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TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch – Everything You Need To Know


TAG Heuer Connected – Limited Edition

TAG Heuer made a Fashion Tech statement, today at the LVMH Tower in New York City, with the launch of its TAG Heuer Connected Android Watch. We have all the news for you, from specs to strap colours and from price to availability.
Check out the official TAG Heuer Connected video and read the latest news below.

TAG Heuer Connected – The History

The watch was announced for the first time at Baselworld in March this year when the CEO of TAG Heuer – the biggest watchmaker of he French luxury group LVMH’s (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) – announced a partnership with Google and Intel.
tag heuer connected in partnership with intel and google
The “partnership” promised a new watch and, at that time, TAG Heuer and its partners promised to make “The world’s most luxurious Android Wear watch.”

TAG Heuer Connected – Design And Materials

TAG Heuer Connected has a design inspired by the Carrera Heuer 01 watch. The case is made from titanium and it has a round shape completed by a digital crown. The crown lets you control the watch, like the one on the Apple Watch.

The screen of the TAG Heuer Connected watch is non-stop on, and it shows a classic TAG Heuer Carrera dial. But, once the screen is touched, the digital options become available. The watch strap is made of rubber and it comes in seven colours. Seven if we consider black a colour.
Tag Heuer Connected straps 7 colours
If you order your TAG Heuer Connected online, you won’t be able to order any coloured straps but only the black one. The coloured straps are available in-store only at the moment.
Tag Heuer Connected straps colours
The watch comes with exclusive apps preinstalled, like GolfShot, RaceChrono ProInsiders, or ViewRangers. Don’t worry, the Android Wear apps you are used to are still available for download from the play store.

TAG Heuer Connected – Specs And Hardware

Size 46mm
Thickness 12.8mm
Weight 52gm
Display Sapphire crystal, 1.5in, transflective LTPS LCD, 360×360, 240ppi
CPU 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z34XX
Storage 4GB
Battery 410mAh Li-Io for 26hours of low usage
Sensors Tilt detection sensor, Microphone, Haptic engine, Gyroscope
Connectivity WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 B/G/N & Bluetooth BLE 4.1 (low power)
Strap Grade 2 titanium folding clasp & Rubber strap
Strap Colours Red, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange

TAG Heuer Connected does not to use a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor like most Android Wear watches. Thanks to its partner, TAG Heuer Connected is powered by an Intel Atom Z34XX CPU, clocked at 1.6GHz.
TAG Heuer Connected runs on Android Wear and is compatible with smartphones that run Android 4.3 and above as well as iOS 8.2 or newer.

TAG Heuer Connected – Battery Life

Intel’s low power CPU together with the 410mAh Li-Io, give the TAG Heuer Connected watch almost 26 hours of usage. It is more “juice” than what the battery inside the Apple Watch or most Android smartwatches on the market offer at the moment.
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TAG Heuer Connected – Swiss Engineered

There is a saying that more than 80% of the value of a Swiss watch comes from the “Swiss Made” label. It must be true as TAG Heuer wants to have the same “mark” applied to the new watch. Despite having the watch assembled in Switzerland, the internal parts are not made in Switzerland.

Therefore, the watch will not carry the “Swiss Made” label. Still, TAG Heuer applied a “Swiss Engineered” inscription on the watch, meant to reflect the watch’s “heritage.”

TAG Heuer Connected – Price And Release Date

The TAG Connected watch is cheaper than the most expensive Apple Watch but more expensive than the LG Urbane Luxe, which was the most expensive Android Wear watch, until today.
TAG Heuer Connected is available to purchase in U.S. only but, starting this Thursday the watch will become available across luxury stores in Europe too. The TAG Heuer Connected comes with two years manufacturer warranty, all for a price of $1500. (£1100)
Tag Heuer Connected with an iphone 6s plus

TAG Heuer Connected – Swap For Classic

If you are worried that your TAG Heuer Connected watch will become obsolete,  TAG has a nice surprise for you. At the end of the two-year warranty period, TAG Heuer will let you swap your watch for a mechanical watch.
There is one trick though. You will have to pay an extra $1.500 and also trade-in your TAG Heuer Connected watch for the analogue TAG model.

TAG Heuer Connected – Final Conclusion

Luxury always comes at a premium price and TAG Heuer, a top luxury company is the best at this game. It is a premium you’ll pay for the brand name and the exterior design as the “soul” of this watch is still Android Wear.
I am surprised to see the HR sensor missing in a device where the price is a not an issue. But, at the end of the day, if you are a lover of luxury watches, this is a worthy addition to your collection.
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  1. Avatar

    Chantel Marcel

    9th November 2015

    I was waiting for this to start on sale and 1500 dollars is not bad, I like this more than apple watch. is a real watch, it has tradition, lux, i can give it to my kids and more important, works with android.
    one question, you say I can buy now online but when is the postage date? because if they have this watch in TAG store here in paris this thursday maybe is better for me to wait and buy directly from the shop?
    what do you think?

    • I do not think you will be able to pass it to your kids as the tech will be old and not compatible with the then existing devices. So you will just give them a useless metallic/rubber wristband. And that is where this “market” will fail. Of course some people will buy them but few… and as sales “show” and suppliers “imply” iwatch must not be selling that well.

  2. Superb article, great pics and well written. Wasn’t too convinced about the watch after checking on some other websites, but you guys did the trick. I’ve bookmarked your website now.Tag should pay you for this article; Just paid them 1500 USD.

  3. Hi does tag fit well on iPhone?
    I want to Buy it for My Husband and he’s useing All device By Apple ?
    Does this watch worth To Buy and usefull ?
    Please Replay asap

    • Do you know where you can buy extra wristbands? It would be nice to have a black one for work and switch to something more colourful for casual.
      PS: I’ve just ordered one that comes with the black strap.

  4. Avatar


    8th January 2019

    Do you think luxury smartwatches is an established trend now? And which wearable tech smartwatch is the most luxurious in your opinion?

  5. Avatar

    jordan 17

    9th January 2019

    Can we buy it from you at a discount price?

  6. Hello! I’ve been following your web site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work!

  7. Avatar

    nashville boy

    9th January 2019

    This is the best luxury smartwatch