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Vegan Stylist – Best Vegan Shoes & Bag To Match With Your Altiir Golden Jacket


Vegan stylist – best vegan shoes & bag to match with your Altiir golden jacket. There’s no secret that we love pure vegan fashion brands here at WTVOX. By pure vegan, I mean brands that do not mix animal with vegan products in their offerings.

In particular, we cherish vegan fashion labels that are using natural and biodegradable materials that protect and nurture the environment rather than polluting and destroying it.

Altiir, an Italian fashion brand, is one of the best examples of pure vegan fashion. All of their creations are made from innovative materials and absolute pieces of art, especially the golden jacket made from Pinatex vegan leather. An absolute steal.

Altiir vegan leather jacket

The problem is, because of the uniqueness of the materials and meanings (cruelty-free), I’ve never found the right pair of vegan shoes, equally bold and eye-catching, to match my jacket with. But finally, those dream shoes have arrived.

Nature Footwear, a small Danish fashion brand, has just launched its latest vegan collection. Made from pineapple leaf fibres, these sustainable, cruelty-free, and 100 per cent natural shoes are the latest craze in the vegan community.

And guess what? This collection has just the golden vegan sneakers I’ve been searching for so long.

Nature Footwear’s vegan leather collection includes other interesting designs such as ‘paprika’, off-white shades, and metallic silver colours. All from Pinatex, a pineapple-based ‘leather’ made from sustainably sourced discarded pineapple leaves.

The Danish brand aims to make every part of their manufacturing process as sustainable as possible. Their ultimate goal is to protect the planet. And if not for their shoes, for their aim alone, which aligns with mine, I’d have chosen them over all other brands I know.

Moreover, for a complete outfit match, I had to have a similar bag and guess what I’ve found! Found Kinley, a French-made bucket bag with an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you wear it on the shoulder or elbow.

Made by Camille, another pure vegan fashion brand from France, this bag is also golden and made from Pinatex.

So if you also are a vegan that wants to look stylish, my advise to you is to match your Altiir jacket with Nature Footwear’s trainers, and the bag from Camille.

I promise you, the combo looks thunder. Keep your eyes on this page; I am going to post some exclusive pics soon!

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