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6 Types Of Vegan Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet


Types of vegan shoes every woman should have. Regardless if you’re a newcomer to the cruelty-free fashion landscape or a total vegan shoe fashionista, you’ll love our top 6 types of vegan shoes that every woman you should have in her wardrobe. Why? Because compassion is the most demanded fashion trend this year.

That’s why we’ve put together a selection of vegan shoes designed to cover all your needs, from the cold winter months to the scorching days of summer.

Here’s a list with every vegan shoe style you need, to keep you ready for work, fun, and gym:

1. Vegan Slingbacks

vegan Slingbacks

The versatility of Slingbacks makes them equally appropriate for office work or a wild downtown night out with your friends.

Our favouring vegan slingbacks are the hand embroidered with a blissful red flower, vegan slingbacks from Rungg.

Called Blooming Bliss, these amazing vegan slingbacks are easy to slide right on in the hot summer days and designed to add a graceful touch to your feet.

Order your Blooming Bliss Slingbacks by Rungg from here.

2. Knee-High Vegan Leather Boots

Knee-High Vegan Leather Boots

These tall vegan boots are the must-have staple if you wear jeans in the winter and sundresses in the spring.

Our favs are the knee-high boots by H&M, with gently rounded toes, and covered block heels designed to provide year-round cosiness

Order your knee-high boots by H&M from here.

3. Vegan Summer Sneakers

Vegan Summer Reebok Sneakers

If you are into dancing, biking, running, or working out at the gym, these pink sneakers from Reebok are the ones for you.

Highly comfortable, these vegan athletic kicks are the definite must-have for any active woman wardrobe.

These vegan shoes go great with a sporty hat and training apparel but also with a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Order your pink Reebok vegan sneakers from here.

4. Vegan Wedge Sandals

Vegan Wedge Sandals

There are times when you have to keep the balance between style and comfort, especially in the hot summer days at the office. For that, we’ve selected the Hot Zone vegan wedge sandal from CL by Laundry.

Designed in a textured metallic style with a thick ankle strap, these hot Hot Zone wedge sandal from CL by Laundry are the best choice for warm weather days.

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If you are keen on maintaining a lush style while making sure your feet thank you for choosing such comfortable shoes, then these block-heel sandals are the ones for you.

Order your vegan wedge sandal by CL Laundry from here.

5. Vegan Oxford Brogues

Vegan Oxford Brogues

Oxford brogues for women are at the pinnacle of vegan sophistication, and nobody does them better than Will’s Vegan Store.

Made from Italian vegan leather which is plants and organic bio-oil based, these vegan Oxford brogues are fully decked out with the traditional brogue trim.

Our fav colour is tan as it details on the intricate stitching superbly so if you’re into the more casual office style, these shoes are for you.

Order your vegan Oxford brogues by Will’s Vegan Store from here.

6. Vegan Leather Stilettos

Vegan Leather Stilettos

Every woman needs a pair of vegan stiletto heels, no matter what.

Our favourite vegan leather stilettos come from the Brighton-based vegan footwear brand Beyond Skin.

These beauties have pointed toes, a breathable vegan leather lining made from recycled materials, close to 10 cm heels and are handmade in Spain.

Order your vegan leather stilettos from here.

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