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Withings Activite Pop Review – Classic Fashion In Smartwatches


Withings Activite Pop – Everything you need to know.
Withings Activite Pop was a surprise debut at CES 2015. It follows the high-end Withings Activite watch, revealed a few weeks earlier. Interesting to notice is that the old Activite watch is three times more expensive than the new Pop.
That’s despite identical features. The materials used are different but I’ll follow up with more details on that.
What is the Withings Activite Pop? It is a watch, with tech inside. An accelerometer for step-counting and sleep-tracking. A Bluetooth to sync with your phone. A vibration alarm to wake you up.
The watch is also waterproof. Suitable for swimming or taking showers. And, it has an eight-month replaceable battery. What more can you ask for?
Withings activite pop smartwatch red-colour-on-display

Withings Activite Pop Review – Vs. Withings Activite

Back to my comparison between the first Activite watch and the new Pop watch. The first Activite watch is a Swiss made device. It has a sapphire crystal, a strap from calf leather and the body is from stainless-steel. But, the price reflects the quality. It will cost you $450 in the U.S. and £320 in the U.K.
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On the other hand, the new Withings Activite Pop has the same features. Yes, there is a step down in material quality but you wouldn’t notice. Still, it will save you $300. That means you will pay just $150 in the U.S. and £120 in the U.K.
It still vibrates, tracks fitness, can be worn in the water, and does not need charging. Well, it does need you to replace the battery every year or so. The downside? It is not made in Switzerland. Bet you’re broken hearted. Just like me.
For a $300 savings, I am happy with the “step-down.” I know you are too.

Withings Activite Pop Review – Design And Specs

Withings activite pop smartwatch -blue-colour-on-display
Indeed, it is a regular watch but with a “smart heart.” It looks fashionable and this is a trend we expect to see spreading across major watch brands by the end of 2015. Put more fashion in the smart watches. Right now, Withings Activite Pop is my number one watch. My daily driver.
The new watch looks classic and you can’t tell that the Withings Activite Pop is smart. That is the subtle beauty of the watch. My friends say that this new watch looks nice, that the design is sharp. And they all ask. “Did you give up on smartwatches?”

The new Withings Activite Pop has a silicon strap and it comes in 3 colours. Blue, black and white.
I mentioned before that there are some “step-downs” from the high-end Activity watch.

withings-activite-the-original-with-saphire-screen is the most expensive watch from withings to date

The original Withings was designed in Locle, within the Swiss watchmakers valley. In the pic above you see the with the white face model with a blue accents and metallic hands.

One. The Withings Activite Pop retained the stainless steel body of “its posh brother” but the case is now covered by a coloured, matte texture. Not a big fan of it to be honest.
Two. The hour and the minute hands are covered with paint this time. One the first watch, they are metallic and shiny. Maybe it is because the “arms” are made of plastic?
Three. The mineral glass is not as clear as the sapphire glass of the premium watch version. I am sure your eye won’t spot the difference. It is the scratching that gets me worried.
Still, the price of the new Withings Activite Pop is great. To me, that makes all the difference. Also, the Withings Activite Pop feels like a more casual watch this time. You can wear it at work in a suit, but also when you go out for a drink with your friends.
It looks great when you are casually dressed, in jeans and converse shoes for example.

Withings Activite Pop Review – Software And Features

Withings activite pop smartwatch-on-display-in-London
The new Withings Activite Pop syncs via Bluetooth with an iPhone. At this moment, the watch does not work with Android. We expect that to be fixed soon as the Withings Health Mate app is already available on google play store. Update, both watches are now Android compatible.
The Health Mate app works with connected scales and blood pressure monitors. Also, it works third party apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper, too.
The Pop’s battery life has enough juice for eight months. I had the watch for three weeks now so I had no way of verifying this. Right now, the Withings app does not indicate the battery life remaining on the Pop.
If the company’s estimate is correct, it means that you won’t need to worry about charging. Not for weeks, not for months.
Withings activite pop smartwatch - view from the back

Withings Activite Pop Review – Conclusion

I am sure there are more advanced fitness trackers than the Withings Activite Pop on the market. But, the new watch from Withings points to where the future of regular watches is going.
This is the type of easy-to-use watch the new wearables should aspire to be. If you are interested in a classic watch, with a bit of basic fitness tracking to your wrist, look no further. Withings Activite Pop is the watch for you.
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    Chris Bousfield

    14 August 2015

    I love it both the blue one on amazon and it is the first and definitely not the last wearable I buy