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Tree-Free Sweater – Fully Sustainable Fashion Apparel Made By Nanollose


Tree-Free Sweater – A major leap step towards sustainable fashion. Nanollose, an Australian-based biotech company, introduced its first sweater made from “tree-free” rayon fibre, an innovative textile produced from natural cellulose extracted from coconut by-products.

As a sustainable alternative to cotton and bamboo made textiles, the Tree-Free Sweater is the first type of garment with the potential to decouple the fashion industry from the use of environmentally harmful materials and processes.

And that achievement alone, as in ending the use of traditional fabrics made from cotton and rayon, and the use of earth-polluting chemicals is a massive success in its own.

We have successfully taken [coconut] waste and created a new type of garments, according to the existing industrial manufacturing methods. Our fibres are spun into yarn and made into fabrics, then manufactured into garments by using existing industrial equipment. It validates our entire process.

Alfie Germano, Nanollose Managing Director

The production of nanollose begins by allowing microbes to ferment liquid waste products into cellulose naturally. The result of the fermentation is a cotton-like material that is later converted into Nullarbor fibre and then used to create the Tree-Free Sweater.

In comparison to cotton, the production of nanollose requires little land, water or energy.

Moreover, the production cycle is only 18 days, compared to the eight months seen in the cotton production so the future of fashion depends on consumers’ acceptance of the Tree-Free Sweater and we very much hope that it will kick off.

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