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Under Armour Band And HealthBox – Top Fitness Platform


Under Armour Band And HealthBox Platform Revealed. You have to love the mergers in tech these days. The consumers are the winners here. Better devices, more options, new tech. Under Armour and HTC have revealed at CES, last week, a fitness ecosystem called HealthBox. The new “gadget” is, in fact, a mix of three new devices: a fitness tracker, a heart-rate sensor and, a smart scale. If you remember, earlier this year, Under Armour announced plans for a new GPS-equipped fitness tracker, made in collaboration with HTC. The new device was expected to ship sometime this year.

That smart tracker, called the Grip, was never released. Instead, the Grip was used as the base for a new wristband. It is known as the Under Armour Band and here is everything you need to know about the new UA Band.

Under Armour Band – Design And Specs

under armour band design and specs
At first glance, the Under Armour Band looks a lot like the Nike FuelBand, with its curved form and, the single physical button. Yes, you could say that the Under Armour Band is quite simple when compared with most premium fitness trackers.

However, the strength of this device lies not in its design but the Under Armour’s range of health and fitness apps. Under Armour has spent the last couple of years creating and buying popular software apps. MyFitnessPal or Endomondo are two that come to mind. With over 157 million users, across all of its apps, the Under Armour has now a large ecosystem for fitness fans.
under armour data app
We all agree that the software is excellent. However, if you check the Under Armour Band specs, you’ll find that it does not have a built-in GPS. Considering Under Armour is targeting runners and fitness enthusiasts with its new Band, the lack of GPS is a significant letdown.
However, not everything is bad about the new Band. On the good side, the Under Armour Band has a wrist-based heart rate sensor, featuring an all-day heart rate monitoring.

Besides the daily activity and sleep, the Under Armour can also track different workouts like running, cycling or weightlifting. If needed, more workouts can be added via the UA Record app. The “Record” app is also where all your data is saved.

Under Armour Band – Battery Life And Price

under armour band price and battery life
The Under Armour Band battery works between five and seven days on a single charge. A good battery life that is on the same par with Fitbit Charge HR and the Jawbone UP3.

If everything goes to plan, expect the new Band to go shipping in March this year.
The UA Band is available as a part of Under Armour HealthBox, priced at $400. However, if you want just the fitness band, you’ll have to fork out $180.

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    5th May 2016

    Unfortunately the sensor is not any better than those on the market – so why switch?