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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Everything You Need To Know


The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is a fitness tracker from Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company. It is the second version of the Xiaomi Mi Band tracker that took the wearable world by storm. A real success, that sold more than 10 million units to date.
Thanks to the first Xiaomi Mi Band the Chinese company is now the second largest wearables manufacturer in the world with a 29.9% market share. That’s why the new Xiaomi Mi Band 1S get us so excited.

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IP67 – Dust and Water resistant
Connectivity – Low Power Bluetooth 4.0
Battery – Li-Po 45 mAh
Compatibility – Android and iOS
Dimensions – 37 x 13.6 x 9.9 mm
Weight  – 5.5 gr
Sensors – HR, accelerometer

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Design

xiaomi mi band 1s design and specs
Although, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S looks similar to the previous version, the new model brings new features. The Mi Band 1S dimensions are 37mm x 13.6mm x 9.9 mm. The weight is 5.5 gr.
New to the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is the optical HR sensor (heart rate), “hidden” under the metallic case. In fact, the case is made from durable, scratch-resistant aluminium.
xiaomi mi band 1s design 3
The straps are this time made from thermoplastic elastomer made by Dow Corning. Conform to the manufacturer, TPSIV material is UV resistant, antibacterial and anti-allergic. It feels smooth and silky as the previous version felt a bit plasticky at times.
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Just like the previous model, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S does not have a screen. You’ll need your smartphone connected to your bracelet in order to have access to your data. The new Mi Band 1S will connect via a low energy Bluetooth with both, iOS and Android phones.
xiaomi mi band 1s design and specs3
It also comes with the IP67 rating. The rating means that the bracelet is dust and water resistant. You can go for a shower and even a 30 min swim without the fear of damaging the tracker.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Features

xiaomi mi band 1s app
Like the previous model the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S will record the daily activities like distance, travelled, steps taken, burned, etc. This time, you can also share your fitness data with your friends via social media. Facebook, QQ, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. are all compatible.
One key feature ported from the previous model to the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is the “unlock your phone” feature. It works like this. You grant once access to your bracelet from the app on your phone. Then, each time you get close enough to your phone the Mi Band 1S will unlock it for you. How nice is that?
xiaomi mi band 1s design and specs2
The bracelet also helps with missed calls and reminders. If you, take no action, like send a reply SMS or call back, the bracelet will remind you by vibration and flashing lights.

This feature is very useful in noisy environments or if your phone is in your bag and you can’t hear it. Dinner, clubbing, your friends and family will be able to contact no matter where you are. No more excuses here.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Connectivity And Battery

mi band 1s mi phone
The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S can connect to any Android handset running Android 4.4 or above and Apple’s iOS 8 and above. The pairing is possible, thanks to the DA14580 Bluetooth 4.0 LE and the Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app. The app allows you to sync your fitness and health data, from the band to your phone.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S draws its power from a 45mAh battery that will last for thirty days on a full charge without the HR on or, ten days with the heart sensor on extensive usage.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Price and Availability

Mi Band 1S - Price and Availability
The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S goes on sale starting tomorrow, the 11th of November 2015. The Mi Band 1S has the same price the first version had when released to the markets, and that was $15 (99 Yuan). The $15 price makes the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S a top tracker price quality wise.
Xiaomi said that they’ll continue to sell their first-gen of Mi Band, alongside the Mi Band 1S. If you do not have a fitness tracker yet this is the right time.
Thanks to the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S that goes on sale tomorrow, the price of the first-gen Mi Band fitness tracker dropped to just $10. Come on people, let’s get active.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – Conclusion

Mi Band 1S - Conclusion
The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S has no screen. You’ll rely on the LED lights to check how far you’ve reached your fitness goal for that day or if any notifications are waiting.
You might say that this not the most prominent way of communication but that’s the idea. To stop you from checking on another screen every 2 minutes.
Xiaomi Mi Band 1S outshines the competition that asks ten times the price for the same features. The new Mi Band 1S is an excellent-value, lightweight fitness band with great battery life.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is accurate as any other “big-name” fitness tracker, does what the competition does, and all for just $15.

Mi Band 1S – Gallery


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  1. Avatar

    Pete Scoffield

    12th November 2015

    The band looks pretty nice, I saw you can already pre-order it on geekbuying.

  2. looks like a great one, again from Mi. the last one Mi Band was excellent and this one should be much better

  3. I saw a review on YouTube that said that it doesnt have a constant HR function, that it just allows the user to check it when he gives the order (like any other HR app in a smartphone with flash camera). Is that true? Because I bought it and now I am regreting not buying the old one. Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

  4. The LED is white only. I used the colors to tell if my buzzing was a text, phone or Facebook post. Not anymore. Now I can check my heart rate… On demand only. I’m switching back.

    • They stopped selling the multi coloured versions for both which is a shame. I too used to identify the notifications by the colours. That is a big let off!

  5. Avatar

    Lalit Mohan Kushwah

    20th January 2016

    Could you please let me know that which date it is going to get release so that i could buy it in india.

  6. Got mine last week, does the job…here in India, got it at Zorook