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Top 5 Winter Must Haves For A Conscious Fashion Style


“People will stare, make it worth their while” – Harry Winston.

Out of the four seasons, it is most challenging to stay in style during the wintertime. Some of us manage to wear trending slip shirts and more revealing skirts. Others, cannot.

For most people, the necessity to stay protected from the killer cold often outweighs the desire to look good, and even do good.

This doesn’t mean that all of us will compromise on looking good and – echoing on Harry Winston’s quote – people will stare anyway, so you better make yourself a glamorous sight.

That’s why, to help you set the winter wardrobe, I have shortlisted five essential pieces for a conscious fashion style, which will make you stand out from the crowd this coming winter.

1. Cruelty-free Slouch Beanie

Cruelty-free Slouch Beanie

For those of us that feel the extra cold on the head and the ears area, beanies are by far the most convenient fashion accessory. As a result, the slouchy knitted beanie is the perfect cover to keep your head and ears warm.

Sometimes, the slouch beanie comes with a pom-pom sewn on the top; it’s an adorable addition, but if you are more comfortable without it, that’s okay too!

While the slouchy beanie looks great and can be worn with any winter outfit, it usually looks best paired with fitted jeans and a pullover sweater. Moreover, if the beanie you wear is made from sustainable materials, you’ve scored two goals in one go: a perfect conscious fashion style to look good while doing good.

2. Vegan Winter Boots

Vegan Stella McCartney Winter Boots

Are you wondering what footwear to choose to prevent your feet from freezing this winter? The latest cruelty-free winter boots from Stella McCartney, designed to cover your legs a bit above the ankle, are a unique set of footwear for a couple of good reasons.

They’re cruelty-free, meaning no animals were sacrificed in the making of the boots. No blood to stain your white Christmas party this year. Also, they look so good that you could use them on any occasion, from office to dinner dates and casual parties. Go, girl, go rock this winter!

3. Eco-friendly Quilted Jacket

Upcylced Quilted Bode Jacket

Jackets are usually worn in icy cold weather due to their capacity of trapping the heat inside the material, designed to keep you comfortable and protect from catching a crazy cold in the freezing weather.

But the problem is that in the past these jackets were either made from real feathers or synthetic materials, which of course aren’t sustainable. In addition, the jackets also make you look rather bloated and tacky, so really, it’s best to avoid them.

However, thanks to the latest material developments, quilted jackets are both cruelty-free and good-looking, allowing you to match them to a wide range of winter outfits.

4. Cruelty-free Turtleneck Sweater

Sustainable Turtleneck Sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are just another extraordinary way of dealing fashionably with colder times. Always reminding us of Steve Jobs, the real power of any modern turtleneck sweater does not come from its style, but the material.

Moreover, make sure you select turtlenecks made out only from eco-friendly and animal-free materials, but be sure to check the coziness level of it, too. Style-wise, you might wear a faux-fur beanie on the top to look even better.

5. Upcycled Velvet Blazer

Celestino Couture Upcycled Luxury Blazers

Velvet is a material that will never go out of fashion. Warm and subtle, the richness of colour and texture is what always steals the show. The velvet blazer is still the ideal companion for cold winters, when you have to retain a casual business look.

This rich and warm material is always super fashionable, and a top choice on the winter-clothing list. However, the best thing about a velvet blazer is that you can have it made from upcycled materials. This elevates your conscious fashion style, as it is the case of these rare creations from Celestino Couture.

6. Fair Trade Knitted Crewneck Sweater

Conscious fashion style for winter

Crewneck knitted sweaters are some of the most chic pieces one can wear during the cold winter days.

Versatile, these can be worn over almost any type of shirt, as the crew neck often hides all that is behind it.

However, when layering with a V-neck sweater, you have to be careful – wear a V-neck over a nice dress shirt while going to your office, as the V shape reveals the material underneath it.

Above all, make sure you only select a fair trade knitted crewneck sweater, as that’s the best way to show respect and to support local communities and expert artisans.

7. Vegan Parka

Vegan Parka

The Parka jacket has become something super appealing to all generations of fashion lovers. The winter outfits of most influential celebrities have often been incomplete without parkas.

Some stars are all-about-parkas, like Katie Holmes, for instance; her jackets have always been eye-catching, adding to her charm every time she wears them.

Certainly, there’s no better parka than a vegan parka, and the winter of 2020 is here to show it. Be careful what you wear, as you might get judged like never before.

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Let’s not forget that over 90 per cent of our human-to-human communications are non-verbal. Fashion remains the best and most efficient way of expressing ourselves to the world around us.

But, while looking charming plays a vital role in boosting one’s confidence level, being conscious and ethical with your choices boosts your image tremendously in the eyes of those around you.

So be kind and conscious with your choices this winter. And get ready for some genuine compliments!

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