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Withings Go – A Capable And Cheap Fitness Tracker


Withings Go – A Capable And Cheap Fitness Tracker.
Withings has spent the last two years trying to convince the wealthy fitness consumers to buy its high-end range of Activite watches. The feedback was mixed. Just like the sales, and the results.
Now, at the beginning of 2016, the company is turning its attention towards the low-end crowd, by launching a cheap fitness tracker, called “The Withings Go.”

Withings Go – Design And Features

withings go design and features
Straight away you’ll notice that the new Withings Go comes with an E-Ink screen. Unlike its rival Fitbit Zip, which features an LCD, the E-ink display on the Go seems like a good idea. Its value is two-fold: it is great for the battery life, and, it is always on.

More than that, unlike the $20 Xiaomi Mi Band and the $30 Misfit Flash, the new “Go” owners won’t lose their devices on a regular basis. That’s thanks to a built-in clip that lets you attach the unit to a keychain or belt loop.
If needed, you can wear the Withings Go as a watch as well, thanks to the rubber strap that is going to keep the device safe, around your wrist.
Withings go next to an iphone
Just like all Withings fitness trackers, the new Go can differentiate between walking, running and swimming. Yes, the new “Go” is waterproof too.
If you want to stay in control of your sleep, you can also wear the “Go” during the night. The new unit can track your sleeping patterns, and all the collected data is then, used by the “Health Mate” companion app for better insights.

Withings Go – Battery And Price

The Withings Go features a regular cell battery. The same battery you’ll find inside devices like the Misfit Shine. Moreover, just like Misfit, the new Go does not need charging. Just swap the old battery with a new one and you are good to go. You’ll have “battery juice” for another six months or so.
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The Withings Go is going to have a price tag of $69. We also love the fact that it comes in five colors that let you match it with your fitness outfits. Black, green, yellow, red and blue.
If you cannot wait until the end of March to buy the new “Go” fitness tracker, then click on the button below and get the Fitbit Zip tracker. Same features and $10 cheaper.

Withings Go – Gallery

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