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Suunto Spartan Ultra – A Smartwatch For Mercenaries


Is the Suunto Spartan Ultra a smartwatch for mercenaries? There’s only one way to find out.
“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…” us, the tech heads, used to be catalogued by the smartphone we were using. Nothing wrong with that but you had to be either a Blackberry or an iPhone kind of guy. Then, Darth Vader died (I mean Blackberry, RIM in peace) and his place was taken by a more powerful Jedi: The green, Yoda trained some say, mighty Android Knight.
And, it is true; nowadays, you are either an Android or an iPhone kind of guy. So, power-wise not much has changed, at least from a fight dynamic point of view. However, there is another category of users out there; the Boba Fett kind of guys, with no affinities and no brand loyalties.
They are in constant search for the best gadgets out there, and you’ll recognise them straight away when you’ll see them “practising” with two different laser weapons; a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a MacBook Pro, at the same time. Yes, they are the mercenaries.
Hope you’ve enjoyed my Star Wars analogy but, joke aside, the same scenario applies to the wearable tech market with the difference that here we have far more mercenaries. That being said, if you see yourself as a mercenary, you must have come across Suunto by now. The Suunto GPS smartwatches are quite popular amongst the fitness fanatics, thanks to their solid build and great functionalities.

This week, the Finish company has released a new smartwatch collection, the Suunto Spartan. Designed for high activity multisports, an interesting watch from the collection is the Suunto Spartan Ultra. A premium GPS watch that promises to take your training to another level. Here is everything you need to know.

Suunto Spartan Ultra – Design, Specs And Features

Suunto Spartan Ultra - Design, Specs And Features
The Spartan Ultra is designed to survive in any conditions. The watch has a fibreglass case, an anti-scratch sapphire display, and a titanium bezel. Hand-made in Finland, the watch is also water-resistant up to 100 meters.
We also like that you can use either the colour touchscreen or the three physical buttons found on the side of the case that comes in quite handy for the water-sports fans and even the sweaty-fingered people like myself. Don’t say anything; I am an emotive kind of mercenary.
The Suunto Spartan Ultra watch comes with a GPS tracker, a heart rate sensor, barometric altitude tracking, a digital compass, guided route navigation, and dozens of preset sports modes.
You can activate the running mode, cycling, triathlon, swimming and quite a few “snow sports” modes. More than that, once you’ve enabled a certain “sports mode” you can further select extra options. For example, once in the “cycling mode”, you can choose again from extra 4 workout modes: interval, race, long ride or indoor.
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The watch works with both Android and iOS mobiles, thanks to the Suunto Movescount App which you’ll have to download and install on your mobile to sync your data. Even better, the app has just received a new update that comes with quite a lot of improvements.
The interface is now clutter free and easy to use. You can enable the sports-specific heat maps based on your activities and also find new routes for running, snowboarding or cycling activities.

Suunto Spartan Ultra – Availability And Price

Suunto Spartan Ultra - Price And Availability
The Suunto Spartan Ultra is available in four models, or better said colours: Suunto Spartan Ultra – All Black Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra – Stealth Titanium, Suunto Spartan Ultra – White and Suunto Spartan Ultra – Black. The prices start at 649 € for the models without the HR sensor and up to 799 € for the Titanium models featuring an HR sensor.
The smartwatches are going to reach the shops this coming August. However, for more details, including the battery life and which countries are going to get it first, make sure you bookmark this page and be the first one to find out.
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