask for our experts to help with an extra opinion on the brands’ you’re researching. We’ve got your back!

Sustainable fashion styles to choose from

Sustainable fashion styles by Stella McCartney

2. Reduce your shopping to the necessities

This R is simple. Reduce as in try to buy less apparel. Not only you’ll have less clutter in your wardrobes, but you can also take much better care of it. I know it is harder to resist the impulse of buying a new t-shirt or a new pair of shoes if they look good and the price is low. ‘You need them’.

Sustainable fashion means high quality and timeless design

But if you put VALUE before PRICE in every purchase valuation, you’ll soon see your future fashion purchases as ‘investment’ for many years, rather than seasonal choices of fast-fashion. I’ll repeat that: INVESTMENTS.

3. Reuse the garments you already have.

Reuse. Following the ‘Reduce’ described above, if you choose fashion guided by VALUE, you’ll see your existing clothes as very precious. Soon you’ll learn how to look after them better, clean and protect them, to extend their life and enjoy them longer.

Sustainable fashion style for curve

And if you can’t conquer that wild desire of spending money, then buy VALUABLE second-hand garments. There are many online platforms for that, such as ThredUp, The Real Real, and Poshmark.

4. Repair what you can, when you can

Repair. Let’s say that some of your garments are too severely damaged and can’t be reused. Why don’t you try to repair it? In fact, if you put VALUE before PRICE, you’ll always try to fix that broken zipper, that missing button.

Master sustainable fashion by repairing your clothes

And if you’re not the type of handy person, why don’t you have a look online for local cobblers, tailors and take your business to them? They’ll love you for that, and you’ll have your loved apparel back to life, both in one shot. Don’t hesitate, do something good today.

5. Repurpose the old apparel into new goods

Repurpose. The internet is packed with fantastic ideas on how to use old leather, fabrics, and plastics to make pillowcases, necklaces, belts, totes, clutches, and even bags.

Not only that you’ll spend some quality time while getting creative with your old garments and shoes, but you’ll also end up with something new that still retains the memories of the old stuff. Trust me; you’ll love that.

Sustainable fashion with recycled denim style

6. Recycle what you no longer wear

Recycle. Granted, there are situations when you cannot repair your apparel or don’t feel like repurposing them. The soles are completely worn out, the fabric is no longer holding together, the time has come. And that’s fine. But, if that’s the case, you must form a habit of donating clothes.

become a sustainable fashion expert by recycling the clothes that you no longer use

It doesn’t matter how good their condition is because while the good condition ones are resold, there is a market to recycle even the most damaged ones. I hope you’ve enjoyed our interpretations of the key 6 R’s of sustainable fashion and to master them.

Also, would love to hear from you and your strategies to cope with the impulse buying of fast-fashion in the comments below.

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