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Vegan Leather Jacket By Altiir – Statement Piece For Your Conscious Luxury Style


Vegan leather jacket for conscious luxury consumers. Inspired by a utopian vision of living in nature and made from the best leather alternative available to date, Altiir tends to inspire a revolution in the modern fashion world. To bring positive action into luxury and fashion, Altiir employs innovative technology and sustainable textiles to create luxury garments with excellent quality, aesthetic design and polysensuality.

In this line, the brand’s first collection presents neo-classic biker jackets engineered with Pinãtex, an innovative, eco-friendly natural textile made from pineapple leaf.

Vegan leather jacket - Altiir pinatex neo-classic black biker with organic cotton detachable black collar

Vegan Leather Jacket From Pinatex

The leaves used in the production of Pinãtex textile are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and their use not only reduces the negative environmental impact of fashion products but also creates an additional income for farming communities.

Vegan leather jacket - Pinatex gold altiir jacket

The unique process of the Piñatex’s production gives this textile a leather-like appearance and unique characteristics such as its softness, flexibility and high durability.

The Future Luxury

Altiir’s first collection is a glimpse of the future of luxury in which natural colours combines a remarkable pineapple alternative to animal leather with a unique and unconventional texture.

Vegan leather jacket - Altiir pinatex neo-classic silver biker
More than that, This unique collection shows that the tools exist for luxury to divorce from its superfluousness nature and embark on a new era of positive luxury.

Vegan leather jacket - Altiir pinatex neo-classic black bikerVegan leather jacket - Altiir pinatex neo-classic brown biker with organic cotton detachable white collar
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