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Move Away Veja, Womsh’s Italian Vegan & Eco Friendly Trainers Are Here!


Move away Veja, Womsh’s Italian vegan & eco-friendly trainers are here! Womsh, an Italian company has launched a Fila-inspired brand new range of vegan sneakers made from apple leather. Yes, ‘you’ve heard it right, ‘leather’ from apples!

Launched in 2011 by Gianni Dalla Mora, whose parents have worked in the world of footwear retail all their lives, Womsh has become popular in the last two years thanks to its Italian-made eco-friendly trainers that have a zero environmental impact.

Apple Fibre – A Plant-based Leather Alternative

Womsh vegan trainers

Keeping up with the eco-friendly image, Womsh’s latest line of the sneakers are made with apple fibre by Frumat, a company that makes plant-based leather alternatives.

Frumat has reached notoriety in the world of fashion after winning the ‘Technology and Innovation Award’ at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards last year, in Milan.

The brand’s plant-based leather alternatives have fascinated the judges which declared that Frumat’s materials are of “impressive quality and appeal that can replace with success animal leather.”

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Vegan and Eco-friendly Trainers!

Womsh vegan sneakers

In this new line of eco-friendly trainers, Womsh is using Frumat’s apple leather made from the cores and the skins of industrially discarded apples.

In the manufacturing process, Frumat combines apple residues into a paste, which is then mixed with Polyurethane. The final product looks even better than animal leather, flexible, shiny, durable and can be cut into any size, form, shape, reducing waste and pollution.

The brand’s choice for vegan leather was justified by the material’s unique qualities when compared with animal leather; it is fully waterproof, with better insulating capabilities and a higher level of breathability.

Womsh vegan eco friendly trainers

The decision is further supported up by a Womsh’s spokesman, who stated that the brand’s new line of eco-friendly trainers from vegan leather was created with the aim of engaging not only with eco-friendly consumers but also lovers of true cruelty-free apparel.

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Moreover, for the time when the brand’s eco-friendly trainers have reached the end of life, the Italian company has a unique recycling program in place.

Womsh vegan eco friendly trainers Womsh eco friendly trainers

As the trainers are fully recyclable, the company aspires to have them back and reuse them in anti-slip and anti-fall flooring for playgrounds.

For that, to ensure the products are reaching the recycling lines, the brand has put in place an original plan: If the owners of Womsh’s eco friendly trainers email the company to return their worn out footwear to their nearest store, they’ll receive a 10€ discount voucher that contributes towards a new pair of eco friendly trainers made from vegan leather.

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