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How Zac Posen 3D Printed Dresses Took Over The 2019 Met Gala Event


Zac Posen 3d printed dresses took over the 2019 Met Gala event. Organised every year by the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, the Met Gala has become one of the most extravagant thematic ways of raising funds.

This year’s theme was ‘camp’, in homage to Susan Sontag’s 1964 ‘Notes on Camp‘essay.

In the book, Susan describes ‘camp’ as a distinct aesthetic phenomenon, expressed by one’s love for unreal, hype, or the spirit of extravagance.

Camp note on fashion

A this year’s star-studded Met event, the show was stolen by Zac Posen 3d printed dresses. The designer has unveiled some of the ‘campest’ 3D printed gowns the world has ever seen, worn by Katie Holmes, Julia Garner, Nina Dobrev, Jourdan Dunn, and Deepika Padukone.

But where did all this 3D printed fashion came from? For a while, it appeared that the world of fashion put aside the idea of 3D printing high-end couture.

However, behind closed doors, designers and experts were working do design advanced tools and innovative materials to take fashion to the next level; and Zac’s creations are some of the best examples.

Zac Posen 3d printed fashion at Met Gala

“We tried plastics, polymers, polyamides and all kinds of different materials, seeking to learn what was, and what wasn’t possible. The answer is, almost everything is possible,” said Posen.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

Nina Dobrev 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

However, it wasn’t easy. For example, Nina Dobrev’s custom 3D printed bustier took 200 hours of stereolithographic printing, wet hand sanding, and finished with a clear coat of spray to give it a translucent and glossy appearance.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

Katie Holmes 3d printed neckless at Met Gala 2019

Katie Holmes’s custom-made gown made of 300 yards of hand-sewn coloured tulle has a 3D printed collar accessory in the shape of palm leaves which took Posen 56 hours to print.

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Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

Jourdan Dunn’s gown in the shape of a rose required the 3D printing of 37 petals and the attachment of each of them to an elaborate wearable cage. Dunn’s gown alone took over 1,100 hours of printing and finishing.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

Deepika Padukone’s metallic pink lurex jacquard dress includes 408 custom 3D printed pieces, which Posen put together to look like embroidery in a process that took over 160 hours only to print.

Julia Garner

Julia Garner 3d printed dress at Met Gala 2019

Julia Garner’s 3D printed headpiece resembles a vine that includes leaf and berry embellishments and took 22 hours to print.

“It wasn’t easy. But, revealing each piece to the girls was something magical. The excitement on their faces made up for all of the hard work I’ve put in,” said the designer.

We’ve always said that 3D printing has a huge role in the future of fashion and finally, Zac has shown the world just that. It allows customisation, precision, and scale that cannot be created by hand.

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3D printing will enable innovative fashion designers to push the boundaries of fashion and construct elements unable to achieve in the past, in a new period of fashion designs.

The Met Gala has now come to an end. However, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art will open an exhibition on the ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ theme for the general public starting with the 9th of May so don’t miss it!

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