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Top 10 Vegan Fashion Retailers – A Change In Consumers’ Needs?


Some of the biggest vegan fashion retailers, or at least trying to be. The number of people looking to live a cruelty-free life is on the rise. The transition to a plant-based diet and the removal of animal-based apparel is easier than ever before.

Last year saw the veganism movement grow 500%, granted, mostly food related. However, as consumer’s awareness is rising, we see a fast shift from vegan diets to sustainable, plant-based vegan wardrobes.

Vegan Fashion Demand On The Rise

vegan fashion on the rise

According to PETA, the largest organisation in the world marching for animal rights, at the beginning of this year there were over 90 fully vegan fashion retailers and retailers providing to vegan consumers of fashion.

H&M, ASOS, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Marc & Spencers, and Macy’s, are among the top vegan fashion retailers pushing for a change in the industry by having vegan apparel and accessories in their online and offline offerings.

“What people ask us the most is ‘why opt for environmentally damaging and cruelty soaked apparel when you finally have an alternative?'” said a PETA spokesman, adding that “Smart fashion retailers understand that a shift is taking place and are moving fast to cater to consumers’ changing demands.”

Vegan Fashion Retailers

ASOS vegan fashion collection

Here is our selection of top 10 vegan fashion retailers, extracted from PETA’s released list:

2. Saks Fifth Avenue
3. H&M
4. Macy’s
6. Zara
7. Urban Outfitters
8. Topshop
9. Nasty Gal
10. Nordstrom

These global fashion retailers have offered animal-free products in the past, however, with very little marketing or advertising towards the origin of the materials.

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Cruelty-free Is The New Fashion

Cruelty-free fashion

Now, as ‘cruelty-free‘ is becoming one of the most sought values of the new segment of fashion lovers, these companies are fast-marking out their offering as vegan-friendly.

Long-established high-fashion houses and designers who in the past completely disregarded animal abuse are dropping leather and fur in droves, opting for more innovative and sustainable replacements, reportedly to align their systems with consumers’ preferences.

The truth is, the shoppers have spoken: ‘Cruelty-free is the new fashion!’

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