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Top 5 Most Amazing Vegan Sneakers For Any Budget, Anytime


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Top 5 most amazing vegan sneakers For Any Budget. The number of shoe labels that offer vegan products is on the rise. Sadly these brands are still including in their lineups products made with animal skin, and in some cases, wool.

Now, some argue that the use of wool is excellent. But, if you go on youtube and see how they remove the wool from sheep, on an industrial scale, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

That’s why in this post we want to give a special shout out some of the most amazing 100% vegan brands out there. Moreover, I’ll introduce you to some of their amazing vegan sneakers that I’m sure you’ll love.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 of the most amazing vegan sneakers you can buy right now:

1. Ontems

ontems vegan sneakers

I love the philosophy behind this brand. Started as an independent, made by hand in small quantities, these amazing vegan sneakers are made from eco-friendly, honest materials of no animal origin.

The sneakers have an elegant silhouette with flowing, cohesive lines and are designed to deliver comfort to your feet.

But the reason to exist is what makes me love them. Their website states:

‘As reported recently in an article in the Scientific American, “Recycling plastic is to saving the Earth what hammering a nail is to halting a falling skyscraper.”

By incorporating recycled plastics, the brand feared they’re only prolonging the use of harmful plastics before they either go back into the landfill or ended up in the ocean as microplastics. So, they’ve started over by selecting natural materials that nurture the planet.

Ontems has only two amazing vegan sneakers in their collection, and my favourite is the 87 Sea Salt.


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Our classic 87 sneakers on sale now!⚡️🤫 #ontems PC @wearitslow

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2. Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin vegan sneakers

These pioneers within the footwear industry have been long showing that cruelty-free and luxury are working hand in hand.

The brand has a cruelty-free philosophy as their belief in safeguarding the future, to protect the planet for generations to come and to have respect for the environment, people and all animals.

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Now, my fav from Beyond Skin is not a pair of sneakers but, as the summer is coming I need a pair of pumps, and these vegan Hendrix Black Mock Crock pumps are absolutely amazing.


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And a more responsible alternative to fast fashion. #beyondskin #slowfashion #sustainablefashion

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3. Unstitched Utilities

Unstitched Utilities Vegan Sneakers

This company makes some of the most amazing vegan sneakers I’ve seen in a long time. But what’s amazes me is not only their unique look but also the price. Made from a proprietary material called Tyvek, these shoes will make you stand apart!

Tyvek is a flash spun high-density polyethene fibre that is water resistant, highly breathable, extremely durable and very lightweight. Tyvek is vegan-friendly and sustainable, as it is a recyclable material as well.

My favourite is their Cosmo Quilted, and you can buy them from here.


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Working out in these babies next looked so good:

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4. NAK (No Animal Killed)

NAK vegan sneakers

NAK believes that how a shoe is made is just as important as how it looks. Artisans make Their amazing vegan sneakers in Italy, with traditional hand-made processes and cruelty-free materials and minimal environmental impact.

My favourite pair of sneakers from NAK is Sarah Sneaker in bright navy blue. The sneakers feature a unique white platform which gives a touch of style to the most casual outfits; these are some of the most casual-chic sneakers you can find right now!

5. Hammerhead Threads

Hammerhead vegan sneakers

Hammerhead sharks amazing creatures and very hard to spot, much like stylish and genuine cruelty-free sneakers. This brand searches the world to source the best ethical and environmentally friendly products.

The brand has lots of amazing sneakers, but my favourite pair has to be the Pegasus Winged High Top!

100% cruelty-free sneakers with biodegradable soles made from grass, these shoes are coming from the future.

And, the style is matching the materials to perfection. Love them!

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