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Top 5 Reasons Why Vegan Fashion Is Taking Over


Vegan fashion is taking over. Cruelty-free apparel, accessories and cosmetics are taking over. Once laughed at as a short-lived fad, animal free fashion has become not just fashionable but mainstream.

Following the trend, leading luxury labels are catching up and test the market with capsule releases without animal leather, wool, silk, fur, angora, mohair, or other exotic skins.

Chanel cruelty-free collection

Innovations in plant-based and eco-friendly materials, paired with raised consumer awareness are the driving engines behind the change in the fashion industry.

Here the top 5 reasons why vegan fashion is taking over the industry.

1. Growing Consumer Awareness

Vegan fashion demanded by the young generation

If the initial demand for vegan food and fashion was perceived as protests of ‘millennial hippies’, veganism has quickly become a way of contemporary living.

More ‘conscious choices’ resonate with a fast-growing part of consumers, largely Millennials and Gen Zs who question accountability and do not shy away from challenging the fashion industry and its ethics

2. Technological Innovations

Spider silk shoes as a vegan alternative

Latest technological developments are allowing us to reuse an increasing range of previously non-recyclable materials.

Also, the development of innovative materials is on the rise; from lab-made leather to spider silk, and from hemp-based fur coats to handbags from banana peels and shoe soles from chewing gum.

3. Policy Changes

Towards vegan fashion - banning fur in LA

What started as animal fur interdiction following an argument between organisers, banning fur and more recently exotic skins, has gradually taken over cities and fashion weeks across the world.

Leading the way are Los Angeles and San Francisco for already becoming fur-free cities, but New York is moving fast, finalising the legislation seeking to ban fur sales as well.

4. Banning Plastic

Ban Plastic in fashion apparel and accessories

Last year several key retailers and e-commerce companies decided to ban apparel and accessories that contain plastics from their offerings.

The move forced fashion manufacturers to embark on sustainable developments such as recycling plastics, reuse textiles, and even invest in startups designing materials from plant-based alternatives.

5. Media Goes Vegan

Vegan fashion week

While most global fashion giants residing in the US, UK, France, and Germany are already investing heavily in the vegan market, not much is known without the help of media.

However, the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week has made its debut in Los Angeles this February. Open to the general public the event was a total success gathering emerging fashion designers and social media influencers from all over the world.

The cruelty-free lifestyle is associated with healthier and more considerate choices for the self and the environment, as reflected across various industries such as food, fashion, and beauty.

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