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Top 6 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Know By Now


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Sustainable fashion brands you should know by now! – Every year, there are more animals killed in the name of fashion rather than for food, around the world.

It is an archaic and barbaric practice as fashion brands still create apparel using fur, leather, wool, silk, and other materials of animal origin.

But now, in these modern times, not only does it make us look uncivilised, but it is taking a heavy toll on the environment.

Thankfully, there is a new wave of vegan and cruelty-free fashion brands arising to produce high-quality clothing from eco-friendly and animal-free materials.

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These brands are using recycled, sustainable, and innovative fabrics, and guess what, their awareness and reputation are increasing fast.

For those whose impact of their fashion choices on animals and the environment matters to them, this is top seven cruelty-free and sustainable fashion brands you should know about by now! 🤓

1. Vaute Couture

Top 7 sustainable fashion brands - Vaute Couture

Launched in 2008 by Leanne Hilgart, Vaute Couture was the world’s first vegan fashion brand. Hilgart’s main goal was to stop ‘crimes in the name of fashion,’ while still being able to create high-quality garments and accessories.

With the help of high-tech, innovative, and sustainable materials, Hilgart’s dream is now a reality.

Apart from being 100% vegan, Vaute Couture uses only organic and recycled fibres in the making of their innovative creations.

Everything, from swimsuits, gowns, sweaters, to coats are a statement of innovation and respect for the planet while retaining a unique stylish that made Michelle Obama fall in love with.

Vaute Couture was also the first vegan label to take part at the New York Fashion Week. At the event, the brand has attracted the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who declared:

“It is a modern label which shows that animal-free fashion can be chic, and sexy as well.”

2. Reformation

Best sustainable fashion brands - Reformation

Reformation designs trendy clothes from high-quality, sustainable fabrics and recycled vintage apparel.

Reformation is, without a doubt, one of the most popular eco-conscious and sustainable fashion brands in the apparel market and a true leader in fashion sustainability.

The brand recycles textile scraps, prioritises manufacturing with recycled content whenever possible, including paper and tires.

Finally, Reformation has a unique program in place designed to save waste, water, and energy. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Reformation is a leader in eco-friendly dresses, lingerie, shoes, swimsuits, and much more. Check them out!



WAWWA’s clothes are 100% organic, and vegan certified by PETA. As of 2017, the company has opted to make all of their garments free of animal-based materials.

The label has little to no impact on the environment by using energy from renewable sources and avoiding excessive CO2 emissions.

For example, an organic cotton t-shirt made by WAWWA uses 91% less water than any classic t-shirt would otherwise require.


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Moreover, 40% of the materials used by WAWWA to produce their clothes are from recycled PET plastic.

The other 60% is from organic cotton. WAWWA has pointed out that each t-shirt they make equals approximately two plastic bottles that would otherwise pollute the environment.

4. Native Shoes

sustainable fashion brands Native shoes eco-conscious sneakers

With over 210,000 followers on Instagram, Native Shoes is one of the most popular PETA certified vegan footwear companies on the market.

The self-titled ‘Beast Free’ vegan shoe experts brand does not use any animal-based materials in their products.

This choice alone translates into 300% less carbon footprint compared to using leather as a prime manufacturing material.

Apart from having an ‘animal-free’ approach, Native Shoe brand uses only recyclable materials in their packaging, striving to ensure overall low CO2 emission and other toxic gases.


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Last but not least, the brand’s latest initiative ‘Remix’, which aims to recycle consumers’ Native Shoes and give them new usage across various contexts, programs and communities, has made the company a true leader of the ‘pro sustainability’ movement in fashion.

5. Matt & Nat

Sustainable fashion brands Matt and Nat cruelty-free and eco-conscious bags

According to the founders of the label, Matt & Nat’s name comes from Mat(t)erial and Nature, highlighting the synergic connection of the two.

Founded in 1995, the eco-conscious brand makes eco-friendly handbags, wallets, and accessories for both, women and men.

The brand’s latest motto is ‘Live Beautifully,’ and it suggests an appreciation for humanity while being aware of social responsibility, inclusiveness, authenticity, and love.

To become one of the world’s most sustainable fashion brands, Matt & Nat is not just eco-friendly but also cruelty-free. Bound to end the use of leather or any other animal-based materials, the brand uses recycled nylon, plastic bottles, cork, and rubber.

Just as an example, approximately 21 plastic bottles are recycled for in the making of a bag.

6. Westland Jewellery


A creation of Melissa Minney, Westland Jewellery casts all their pieces from 100% recycled materials.

The metals are collected from post-consumer products, including existing pieces of jewellery, electronic devices, and other parts of general hardware.

When it comes to precious stones, diamonds, Minney and her team hand- selects only fair-trade and recycled gemstones or stones obtained via responsible production methods.

Interestingly enough, the brand has insisted on having the PETA-certified logo on their website.

When asked to comment, Melissa Minney explained that not many people realise that even jewellery manufacturers use animal-based materials quite a lot.


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In the case of Westland Jewellery, nothing of animal origin is used in the products they create; no leather, fur, hair, feathers, bone, silk, wool, pearl, shell, coral; nothing!

No need to look in the future, just look ahead as the future of fashion has always been here. And remember, only together, we can make this world a better place!

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