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Amazon Echo – Meet Your New Family Member


The Bluetooth speakers are nothing new. It is true, you’ve seen them on the market for some time now. However, none of them received so much attention as the new Amazon Echo. Read more below if you want to know why.
About a year ago, Amazon launched a new “invite only” feed. It was somehow similar to the one started by the OnePlus One company and their mobile. Only that this time, it was for a new innovative product, called the Amazon Echo.
In just a few weeks we started to see celebrities and tech journalists mesmerised by the new Echo. Waves of positive feedback, even though at that time the device was still in the beta phase.
Months later and now the Amazon Echo is ready for the consumer market. Ready would not suffice; the price had to be great too. And it is a fantastic price. If you are considering the Echo, as a gift for the whole family, then this article will help you decide if the Amazon Echo is worth your hard earned money.

What Is Amazon Echo?

amazon echo wt vox
Good question. You can say that the Amazon Echo is a smart home device. It combines a Bluetooth speaker and a voice assistant. You can think of Cortana if you have a windows phone. Or, Siri on your iPhone.

Amazon Echo is a smart device that is always on. It is always connected to the internet via your Wi-Fi. A device with full access to Amazon’s cloud services. A smart device that can play your music selection on the go.
How? Well, just ask your Echo to play anything from your favorite cloud service. And then, just like magic, the music starts.
Not only that, but your Echo device can also answer any questions you throw at it. Ask about the weather forecast. The travel updates. What is the distance to the moon. The pound exchange rates. Just like that. You ask, Echo knows it.

What Can Amazon Echo Do?

amazon echo what can do
As you can see, Amazon Echo has lots of features, all of them being activated by voice.
To start, just say “Alexa” and the Echo will light up. The device shows it is ready to take your orders. Oh, yes. Alexa is the wake-up word for Amazon Echo.
The Echo smart device can also act as a digital voice assistant. Apart from answering your burning questions and playing music, it can also help with your daily tasks. Setting an alarm, searching the web, check emails, etc.
Speaking about music, the Echo is a great way to control your playlists. Search, play, pause, you can do everything. Except buying music, at least not for the time being.
However, the good news is, the Echo smart device is not just a “talking” music player.
More than that, Echo is always learning, adapting to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

Amazon Echo – Design And Features

amazon echo design
Another neat feature of the Echo is that is stores all the conversations and requests inside the app. The data you see on the app is not on your phone but the Amazon Cloud services. All your data lets the Echo learn about you and help you better.
How many times you’ve argued with your parents, girlfriend, friend about who said what? And when? No more arguments. Just play back the last five minutes. See who was right. Buy him a beer now.
The Echo also comes with an additional Bluetooth remote. You can use the remote for shuffling music or give voice commands. It is a good addon as it helps you order your Echo smart device from a longer distance without having to raise your voice.
And just like with all “too good to be true” devices, there’s always something that is not quite right. The same rule applies to the Echo.
Echo’s downside is the need to be plugged into a power socket. All the time. There is no battery option. Yes, you’re right. It means that you can’t use the Amazon Echo outside your home.
Amazon Echo - Design And Features

Amazon Echo – Price And Availability

If you can live with that, then this is a device you’ll love to have in your house. Your PA in your office. If you want to buy it, this is the right time.
The Echo is available for $179.99. Think about it. Most of the good quality Bluetooth speakers are in this price range. Amazon Echo is more than a Bluetooth speaker. It is a member of the family. It is a good price, and a real smart device to have. Right in time for the holiday season.
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