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Top 5 Gender Neutral Fashion Designers You Should Know About


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Top 5 gender neutral fashion designers, you should know about. Not too long ago, there was a clear distinction between male and female fashion styles. However, over the last few years, the line has started to fade away, and some attribute such a ‘dramatic’ shift in the way we perceive fashion.

Partly influenced by the new generation that seeks to avoid being identified by their gender, fashion has no option but to follow and here we have unisex, agender, gender fluid, or gender neutral fashion labels taking over the world.

The times when you walk into a clothing shop and get to see women models dressed in the usual feminine pink and purple colours in one section and grey shirts with superhero designs lined up in the male part are starting to fade away.

If you crave for more than the conventional male/female fashion trend, you might as well check out these designers of gender neutral fashion.

1. Nicopanda Gender Neutral Fashion

Nicopanda Gender Neutral Fashion Collection

Nicola Formichetta, the founder of the New York-based Nicopanda, has grown her iconic brand to unexpected popularity for a casual wear brand.

Nicopanda Gender Neutral Clothing

Nicopanda’s gender neutral fashion designs stand out through characteristically vivid hoodies and beautiful tulle dresses.


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Where should we take over next💖🌎🤔

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More recently, Nicopanda has added classic suites and colourful prints to their SS19 collection.

2. Chelsea Bravo

Chelsea Bravo Sustainable Fashion

Chelsea Bravo was born in Brooklyn New York, but she’s now a London-based designer.

While initially, she began designing menswear only, in time, she gradually eased into the gender neutral fashion world.

Chelsea Bravo Gender Neutral fashion collection

Her unique designs put the focus on the body’s motions and its fluidity within the clothing.

Also, by making use of natural materials such as organic cotton and hemp, Chelsea Bravo creates beautiful garments that seemly bridge the gap of stylish with sustainable and mindful fashion.

3. ZED Seattle

ZED Gender Neutral Clothing

Zed is a Seattle-based gender neutral fashion clothing label founded by the designer Ty Ziskis. Just like Chelsea Bravo, Zed started off with the male gender in view.

However, with growing experience and understanding of the changes in global fashion trend, the brand has decided to create couture that attracts not only men but also women fashion lovers as well.

ZED gender neutral luxury fashion

For Zed, a good design doesn’t have to be complicated; ‘simplicity can be beautiful as well’.

This designer believes that gender doesn’t have to be defined by clothing, and that’s why his collections are ideal for any human being, on any occasion.

4. I And Me Gender Neutral Collection

I AND ME Gender Neutral Fashion

Jessica Gebhart was in the fashion industry for over 10 years before she decided to give a shot at starting up her own label.

I AND ME Gender Neutral Collection

Back in 2015, Gebhart has created her first collection of premium denim, eco-friendly and carrying for the world around them, animals, people, and the environment.


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‘I AND ME has always been about organic growth. The values of the brand and the slow pace that we work to allow us to be creative and take time to source the right product in the right way. It’s about reaching new customers who share and understand our process.’ . Creative Director Jess chats to @thetrampery about the philosophy behind each collection and how we are striving to make a positive change within the industry, product by product. . You can read the full interview online through the link in our bio and book an appointment at our East London showroom shop in via [email protected] 🌱♻️ . 📸 Marc Sethi #IANDMELondon | #SustainableDenim | #SlowFashion | #IANDMEStudios

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But more than anything, I and Me label puts the accent on inclusivity and equality in fashion.

The brand’s recent creations focus on gender neutral styles and how to make this world a better place through compassion fashion.

5. One DNA Gender Neutral Fashion

ONE DNA Minimalist fashion collection

With the lead designer based in New York, a city that supports the gender-fluid movement, ‘One DNA’ has become the leading house of free forms and styles of neutral fashion.

Then, when getting unisex clothing seemed like a tough task, One DNA came to the rescue by breaking the gender barrier fashion styles.

ONE DNA Gender Neutral Fashion

The basics of the label lie in an ideal of gender neutral fashion, beautifully reflected in all clothing lines of beautiful apparels suitable for all types of body sizes and shapes.

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  1. Quick question, hope you can help… But first, thanks for the article, excellent source of new designers I am going to follow and even try. Back to my question, do you know of any gender-free designers from Pakistan, please? Many thanks, looking fwd to your reply.